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  1. I am what most of people would call a "purist" I almost touched myself with tonight's episode... Just had to write that down
  2. next episode: Cersei does a speech saying that how much she loved Robert and how difficult was hide it
  3. I was thinking, the house of undying should have, I don't know... undyings? I hated Jon's arc, horribly done BTW I'm not a purist, I just hate fan fiction I LOVED the white walkers !!!
  4. I've been bitching the whole season, but not today... fucking epic awesomeness... didn't miss the chain, fucking green explosion <3
  5. Slow boring episode :D Blackwater seems great (I loved the scene when Tyrion is commanding people to kill those brave men= TV Robb does not have honor and blows everything for being horny, that just sucks... be it an adaptation and all, it sucks hard, the scene was horrible to watch (even though, the girl has a nice ass) Book Arya is a badass starting to be a killing machine, TV Arya is not Jaime, Theon and Tyrion are the only ones I'm enjoying to watch... I don't know if I'm the only one, but beside the looks (amazing casting btw) the girl playing Brienne sucks at acting
  6. I know probably I'm being a little whiny bitch, but I understand some deviation from the original plot, but this thing is getting way far from the story. I don't see any difference between a "tv adaptation" and horrible fanfic
  7. I loved the Jaqen thing and I'm loving Theon and Tyrion arcs. I'm okay with adaptations and there are gonna be some differences, but there are obvious and significant changes horribly done I didn´t like Renly's death, it was dull with a horrible razzie performance by Brienne (excellent casting on the looks though) The whole Qarth arc was very simple to do by the book, the changes seem unnecesary and badly done. I love Arya, the hatred in her eyes scares me :D, I'm worried about the weasel soup eventually, I hope they don't mess with that As much as I love the Reed kids, we can live without them... but if I don't get Reek I will cry
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