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    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    I haven’t read the whole thread yet. On my way to work so I apologize in advance if I'm repeating posts from before. I've read all the books and I'm fine, ecstatic even, when the show deviates. As long as they stay with the spirit of the story and the world that George has made for us. In fact seeing ACoK word for word and scene by scene would make a dull watch for me. That being said....the parts that made this episode lack luster for me was the LF/Ros scene. I get the point but don't care for the execution. Seems a bit ham fisted in making LF seem ruthless and all about LF only. I think they could of used that time to make the Theon/Yara scene more witty and funny. I kept thinking they really missed at comedy gold cutting that conversation to a forth of it's potential. There were a few more slow bulky spots but as a whole I did enjoy it. Loved the huge CGI Ghost and most everything dealing with beyond The Wall. The same for Arya and Gendry heading North. I think this season will really ramp up when Renly and Stannis start in on each other.