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  1. Unfortunately, have to step back from fantasy football this season. Gotta finish my thesis so I can graduate in the Spring and just won't have time for the league.
  2. Unfortunately, with me wrapping up my thesis research and the writing of my thesis I have to bow out of fantasy football this year.
  3. Chicago World Con? Sounds good to me though I'm like 85% sure I'll be done with my PhD program by September 2022, so I can't say "Sign me up" just yet.
  4. 2-3 this week, which is fine. 2 of those losses were in Dynasty and Keeper in which my teams are feeling a little shaky. The one that hurt was experts where I felt good going into week 1, but it is only week 1 so I'm not panicking or terribly worried at the moment.
  5. Existing Contracts: Christian McCaffrey - 28 (1 years)Joe Mixon - 26 (1 years)Melvin Gordon - 17 (2 years)Sony Michel - 11 (2 years)Baker Mayfield 10 (2 years)Kenny Golladay - 6 (1 years)Tyler Boyd - 1 (1 years) New Contracts: Gardner Minshew - $4 (1 year) Cam Akers - $21 (3 years) Joe Burrow - $18 (4 years) Tua Tagovailoa - $15 (4 years) Kansas City - $2 (1 year) Darren Waller - $10 (2 years) Henry Ruggs III - $9 (3 years) Antonio Gibson - $8 (2 years) Laviska Shenault Jr. - $7 (3 years) Greg Zuerlein - $1 (1 year) Breshad Perriman - $1 (1 year) Hunter Renfrow - $1 (1 year) Jonnu Smith - $1 (1 year) Larry Fitzgerald - $1 (1 year) Alshon Jeffery - $1 (1 year) Subject to change until game-time.
  6. I can do the proposed draft time. Dropping: Trey Burton Rashard Penny Keeping everybody else.
  7. QB: D. Watson, P. Rivers RB: A. Jones, J. Conner, C. Carson (Heins, Cohen, McCoy) WR: O. Beckham, M. Evans, L. Shenault, H. Ruggs (R. Anderson, J. Jefferson, C. Samuel, H. Renfrow, A. Jeffery) TE: N. Fant, Z. Ertz (T. Eifert) DEF: Pitt, LAC, GB I mucked up my own strategy, but the roster is generally OK except for not drafting a third QB which may bite me later. Mostly I shouldn't have bid on Evans because I let that mess up everything after that and I could have snagged better value based on what happened in the draft. Well, the starters at least are good, but the roster doesn't have a ton of depth past that. Few potential breakouts/sleepers, which is always nice. Definitely not my best draft, but also not quite my worst draft either.
  8. I'm in for A and also B if you need a spot filled.
  9. I'd be down again as well even though I think my team is a bit in shambles
  10. I'm in again with whatever weird shenanigans NFL COVID edition brings us.
  11. Well, my team is coming apart at the seams this week so I am probably going to drop out of the lead in power rankings unless something changes.
  12. I have two subterranean press books I'd like to sell both #428. ADWD and AFFC.
  13. Thanks everyone. The wife is fortunately very amenable to fantasy football as long as I'm not in 10 leagues and because she now plays in a family league.
  14. I know there has been a bunch of trade offers coming through this week, but I got married yesterday and so haven't been paying much attention to fantasy football.
  15. New contracts: Melvin Gordon II - $17 - 3 years
  16. I posted them up thread, but here are my keepers: In round 6: S.Michel In round 7: B.Mayfield
  17. I am keeping (these are the adjusted rounds based on the first page): In round 6: S.Michel In round 7: B.Mayfield
  18. I'll be on a flight during the draft, but can do that time depending on how well internet works on the plane.
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