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  1. Go Hodor!! On a side note, Osha is acting less cool than usual.
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Charles and I'm a first time poster. I currently live in Georgia (USA), am 25, work 2 jobs, and go to school full-time. A friend introduced me to the series a couple of months ago and ever since then all I've done in my spare time is read, re-read, and troll the forums :D (Y'all are awesome btw). I absolutely love Martin's work, especially how complex and inter-woven the character archs are. I'm currently half-way through my 2nd reading of the books, have only watched portions of the first two T.V. episodes, and only know of the "Dunk & Egg" stories through hearsay from users on the forums, but plan on updating my collection with the 1st season DVD and the Legends "stuff" soon....I can't wait! :drool: Favorite Characters (no particular order): Varys, Bran, & Tyrion.
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