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    [No Spoilers] EP401 Discussion

    Like the episode aside from the actor switcheroo for Daario Naharis' character. Subsequently this is really pissing me off. Why didn't they just kill him off and introduce a new character. I read somewhere that the switch from Ed Skrein to Michiel Huisman has more to do with Dany's character who falls for the sellsword who is more complex. Perhaps this change from the books to the television series and then a mid-series rewrite caused me to not like the choices D&D have made regarding this character. I liked Skrein's Naharis though-- he had an edge to him. He was dangerous.
  2. A Murder of Ravens

    How would you rate episode 203?

    I understand everyone has an emotional investment in the books. After all each of the 5 books are at least 800 pages in length. That's over 40,000 of pages of a series that is not yet finished and a commitment that last longer than some relationships. No wonder we all love the books. I haven't reread them yet but I do go back to spot read to brush up on things I missed (and I missed a lot). My point being the books and HBO series are different in that the series moves along much faster than the book for obvious reasons. I find it harder to enjoy the series if you are comparing the two accounting the differences. Names have been change for some characters (i.e. Yara, not much of a big deal). Some characters have been eliminated and/or roles have been melded into one character (Bronn, again, not much of a big deal). I'm just saying for us who have read the books, even though we ultimately know where the story is going, we should keep an open mind and enjoy the season with out being so critical.
  3. A Murder of Ravens

    How would you rate episode 203?

    Gave it an 8.5. It seems like episode 3 ends season two's exposition of new characters and old plot lines. It can only get better from here. I would also like to put a word in for the series. Unless some heretical deviation from the source material occurs I'd rather prefer to discuss the series on its own merits. That is without comparison to the books. Otherwise its just seems like a pissing contest.
  4. A Murder of Ravens

    How would you rate episode 202?

    The HBO series is it's own animal. Comparing the book, your understanding of the book, and the episodes doesn't give the series much of a chance. You have to put the book aside and understand that if the author has given his blessings to D & D to interpret his work, and is consulted during this process, then I think everyone needs to step back and give the series a chance to succeed on its own merits.
  5. A Murder of Ravens

    How would you rate episode 201?

    Gave it a 5, I was watching it with people who didn't read the books nor rewatched the 1st season prior to this episode. For them it was difficult to follow all of the moving pieces and difficult to explain them all to them. If I wasn't watching it with them I'd give it an 8 or 7. Solid opening, but for the uninitiated very hard to follow. I've got a question if anyone can help me out, how much of Clash of Kings will Season 2 cover. I know they have 10 episodes, seems like a lot of ground to cover if they are going to interpret all of book 2.