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  1. Thank you! Nerd party! :cheers:
  2. Ok, got it figured out where I went wrong. I did use a direct link, but after hitting "Done" I opened the av menu thingy again to check if it appeared and, not noticing that where you enter the URL was blank (for entering a different one) hit "Done" again, thereby accidentally removing it again. :bang: Does this make sense?
  3. Yes, I believe I did. Will try again, though.
  4. I have pretty much the same problem. I uploaded mine to Photobucket (no new account, I've had it for years now), resized it to 60x60, and when I set it as my av in my settings it seems to work, but it just doesn't show up on the board... Help? Pwetty pwease? *direwolf puppy dog eyes*
  5. Eh. Nerds are the best. ;)
  6. And another new boy here. Hi everyone. Just a short summary: I'm German, a student, a fan of fantasy and sci-fi in general (Tolkien is God!), I play the drums and I do martial arts. I read the books before watching the series, and though I'm not quite a book purist, I don't like unnecessary changes (including characters not looking like described in the book, I can rant endlessly about that) - altogether I like the TV adaption, though. My favourite characters are Jon Snow and - big surprise, when you look at my user name - Sandor Clegane.
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