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  1. Completely right dude, Tyrion's chopped off nose irritated me to no end even in the books - it's gross, you can't get around it since Tyrion is always scratching it and the injury served no real purpose. A cool battle scar is far more badass / overall better. Don't forget the one played by Emily Diamond... She's far hotter than all the others combined ^__^ The one from this episode kinda grosses me out... every time I see her I think of that scene with Littlefinger and the angry customer receiving a cum-kiss and my stomach just turns.
  2. Well, that much is true. Much of my sympathy for him being only a kid is lost however because of his repeated claims he is going to kill Stannis and Robb personally - in the books he even wants to face Robb in a duel. Among the levies raised at Lannisport were probably people around his age who fought and died to defend his crimes as well. I'm not saying 'child soldiers' are a good thing, yet it seems like a 'common' thing in Westerosi warfare especially when the need for men is high. Squires commonly partake in battle at their Ser's side as well as aspiring lords. Think back on Cley Cerwyn (14 years old) who lead his House against Theon-occupied Winterfell out of sheer necessity and got killed in the battle against the Boltons, for example. Or Podrick who is even younger and already in the thick of it.
  3. Joffrey is too cowardly to even face Sansa without his Kingsguard; she would likely kick his ass like Arya before her if he tried anything funny ^^ @ Celli: I actually had to use the King's Landing map in order to make sense of both fights. In the books they had to cross a river, in the show it seems to me like Maegor's hold and the Mudgate were facing the sea rather than the river, and Stannis' army wasn't divided into a land and naval force but just attacking straight from the sea as one large naval force. With King's Landing facing the sea, there appeared to simply be no river for them to cross... which would explain it.
  4. You know, I still can't believe this is real. Not just the fact there's a show or that it's so awesome, but that it's so huge. ASOIAF defies all the set 'laws and principles' for story-writing that have made a lot of books and movies such a dull affair. George proves that you don't have to be mainstream to be good, that you should give the people what they *need* instant of what they want, and for that I can only say hats off to the man.
  5. No one had a problem with it when Robert or Robb did it. Or Victarion. Sansa even comments on it, and the importance of a King fighting alongside his men is stressed many times by Tyrion on the matter of Joffrey to 'prepare' us for this scene, so to speak. It was brilliantly set up really, and I loved the juxtapose between Joffrey's sniveling and Stannis' badassery. Jaime, too, leads from the front. In this case, it was GRRM cleverly showing Stannis' pragmatism in combat. They've just taken a huge hit, their field commander appears to have died, his men were showing doubt... So Stannis decides to lead the charge (also surrounded by his own men, he was in front but it's not like he was way ahead of them), much in the same way Tyrion decided to lead his men to inspire them. It also has something to do with how the battle was adapted: here the attack came directly from the sea, in the books the army was split in two parts by the river they had to cross to attack the wall and they had great difficulties in getting across. It makes more sense for him to lead here where Stannis is able to land himself and a large portion of his army relatively securely and there is not an army still behind him that needs directions.
  6. He was hit by a rock when climbing the ladder. You know, what makes those scenes so awesome is that he genuinely fought like a real knight, kicking and punching and using his body to knock guys down and away from him. He also gripped his sword by the blade with his off hand a couple of times, which is a less well-known but actually rather common style. There's clearly a very good action director behind this. Technically, yes, practically it would be difficult.
  7. Easy. Stannis chopping the top of a guy's head off. I literally went OOOH YEEAAH ^^ The same way he got *on* the battlements. The road back to the ships will be littered with guys who have their brains cut out ^^ Lightbringer would have looked cool but would cost a lot of money to do I think, not to mention George was making a clear point showing Stannis murderate so many guys (after all he did write it), some of it would have been lost if it had been clear he was using a magical sword I think. Rory McCann slew both literally and figuratively, easily the best actor in this episode IMO. The Rains of Castamere was a great addition as well. This easily beats huge CGI battles the likes of Lotr and Narnia. The men vomiting, the tension before the battle, the Hound's fear... the screaming men, the horrible way people get killed (like the guy getting his head knocked off), it captured the sense of a *real* battle and reminds us that soldiers and warriors are people and war is a horrible thing for both sides rather than the 'happy battle' scenes that are more popular / common.
