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  1. 30 minutes of soft porn, bad dialogue and bad acting
  2. Boring like last week. There are just no likeable characters, the dialogue is uninteresting and the plot is too predictable.
  3. Jon Snow has done nothing all season other than occaisionally shout "Fall back"
  4. This season is so so bad. Missing GRRM writing so much
  5. only good thing about this episode was Ramin's music
  6. When they are riding the dragons it looks like an old Flash Gordon B-movie
  7. really boring episode 1/10 for me Only highlight was rose leslie finally dying
  8. 6 ok episode, ending terrible - it was like a coke ad from the 70's. I was expecting Dany to burst out into song "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect hamony".....
  9. voted 9 - slow episode again but the first scene with ayra and the hound was good. Felt Maisie was a bit wooden in her scenes after that. Would have given this episode a 5 but the RW was nailed - couldn't have been better. just a shame they didnt sew the wolf's head on Robb
  10. 10 - Loved it - great story telling episode. i even liked that whiney cow ygritte for once
  11. 10 - best episode yet! Varys scene with Tyrion gave me goosebumps - Varys was chilling and scary - great acting. As for Astapor - perfect! And that army!
  12. The way Jon dies at the end of Dance is similar to the way Ceasar is killed by Brutus and the senators
  13. Rose leslie is terrible as ygritte - very poor acting and her voice grates on me.
  14. Gave it a 9 - good dialogue and this episode starts to tie threads together. Probably the best of the series so far, although I agree with the previous poster that series 1 was much better, but reading the books after Game of Thrones its all downhill so nothing to be surprised about.
  15. I gave it a nine. The acting was as ever superb and Michelle Fairey continues to do a great job . My favourite scene this week was again Tywin and Arya - they paly so well together, they are like a kindly old grandfather with his granddaughter. Iain Glen as jorah continues to be cool as f*ck and you know somethings in the offing when he appeared in his armour to go and search for the dragons. However the scene between him and Danerys felt a bit Jane Austen. The scene with Jaime and the squire was drawn out too long, but with what happened I can understand the thinking behind it - to show Jaime as a ruthless, selfish person. Only thing I don't like is Ygritte- she really grates on me and ruins the show for me.
  16. I wasn't that keen on this episode in fact I think it was the worst of the 2 series - I gave it a 7. However so many people have given it a 10 I'm going to watch it again. I really don't like Shae. Brienne was good but I still think Lucy Lawless should have been cast in this role. Tyrion's scenes were excellent as always but I also liked Margery. The way Tyrion's deception wa portrayed wa sheer excellence. For me the best acting was from Michelle Fairey (Catelyn). It seems they placed an awful lot from the book into this one epsiode which is a a good thing as it makes it reasonably fast paced. You have to admit to some extent these books are hard to follow and the way it has been adapted to tv hass hed a new light on the story for me. Bernoff & Weiss have done a fantastic job.
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