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  1. I missed that one, well spotted!
  2. 'Lions and tigers and bears' (when speaking of the array of brazen beast masks at the pits) the only thing missing was 'oh my!' Wizard of Oz methinks :P
  3. Caz


    I have left a few lines on here before, but felt I had to avoid this forum like the flux until I'd read all five books, lest I be spoiled! I've completed that task now, so I'm back to offer my thoughts, for what they're worth. I'm actually starting over again with a re-read, as I find I have quite a few niggles and unanswered questions bothering me. I've no doubt I'd find the answers on here, but it bugs me that I've missed it in the first place! Serves me right for reading too quickly..it's too big and deep a world for speed reading, so I now intend to take my time and pay full attention to everything and everyone! Though I must say, I don't look forward to reading Dany's post-Drogo POVs again...what a slog they were!
  4. Caz


    Good evening, I'm new to the site, new to the books, thoroughly enjoying the latter and I'm sure I'll enjoy the former! Just finished CoK and would be starting the next installment this evening if my local supermarket hadn't let me down by changing their display and removing every single ASOIAF book..they were all there 2 days ago! Very cross! Anyway, tantrum aside, I have loved reading these first two books and I do have to admire Mr. Martin for not being shy about seeing off his characters and for his ability to keep up with all those personalities! When I first picked up GoT, I was quite alarmed by no less than four maps (I have trouble reading one!) thinking I was going to be somewhat confused with who, what, where, when etc. I was right too! I'm still getting to grips with who's who and thank all the gods for the appendix! I am experiencing 'shock' moments and find myself picking my chin up off the floor and at the end of one particular chapter in Cok, breathing a huge sigh of relief, though still with mouth agape at the horror of it all! I'm looking forward to seeing this series through to the end and I'd wager the end won't be what we expect at all, if the author's twists and turns in the tale so far are anything to go by! Well then, looking forward to reading the posts and avoiding spoilers! And I hope I can add something of use to the forum...I am prone to rambling on at times....
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