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  1. That's just an "It's turtles all the way down" counterargument. In the most basic sense, all of human civilization is one kind of social compact or another. Some have more effective built-in checks on the system than what we have here, where everything is basically predicated on nothing more than the honor system.
  2. One way I think it (indirectly) matters is that it really shows how the entire history of the U.S. government rests on what is essentially (and in some ways, literally) a gentleman's agreement. Get enough people with zero scruples together, put them in the right places, and they can break the government. That should probably be addressed if we make it to the other side relatively intact.
  3. It gets more awesome than that re: Gaetz. He is accusing Kelly Loeffler of trying to bribe Trump with a $50 million campaign donation in return for getting Trump's help in convincing Collins to drop out of the race against Loeffler. It's like if the Keystone Kops had their fingers on the nuclear button.
  4. Kentucky's AG is one of McConnell's hacks. Completely unsurprised he chose to uphold the racist status quo.
  5. At my old place of employment, that may have been an issue, but not here. This place is better positioned for success anyway. And I don't mind arguing and even being told no, I just want to make sure my requests are reasonable before I start making them.
  6. Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! I've pretty much accounted for all that - except for growth of industry and total accessible market - this information may be had by others, but it's not readily accessible (I've asked) and part of my project is showing how to increase the total potential market. I know for a fact I can deliver the revenue increase and keep it sustainable, along with plans to fend off competitors, but that's the 1st step in my plan - the next will entail getting access to any top-tier market research they've conducted so I can calculate actual deliverables. Is that market research type stuff likely something I can negotiate for upon delivery of stage 1?
  7. Real talk though - I need some advice, but I don’t really know the question I'm trying to ask I guess it's this: I'm trying to do some really revolutionary stuff in my field, stuff that no one else is doing. Right now, my career is a pretty shitty one - low pay floor, low pay ceiling. If my reforms are able to get off the ground, I've calculated that they could increase our divisional revenues between 300-500% within 24-30 months, with potentially even larger gains if some other things I'm working on pan out. So, my overall goal is to change the perception of my industry to make it more a "real" career, instead of a collecting place for burnouts. I want to propose things that will increase the prestige of the field, and commensurately, the pay structure. Is delivering on the promised revenues enough to say "Hey, you all should really be paying us what we're really worth since you literally couldn't do this without us", or would I need to bring even more ammunition to bear?
  8. All I have to say is that if I have to drop out to fight a revolution against American fascism...it's really going to fuck up my 5-year career plan.
  9. This is the real deep state (NYT limited clicks). RedState troll found to work for the NIH. I have often kept tabs on RedState, ever since the Tea Party days to keep an eye on the id of the Republican party. "Streiff" was a regular contributor who was fairly reasonable (for RedState) and was anti-Trump until he drank the Kool-Aid and went off the deep end. That guy was a Grade-A bootlicking fascist. Good fucking riddance.
  10. Not that I'm disagreeing with your argument, but I think @larrytheimp's incredulity is at least partially based in what we are currently experiencing, which is that if your goal is only to break things and not actually govern, having control of the HoR is a pretty small consolation prize. Yes, it keeps the worst excesses at bay, but it's still all going downhill. Now, I don't think that a dystopia is baked-in yet, but a Trump victory even with a Democratic House will be bad for almost everyone.
  11. Maybe I just have tunnel vision, but the "moving to Canada/OMG we're all fucked" posts seem to have exploded since Ginsberg's death, not just here, but on every blog/website I go to. If my experience isn't normative, then oh well - are you going to complain that a fuck-off lefty like me is mobilizing like crazy for Dems? I think he's jammed because if he wasn't, he wouldn't have announced right away. He would have done his stupid Moscow-Mitch doublespeak about respecting the death of Ginsberg and how dare Democrats politicize her death, blah, blah, blah, just like he does with stimulus. He knows he's going to get pushback from some in his caucus, so he could have counted his votes beforehand instead of forcing his most vulnerable Senators to make such fraught choice. Maybe he's not jammed up, maybe it's just a huge miscalculation on his part, but him being so hasty says, to me, that McConnell was getting pressured to make a fast decision, and he just doesn't like doing that. It puts his Senators in a position to let Democrats play pinata with them for the next 6 weeks over the SC pick, and the economy/stimulus/pandemic.
  12. We are absolutely at the precipice right now; that attitude will ensure we tumble over without as much as a fight. I don't even know if you're from the U.S., but it really shouldn't matter. Fascism has taken root too deeply around the world. America, this November, is a critical battleground in the fight against fascism.
  13. Oh, and guess what ELSE Democrats can hit Trump and Republicans on? If they're focusing on a SC nominee, there for damn sure isn't any stimulus getting done. Anyone check out Wall Street today? Down 2.5-3.0% across the board. "We care more about taking away reproductive choices from women AND taking away health insurance from YOU, during a pandemic, than we do about making sure your kids can eat during a pandemic/recession." How will THAT play to a swing voter 6 weeks out from an election?
  14. Our grandparents crossed two oceans to fight fascism, so the least we can do is make some phone calls and bug the shit out of our friends and neighbors to GOTV. Some of us can donate. Some of us can organize to provide protection against fascists showing up to intimidate voters in certain areas. It is already happening, so we need to start showing up to fucking PROTECT those voters, if we can.
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