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  1. Try Snowhiter on PB - they hard code the subtitles.
  2. After watching both seasons, I read Saviano's book "Gommorah" which was the basis for both the 2008 movie, and the series. Truly chilling, not only for the violence, but for the power the "organization" wields internationally. After the book was published, Saviano got life-time protection. Very much looking forward to season 3.
  3. Mr. X,

    I was injured in an accident and won't be able to attend the con. I'd still like to get the T-shirt, if possible, unless there's someone else who wants one. I'll be at Boskone next year, if you're able to attend, so maybe you can get it to me then. I'm open to suggestions if there's another way. I don't have PayPal, but I could write a check.



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