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  1. Really loved the Daenerys arc this episode. Even though the House of the undying wasnt what it was in the books it was great! Got chills when Dany walked into the throne room and then out on the wall and it was fantastic to see Momoa again :) And also dracarys was great. The ending was awesome! and i finally got a look for the others. Had a hard time picturing them in my head. Aryas scene with Jaqen was cool too. Vala Morghulis. Kings Landing was great. Tywins horse pooped, yey! and Tyrions scar was terrific! I didnt really like the sacking of Winterfell though. It didn't have the same impact on me at all as it had in the books. And to not introduce reek/ramsay this season was a big mistake in my opinion, made it a lot more confusing. And Jons storyline is the worst as usual. Did HBo even try to make it look like Jon acted on qhorins orders. Is he one of the wilidling now or still their prisoner. Very unclear. and no ghost :( overall a great episode and a worthy ending to the season