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  1. I’m honestly kind of surprised that you don’t think concepts of fairness factor in to this discussion. It’s been ridiculously well-documented that these same billionaires (or their predecessors) had a huge hand in writing those very tax laws from which they are now deriving an outsized benefit. They’re then turning around and using those gains they’ve given themselves to apply even more pressure to create even more favorable breaks for themselves in the tax code. None of this has happened in a vacuum and every step of the way has been specifically designed to create the reality we’re currently experiencing. Re: your 2nd point - I really do understand that you are just calling balls and strikes for your audience. I work in the due diligence field for commercial real estate. I’ve definitely had to tell more than one client “Well, you can probably get self-storage use approved there if you ask the City Council real nice, but your placement is going to cause increased ROW wear-and-tear that will affect nearby properties in the near-to-mid term.” But there’s a difference between that and them telling me that they want to do the same thing on every street corner in the city. Yes, if they greased enough palms and twisted enough arms, I could technically tell them the same answer in every individual case. But if they do that, I’m sure as shit that there are going to be catastrophic transportation issues in the near future because of snowball effect. I’m definitely not trying to assign any blame to you, because you obviously didn’t write any of those laws. I just happen to disagree that these leaks were only published for sensationalism’s sake to generate clicks and revenue. These leaks are in the same category as government intelligence leaks, I believe. There are absolutely valid* reasons that both intelligence and tax returns shouldn’t be public record. However, there are absolutely extraordinary cases where there is a compelling public interest in the release of that information, even if the actions being investigated are legal. Every one of the billionaires mentioned in that article have a significant amount of influence over every one of our lives. I’d say that’s a compelling public interest. *Okay, actually I lied - I’m an anarchist, so I don’t believe governments should ever keep secrets from the people because I don’t think there should be any governments to keep secrets. However, IF I did believe in governments, I could understand why there would be legitimate reasons to protect secrets. Cheers!
  2. This is kind of an odd caveat; it’s definitely true, but the criticisms to me seem to be more grounded in the belief that she presumably still is an ambitious Black female politician, and that those same obstacles that influenced her actions as a prosecutor are all still in effect, and there isn’t much evidence to suggest that her stances have shifted more than nominally.
  3. I agree it’s fair to get an answer to your question; but I also think it’s fair to extrapolate - if the choice comes down to fascism on one hand, and force on the other, then what? I would agree, theoretically, that force is not a necessity for defeating fascism, but I know for a fact that fascists believe to the core of their being that force is absolutely necessary. If your choices are down to giving in, or fighting back, which would we choose?
  4. To turn this back around Scot, how much force is too much force, in your judgment, that you would prefer falling into fascism instead of meeting fascism with force?
  5. McConnell is saying he won’t confirm any Biden Supreme Court nominees if Republicans take back the Senate in 2023, and Manchin and Sinema still think there is bipartisanship to be had.
  6. Biden’s DOJ doing a bang-up job fucking over every group that actually worked to get Biden elected; this time by backing religious schools who want to discriminate against LGBTQ students. During PRIDE, no less.
  7. Oh. Yes. Let’s make fucking sure those territories keep getting treated like shit because those laws absolutely weren’t written to be racist as fuck. Spectacular reasoning that.
  8. Biden can fire Garland. And I know why they’re doing it, but it’s still idiotic. If they keep this shit up, Republicans won’t need to rig the elections next year.
  9. People are losing their shit at Garland. This is going to have real consequences; I’ve seen even middle of the road liberals going hard at Garland over this latest ruling.
  10. What the FUCK is the Biden administration doing? This isn’t even the first time that Biden’s DOJ have stepped in on Trump’s side on these suits. Biden is going to lose the left. Completely.
  11. Democrats are just planning on handing power back to Republicans on a silver platter.
  12. If it’s cowardice for Republicans to skip that vote, then the same goes for Democrats. I’m not inclined to give them any sort of break.
  13. Don’t forget the un-decent Democrats, Patty Murray and everyone’s favorite Let Them Eat Cake While I Vote Down a $15 minimum wage, Kyrsten Sinema.
  14. Okay, I’m trying to figure out a fair compensation package. The company is far smaller than I’m used to and I’m not sure they could afford me to come over in a capacity to not only run the department but also to grow it, after I did some digging into their revenue figures. I’ve seen suggestions of asking 5-15% of revenue; is that a good rule to live by (5% is unworkable, 15% is possibly doable although still less than what I would prefer)? Or perhaps could I negotiate to come in as a consultant and then negotiate a more lucrative salary once I’ve proved I can grow the division? Or negotiate for pay raises/bonuses upon meeting certain benchmarks? The division is small enough that if it was a stand-alone company I probably have enough capital to purchase a partial ownership stake, but that’s probably out of the question. I’m willing to be flexible; I’d even work there for a much lower salary than usual if I receive a guarantee that I can get accepting contract work to make up for the resulting decrease in income, but I imagine that’s probably not doable either. Thanks! ETA: There is a major shake-up in the industry coming down the pipe within the next 12 months that not many people know about. I think it’s going to create a lot of chaos in the industry that could lead to significant growth so I’m wanting to take advantage of that.
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