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    Create your Westerosi house

    I forgot to say that the Avalon family features are black hair, milk pale carnation, delicate but firm facial bone structure and mysterious, fascinating emerald eyes
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    Create your Westerosi house

    This is inspired by the fantasy novel I'm currently writing Name: House Avalon Sigil:an orchard of pale pink apple tree under snow Motto:We do not yield Unofficial words: Know thy ennemy Location:an island between North and the southern regions Seat: Llewelly (main city and caste), Brighttown Faith: the Great Mother, a faith inherited from the Old Gods rather than the Seventh's Mother Sworn to: autonomy and freedom since Aegon the Conquerer History:The Avalon house is known mainly because they're obeying an unique legislation, in which women rule and hold the economical and politic power. The house itself is composed of priestesses rulers, the head of the House being ruling the island in all aspects. When Aegon conquered Westeros, his warrior sister Visenya flew to Llewelly to fight the current Lady, Lady Matilda, but the strenght of mind and the skills in fighting and ruling of the Lady impressed her so much that she granted the Avalons autonomy and the right to maintain the old traditions. Since the inhabitants of the island don't have much contacts with the rest of the world, apart from trading in some ports specially established for it, many rumors are circulating about them. It is also rumored that the family has some kind of magical powers, like an army of soldier's ghosts who can slay but not be slayed, hence the act they were never attacked since "Visenya's visit". When an Avalon lady reach adulthood, a great tourney takes place in order to make her meet and choose a husband. Since the challenges are numerous (including some testing the mental and spiritual abilities of candidates), it i open for all voluteers, noble or not; but at the end the young lady seldom chooses a noble lord, the real goal of the tourney being an evaluation of other Houses, knights and players of the Game. On two occasions only did a Tourney Maiden marry a noble ( once a Stark and once a Martell), but they weren't the heir of the House. A legen says that one son married a forgotten daughter of Visenya and Aegon, but the very existence of the daughter is disputed. Because of their faith and traditions, the Avalons send no man, from the House or from their subjects, to the Night Watch; but, being extremely wealthy and prosperous, they contribuate to it by sending food and any good useful in everyday life. The heiress may not be the eldest: she is "chosen by the Goddess", by entering this world with open eyes and showing precocious faith and smartness. They show great solidarity, since no civil war and no family feud was ever noted Finally, since the matrilinear filiation is the law, the notion of bastard is unknown.