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  1. Hello everyone. Just signed up today and thought I'd come introduce myself. I'm Cricky, from Belfast and I'm now a huge fan of the ASOIAF series! I first heard of the series when HBO done AGOT and when I finished the last episode I just needed more right away so I started into the first book (back in July I think) and have finished all 5 books since then and still needed more so I found the Dunk and Egg novellas and read all three of them this last week and STILL needed more so I turned to the web and found this site and forum. I've been forumming for years now (mostly on dance music forums) so thought I may as well sign up! Before this series I'd never read any fictional books at all and was surprised how completely hooked I became with this. I absolutely can't get enough! I've also managed to secure myself a spot as an extra on season two. Heading down on Monday morning for rehearsals or something for a battle scene. Quite excited!!
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