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  1. Lord Ravenfrost

    How would you rate episode 210?

    I'm fine with most of what transpired throughout this season save Jon and Dany. I really hope they start acting more like the characters that Martin wrote and less like idiots.And more ghost dammit!!! There I'm done. :thumbsup: P.S. I rated this episode an 8.
  2. Lord Ravenfrost

    How would you rate episode 209?

    10 all the way! Best episode to date, loved everything just wish the house of the undying would've been in there too.
  3. Lord Ravenfrost

    How would you rate episode 207?

    I think the episode was good save for too much Jon and Ygrette time. I continue to love Theon's story most of which is ripped right from the book for the most part. I'm glad they made a mention of the Brotherhood Without Banners although they could've let non-readers know a little more about them other than they annoy Lord Tywin. Especially when Tywin was complaining to The Mountain about them attacking the fringes of their army. The Qarth scene sort of took me by surprise where the thirteen died in a good way. Although I think Dany is too bratty for my taste I like how they handled her dragon disappearance. The Robb stuff is starting to come into focus and I can see why so much time was spent on it. I don't like how they are handling Jon's story, but it looks like it will end up happening the same way it does in the book. I still think GRRM's version of things is better but whatever. I really think ghost should be with him more too but I guess that it costs too much to put him in most of the scenes. They need to give the show more money so we can see more of the dragons and the wolves they are just as important as any of the side characters. I gave it an 8
  4. Lord Ravenfrost

    How would you rate episode 205?

    I thought it was a brilliant episode all things considered. The fist of the first men was a bit more sparse then I had it pictured but that would be my only gripe about Jon's story. I'm glad we got to see Dany's dragons, well at least one. My only problem with them is that we should be seeing them all the time and they shouldn't be in cages.They seem more like her pets than her children. I also think it was odd that Quaithe confronted Jorah and not Dany. I love the Theon scenes I only wish Dagmer was more cleft jawed, that and I want Yara to go away and find Asha. I think Arya and Tyrion continue to shine as the best interpretation from the books. I'm looking forward to the next episode should be a real riot! Solid 9 rating.
  5. Lord Ravenfrost

    How would you rate episode 203?

    I really loved how they handled everything in this episode save Shae who is progressively getting closer to my last nerve.I gave this one a 9 only because there is room for improvement. The hole Theon story arc is being handled extremely well and I can't wait to see his fate play out further. I think Ayra's story is being handled rather deftly as well. I really don't mind that her chapters are being condensed the way they are it all makes perfect sense how they've left out unnecessary settings in order to save time and no doubt money. I love the woman they got to play Brienne she's not all cartoon ugly like GRRM had me picturing her.I also like the girl they have playing Margaery, I think the writers have done a great job showing how calculating she can be something that will be very important later on. I agree with a lot of people on this thread about Renly, he's way too subdued, but I'm glad we got a break from Dany's story, her part I feel doesn't get to be real interesting until the end of ACOK. I'm intensely happy there was no Ros scene in this episode, I think this will be a continuing trend as things start to get more serious. Tyrion's scenes continue to achieve greatness worthy of the character every one loves in the books. The way he ferrets out the person he can't trust in the council was brilliantly done and easily my favorite part of the episode, second only to Yoren's death scene. I feel like the show is finally getting back on track especially after the last two episodes which were less than stellar. I like how the whole Craster cliffhanger was wrapped up very quickly. I still don't understand why it had to happen, my only conclusion was that the writers wanted to give The Night's Watch a reason to leave with haste ( as if you'd need a reason to leave Craster's in the first place). Personally I'd rather fight the others than stay with that asshole for any amount of time.
  6. Lord Ravenfrost

    How would you rate episode 202?

    6/10 My knee jerk reaction to this last episode was one of disgust I almost gave this a rating of like 3/10 but, I watched the episode again in non-fanboy mode and had somewhat of a change of heart. I really love the the way Tyrion is continued to be portrayed I look forward to his scenes as much as i looked forward to reading his chapters.I love the way him and Bronn interact they seem like they are probably good friends off screen and it shows in their performances. I like how they handled Theon's homecoming it was true to his first chapter in ACOK although I felt the scenes were rushed and was missing him meeting a very changed uncle before he rode up to see his father. I don't like this introduction to Asha/Yara we got I think the woman playing her missed what the character is about and apparently the writers did too it should've been Yara fondling Theon not the other way around. They should've included the feast as well to really put Theon in his proper place as a total outsider.I'm not sure if I can endure another dumb ass Ros scene, for someone who wasn't even a sentence in the books she sure chews up the damn scenery. I can dig why they put in Petyr scenes as they need to develop his character but I feel they could do that with more scenes with Varys and him or Tyrion or someone other than whores that really don't add anything important or interesting to the story. I think they have done a fine job with Davos, I like the actor playing him, I feel like the man did his homework and is doing the character justice. I don't like the man playing Stannis but I feel that was done on purpose, Stannis is a total douche in the books I've never liked him and the actor helps achieve this effect without trying. Salladhor Saan is also another pretty spot on performance, I think he's gonna be good comic relief for the whole Stannis/Davos storyline. The woman playing Melisandre is a bit more plain then I would've pictured but I think her acting may yet shine through and she'll end up doing the character justice (at least I hope).Arya's scenes are very spot on but again I feel like they are being rushed. I like the rapport that Arya has with Gendry on screen it doesn't seem faked and that is very important for their part of the story. All the supporting roles surrounding those characters are very spot on as well especially Yoren and Hot Pie the writers just need to slow things down a bit. I've been pretty happy with Dany's storyline so far even after they killed her blood rider and her Silver, neither were essential to the story and that really conveyed the direness of her situation. The real thing that bothered me was the last few minutes of the episode I just don't understand why that had to happen. Jon is a very important character and if they plan on moving the story forward they shouldn't be spending too much time at Craster's keep as there is a lot story beyond that setting. Whatever the writers have planned for Jon at Craster's I hope they wrap it up in the next episode and move on. I would've given this episode a higher rating but the whole brothel/twist ending kinda pissed me off.
  7. Lord Ravenfrost

    How would you rate episode 201?

    Overall I liked the season opener I thought they did a clever job in condensing some of the early chapters and Gleeson makes Joffery even more repugnant (if that's even possible). I gave it a seven because I think that the writers take the things implied in the books a little too far sometimes like killing Roberts bastards and I don't really remember Cersei threatening Littlefinger directly with bodily harm. I also don't remember Osha knowing a damn thing about dragons either. These are but small gripes the real injustice to the original material is how Crasters keep played out I think the scene could have done with more of a sinister tone I hope when we see the black brothers return there will be a darker tone to things. Cressens scene could've played out better too I don't like how quickly the poison took effect. I'm really looking forward to the next nine episodes.