  8. Huzzah for Charles Dance! Did you see that interview where he explains he learned how to skin that animal in just a day? It would've been rather disastrous if he'd messed that up and they had to start again, but he's Charles Dance - he doesn't mess up.
  9. Well he for sure isn't a Dog person! xD Just watch every single dog that ever appears in the series - bad things happen to almost all of them in a way that is simply grotesque. The dog violence is often grittier and more gory than the human violence, which says a lot, I think.
  10. He'll probably be shitting his pants throughout the battle and make an ass of himself when he legs it and causes his troops to rout (if they go down that road) but once the battle is won will be back to his usual smugness and that will be terrible to watch along with the gloating Tyrells alongside him. Please tell me Mace hasn't been cast...
  11. At that point, he wasn't fighting, but you can be damned sure Stannis committed the reserve to attack when his forces were being overrun. It would be a poor general who would lose sight of the greater scale of the battle to go charging off from the start. I remember the passage rmanoj is referring to as well: he probably got caught up in the fighting during the retreat. Otherwise how would he know Lightbringer didn't serve him better than any other sword? They really should have given him Lightbringer, it would work awesomely in the darkness. Ah, so that's what you were saying. I see. I thought you meant what he did in the book was unrealistic, which I thought was a result of you imagining him as grown-Robb from the show. I always thought he dreaded getting a bastard because he saw what that had caused with Catelyn and thus made some false pretense about honour up for marrying Jeyne, completely oblivious to the fact breaking vows with your bannermen is equally if not worse offending. He thought he could get away with it, but obviously didn't know Walder Frey well enough... I didn't hate him, but I did think of him as a fool. Even if it hadn't been for Lord Frey marrying such a small house would have been stupid. Marrying Asha in exchange for the North and support to get her on the throne of Pyke, on the other hand... Now there's a killer move. Shame Robb, such a shame! So a fool he is, but a 15-year old fool who had a lot (far too many) burdens to carry at that and still did admirably at least on the field of battle, of course.
  12. People actually reacted to that post I think. I'm pretty sure it's Stannis. I figure having Stannis stay out of the battle would make it more difficult to film because you'd have to switch between the battle and his overview of the battle - an overview was exactly what they were trying to avoid. I also think to lead and direct your men, especially in a night battle where you can't give banner signals, you have to be in the thick of it; He does not have Lightbringer and it seems like he's getting knocked out in the trailer though, so I can't say I'm too excited... if they make him look like a fool I'll get mad as Aerys... Stannis *was* on solid ground in the books as well though so it's not that much of a stretch. Considering how narrow the escape was it would be unlikely he got nowhere near the fighting - Robert was the warrior of the Baratheons but Stannis isn't a pushover.
  13. Robb is nothing short of hypocritical in this episode. He isn't around to keep his men in control because he's on a random love date and then blames his momma for it, then loses the Freys for no reason other than a random girl, which is much worse than attempting to trade the Kingslayer for (in their mind) 2 girls. As formidable as he is Jaime doesn't weigh up to the difference of having the full support or the full enmity of the Freys. Please don't proclaim you're a non-reader and then say 'I don't buy the reasons from the book'. That's just irritating. Book-Robb is like, 15 years old and not as much a douche as Show-Robb (who jumps Jeyne rather than being jumped by her after he's injured and heard about Bran and Rickon's 'deaths') and there's far more (often subtle) information in the books than you can get on the net.
  14. If that's true Maester Luwin has a very funny way of walking to synchronize with Theon imagining Dagmer pushing him around.
  15. LOL! So true. He looks like he's going to burst into tears at any moment. So far Sam would have done a better job. He might have tripped trying to swing the sword and accidentally crushed Ygritte. I think he's just not falling for your trolling and is telling you to stop it with reverse irony. @ Chelly: I think the pack horses from the first scene with Jeyne and Robb held those supplies. And isn't it just loveable how Robb accompanies her for no reason and then blames it on his mother that his men screwed up and got rowdy while he was on a love date? Jeez, he really is such a douche in the show.
  16. And in that short time the Bastard of Bolton would become the first mate of the Sea Bitch? There's so many holes in this theory. Dagmer = Dagmer, he's simply taken the role of devil on the shoulder of Theon and taken over some of Ramsay's role, but that doesn't mean he *is* him. He's simply filling up the role. Roose says to Robb when Dagmer is already with Theon his 'Bastard at the Dreadfort' could take Winterfell back. Probably Ramsay will only show up right in the end and pretend to be a hero just before putting the torch to Winterfell. Him killing another force that's laying siege (which was mentioned in this episode) is also still a possibility, why else mention Robb has sent men to reclaim Winterfell? Dagmer will likely die when Winterfell is taken despite still being alive in the books.
