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  1. The Hounds reaction to the Wildfire explosion = extraordinary.
  2. Don't understand why people get angry by the deviations the show takes from the books.. Get over it, the show isnt going to be exactly like the book. If it upsets you that much stop watching the show, read the book again, and shut up. Ok, good episode. Dany: Wonder what's going to happen with the stolen dragons. I'm assuming the tower was the house of the undying and the warlocks are somehow mixed up in the theft foreshadowing their inevitable death. *Fingers crossed for Rhaegar vision* Arya: Did a good job on giving the second death justice, otherwise there would have been little or no reason for J'aqen not to kill tywin or joffrey or something. KL: Overall good job on those scenes. Tyrion slapping joffrey was sick! Jon: These are the only scenes i didn't like that much. Can't think of a specific reason why but I didnt like them. Robb: Still a little skeptical on how the are going to portray the Westerling affair but I am intrigued to see how exactly it goes down. Once Roose mentioned Ramsay I was basically jumping up and down... Sooo pumped they didn't cut the bastard. and finally Theon: Awesome! Effing Awesome! Beheading was great. Liked Ser Rodrik saying "He who gives the sentence should swing the sword." *Chop Chop Chop.... Kick* lol. so thats my take on the episode. If something I said bothers you.......... f*** off.
  3. dont have ADWD on hand but it goes something like this.. "I keep asking R'holler to show me a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and he shows me only Snow"
  4. On the topic of Ramsay, do you think we will see him at all this season? Or will he appear in S3? We want Reek! We want Reek!
  5. Agree with you here, house of the undying is one of the most pivotal scenes for Dany's arc in COK.. If they botch this I will be forever disappointed Another thing I will greatly P.O'd at is if Ramsay is cut out entirely. I can deal with leaving him out this season. But there must be a Reek introduction early in season 3!
  6. One small thing.. In the books isn't Stannis' health affected after the first shadowbaby appearance. I dont remember exact quotes I think Davos has a thought that stannis looks like sh** at one point. And i was expecting to see this in the show. Can anyone confirm this for me?
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