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  1. Other than the 5th round punter pick and then a long snapper as well I thought Green Bay had a pretty good draft with their first three picks working to improve the defense with at least two really good players where the lineup is particularly weak and one decent player who could develop into a really good player. Somewhat indifferent to the WR corps picks, but time will tell on that front.
  2. Yeah, that was a bit distressing to watch but also impressive because I wasn't even sure I'd see him walk again after seeing him get injured.
  3. I didn't think Courtland Sutton would fall this far in the draft especially past Jacksonville who kinda could use a good wide receiver.
  4. I'm very happy with the Packers two draft trades. They netted a first round next year for a third round pick more or less and got the second best cornerback in the draft out of it.
  5. Von Miller and Chubb is going to be frightening for teams to face
  6. The first surprise of the draft right there.
  7. The Packers are rumored to be trying to move up. I'm hoping that means they'll move up to take Denzel Ward because the CB situation in GB is pretty dire. Honestly any defensive picks would be good at this point due to having holes all over the place defensively, so if they took Denzel Ward or somebody like Tremaine Edmonds, Roquan Smith, Josh Jackson or Jaire Alexander I'd be pretty content. If they moved up and took Chubbs that'd be amazing, but also would cost some serious draft capital. Though the Packers also have 12 picks which is quite a bit of capital to barter with.
  8. Is height going to be that important? Rodgers is 6'2, Brees is 6', Russel Wilson is 5'11. That's not to say of course that Mayfield will be the same quality as any of them once he hits the pros, but Mayfield's passing measurables appear to be better than anybody else's. Then again drafting quarterbacks is apparently a crap shoot for the most part. I personally would've gone Chubbs and Barkley if I was in charge of the Browns and kept Tyrod Taylor who is a decent quarterback. Alas I am a graduate student and not the GM of a pro football team. I wasn't aware of character issues. Don't pay that much attention to college football to be entirely honest.
  9. I thought Mayfield was generally considered the best of this year's QB draft class? Wouldn't it be more Browns to pick somebody like Mason Rudolph with the first pick?
  10. Lord Dracarys

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    It'll be fun to give Experts another shot next season and hopefully it'll work out better than my one and done season from a couple years ago. @PyroclasticFlow I'd be interested in another go at Defense. Pretty sure that HP isn't going to be doing any yahoo based fantasy leagues for the foreseeable future based on previous messages he's posted. If we moved it to a different platform he might be interested, but the board seems pretty invested in yahoo.
  11. Lord Dracarys

    Fantasy Football 2017

    Was a good game, WJ. My team benefited from some garbage time to push me through (looking at you CJ Anderson and JuJu). I was pretty certain at the outset I'd lose when both QBs seemed dedicated to ubderperforming especially with the strength of your RB corps.
  12. Lord Dracarys

    Westeros Football League A

    Congrats on the win! I was little surprised at Lewis's usage during the second half given that he'd been more successful than Burkhead in the first, but such is life. Guess my feeling of uneasiness about my chances was right in the end. My mistake was certainly slotting Cooper in even though he was coming off two injuries rather than going with my gut and putting in Golladay, but hindsight is 20/20.
  13. Lord Dracarys

    Westeros Football League A

    Looks like it's going to come down to the wire with Dion Lewis being the decider, so still thinking 50:50 at this point. With me trying to depend on the New England backfield for some kind of consistency.
  14. Lord Dracarys

    Westeros Football League A

    This match is far more up in the air than I expected mostly because of the Burton pick up. I'd say it's about 50:50 at this point.
  15. Lord Dracarys

    NFL 2017: Jared vs. Case Is Why Fisher Will Never Coach Again

    That was a dirty block, and even though I think Burfict is a dirty player nobody deserves to get hurt,