  17. @ Vienna: They changed her because it would make no sense for an enemy lady to be roaming around the camp (Bad Things Might Happen to her) and Robb needed some dialogue with her leading up to breaking her vows. The real problem is that Robb comes off as a big idiot seeking her out himself.
  18. Yes, that's why the first part is more like a joke (it *was* funny), and the second is what I'm really thinking. I don't think people are as negative as you're making it out to be. @ Versiroth: Yes, I believe what Alboin is saying is that he doesn't mind that at all, but that he does mind the decision of Robb to bang her of his own accord (rather than Jeyne wanting to 'comfort' him) before even 'finding out' Bran and Rickon are dead (like most of us do). It just destroys a lot of sympathy you could have possibly had for the Starks that they take the decisions that lead to their doom without the emotional devastation that news caused them. It also destroys the possibility it was a Westerling plot all along (I always felt that way, what with Jeyne not getting pregnant and the Wolf not trusting them).
  19. It's clear that she bothers him and he sees what's coming and perhaps might already be thinking ahead like the crafty bastard he is. Foreshadowing at its best. Nicely done. Because of the necklace he gave her in episode 1. Trust me, you've seen nothing. You should have seen the Sword Of Truth forum when the show aired - it was enormous. I think people on this board are very civilized in voicing the gripes they have with the show and should have the right to voice these without being shot down as 'bloody purists'.
  20. He doesn't like cats that much. Hate is such a strong word that gets tossed around too easily. I share your worry about Tywin leaving Harrenhal too late... I just can't see how he's still going to make it to King's Landing. The most likely outcome is that the Tyrells will 'save the day' on their own, not something I'm looking forward to. As much as I applaud them going through such lengths in order to not have to skip this battle I fear it'll become the typical tv kind-of battle where the 'larger force' gets beaten through tactics and heroism rather than a stupid trick and overwhelming reinforcements.
  21. I think that's the whole point of people being unhappy with it! If they created the whole 'Jaime was going to die anyway due to the trouble Karstark and his men were making' why ignore it like that now... I imagined Robb would be quite angry at Karstark, but no. What the show does do though, is show how Catelyn Is Always Right and Robb is acting like a fool: he's even more irresponsible in the show because he makes the first move(s) to get Jeyne rather than the other way around, even when not emotionally shattered. And that right after he berated his own mother, no less. This might actually give Catelyn some sympathy because it's clear Robb is being hypocritical here. Losing the Freys is more crucial than losing Jaime. I knew, one day, one day I would finally see this sentence on this forum :D He was hilarious when speaking of his almost dead wife who was so scared she couldn't speak, though? That's cold, man, real cold x')
  22. I guess we'll never know. For one she'd look horribly out of place and probably too 'soft' for the role, on the other hand I'm very happy with Jemma Whelan's (you saved me the bother of looking up her name, yay) performance. She's every bit as smug and confident as I imagined her in the books, and her smile, which is one of Asha's most important features, is exactly the same. You can just see the Asha-ness radiating off her when you see her on-screen IMO, Jemma and Alfie truly shine in their dialogues. I think it's a good thing they went with an actress that is perhaps less 'pretty' than the Asha from the books to make clear that's not why men follow her. Oona would've just made her 'typical warrior princess No. xxx' I believe.
  23. I don't see what you mean at all - I've already established she doesn't look anything like her, Asha is never described as exceedingly pretty, and her character is wholly different as well: when Asha says something mean, it's meant to be mean, Jeyne is simply talking back to Robb to get in his pants. Whereas Asha is more the 'direct attack' type, if you get my drift. Just think back on her memories of the sailor who only knew ten words, one of them being 'fuck'. That's not to say Yara looks that much like I imagined Asha (more or less, though), but she gets the character down perfectly. If Oona had been cast as Asha, I'm pretty sure people would be having their doubts about Balon's authority over his wife and thinking foreign sailors often made their way to Pyke, lol... That's true 'cos Theon looks nothing like I imagined him either. But it's more important that Alfie Allen does such a great job playing him.
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