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    I'm Grim, one of the bazillions of Mikes on the forums. Been goofin' off around these parts since I was at least 23. Old and busted now. Whatever anyone else may tell you about me is lies and slander. I hate politicians, I love movies, I don't believe R + L = J, and I'm an aquarius. I've never seen the Pacific Ocean with my own eyes.
  2. Disturbing development to say the least. My problem with this Ramsay guy and the Dreadfort/Boltons in general: Come, sit. Visit with Uncle Grim as he babbles and gripes. No fidgeting! I call it the Terry Goodkind treatment. What is that, you ask? In Goodkind's books every time the reader thinks things couldn't possibly get any more disturbing or horrific...they do. Someone worse shows up and something worse happens. The Boltons aren't new. The flayed man sigil is not new, right? And yet Eddard Stark doesn't even think of them during GoT does he? And now it's like the Dreadfort and the Boltons were something spit straight out of Hell and weren't there yesterday. No one noticed this house of horrors operating, business as usual this whole time? Ned Stark will NOT tolerate oathbreakers, beware men of the Night's Watch. But go ahead Mr. Bannerman, flay people. Originally this was going to be a trilogy. If you keep that in mind you can see how GoT reads like the first book in a trilogy. How much of a part would the Boltons have had if it had remained a trilogy? I love Martin and I love the story he's telling but I don't need to be increasingly horrified with each volume. It makes it hard to reread it. I don't reread Goodkind books. We need to get a move on. The dragons need to grow up, the kids need to grow up. I'm starting to think he shoulda stuck to the five year gap plan. It's getting to the point where the bastion of honor, this domain of down-to-earth and hearty folks up in the North that we were first introduced to has become a cesspit of disgusting people and I'll end up rooting for the Others to tear down the Wall and march over them, obliterating them. Cold justice. That's not a good thing. If the Others don't get the job done I sure as shit hope Dany melts the Dreadfort, Harrenhal style.