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  1. I'm in for A and also B if you need a spot filled.
  2. I'd be down again as well even though I think my team is a bit in shambles
  3. I'm in again with whatever weird shenanigans NFL COVID edition brings us.
  4. Got decimated by BL in experts, but I was pretty sure going in that was going to happen looking at things honestly. Still very happy with how the season went in experts. Certainly also helps when I did get first place in A, haha.
  5. Garrett should be suspended, but so should Rudolph and that Steelers OL who got into it throwing punches and kicks. Garrett should be suspended the longest of them though because man if he'd really gotten Rudolph with that helmet we'd be talking about how Rudolph isn't playing football anymore. The replay indicates that Rudolph escalated the whole thing by trying to rip off Garrets helmet and kicking him in the groin.
  6. Well, my team is coming apart at the seams this week so I am probably going to drop out of the lead in power rankings unless something changes.
  7. Those were some questionable calls there, but the announcer may have it right that maybe he's getting a hand up onto the throat of the lineman or that lineman is selling it at an oscar level.
  8. I have two subterranean press books I'd like to sell both #428. ADWD and AFFC.
  9. Thanks everyone. The wife is fortunately very amenable to fantasy football as long as I'm not in 10 leagues and because she now plays in a family league.
  10. I know there has been a bunch of trade offers coming through this week, but I got married yesterday and so haven't been paying much attention to fantasy football.
  11. The in a relationship or not thing is something that AB's legal team has contested in their own statement by saying they were in a sexual relationship. Along with the complaint there are apparently a bunch of messages as well that have been posted onto social media pertaining to this incident and others (that are purportedly very graphic, I did not read them because I'm at work). I think CBSSports had a link up on their story if anybody is interested at looking at supporting material for the complaint. Personally since this is civil case I'm picturing it ending relatively quietly with a settlement, but maybe I'm misunderstanding the real consequences of said accusation. Not sure what that would mean for NFL punishment. Has AB officially been suspended then? I can't seem to find that through normal sports news channels I follow.
  12. New contracts: Melvin Gordon II - $17 - 3 years
  13. I posted them up thread, but here are my keepers: In round 6: S.Michel In round 7: B.Mayfield
  14. I am keeping (these are the adjusted rounds based on the first page): In round 6: S.Michel In round 7: B.Mayfield
  15. I'll be on a flight during the draft, but can do that time depending on how well internet works on the plane.
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