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  1. Goodmorning! At least that what it's here right now. After a few months of lurking around here, reading when I had nothing else to do I decided to sign up, mainley because I don't have a lot of people to talk about one of my favourite series in real life. Fantasy has always been one of my favourite genres. However, I don't read a lot of it since there is so much crap and I was dissapointed more than satisfied. However, about a year ago I started reading Game of Thrones after discovering they were making a tv series out of it. I remembered watching Legend of the Seeker without reading the books, which basically sucked. Now that I think about it, it would have sucked while having read the books also, I think. Anyway, I always appreciate books more before I see the film or series so I decided to read Game of Thrones before watching it. That was the right choice. I was hooked after a few chapters and the first four books were finished in about six months. Would have been faster if my library did have more of them in stock so I didn't had to wait a few weeks a few times. I don't by every book I like but when I came across part two, three and four in good secondhand quality I didn't hesitate. Then came the agonising wait for Dance and the television series. The first was difficult but the series made it better because I loved that one too. Even my non-GoT-reading-but-very-awesome-girlfriend liked it, and we watched it together. So now I'm in the same boat as all you veteran fans: waiting for the next book. About me in random order: student, two jobs, basketball, movies, television series, books, internet, music. And I'm Dutch. Yes, as is Carice van Houten who will play Mellisandre. Now's the time for questions. Anyone? No? Well, enjoy your sunday. Edit: I tried to come up wit a fitting nickname but that's difficult since so many characters or variations from that are allready taken on a longstanding forum like this. I couldn't bother enough, so it became just my normal name.
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