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  1. i was disappointed that arya & co didn't get to fight, but i understand. there was so much stuff going on already. i also agree with everything said about sansa/actress. i thought it was very good acting as well. also, the show has converted me to like the greyjoys. i wish they would have killed master pycelle or something. i doubt anyone will agree but i think it would have been more dramatic. i thought it was a great scene, but his beard removal was a bit meh. :mellow: i loved the "feed it to the goats" line. great shout out! i love how everyone says "it was the best episode of the season!" and i hope we keep saying it every week until our minds are blown at the finale like last year and wow is this a run on sentence or what?
  2. my mom was worried that the greyjoys were just going to have their own separate plot but i hinted that they tie into one of the stark children and straight up told her about vic/dany. that's years away, if the show even lasts that long. yeah, it was boring. i love the series but i don't think they need a 3rd "exposition" episode. i don't see why they can't start moving everything along next sunday. (or if we're lucky episode 3 show up early on xbox too! :P)
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