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  1. Not to derail, but these can hardly be considered facts. Speaking of weights, i hurt my left lats some weeks ago, so i finally bought some proper weight racks. Turns out i cant bench press with a bar, elbows started giving me trouble at once, so have to wait for lats to heal and go back to dumbbells, for now, i only do dips, low weight bench and squats.
  2. Only 4 years from 40, that all sounds kinda sad. Better make these last years count.
  3. Since this topic has died, i just wanna say im in awe of how well ifr handled it, really one sided debate
  4. I thought we were talking about genetics, not cultural progress.
  5. Well, we know that theres been bigger and stronger humanoids with larger brains. But i think its very much the consensus that nothing significant has happened in the last 80k years.
  6. Its been so long, so this isnt meant as gotcha, but what was just about it?
  7. The dating world needs more socialism, why cant one app be enough? Right now im not swiping, but anyone know what apps are used in sweden?
  8. Hey german boy, does this mean your real name is HANS!?
  9. Seems like a sure shot if youre looking to date kiko and/or girls.
  10. This is not a hill i would be willing to die on, but when the purpose is to show what u look like (or any time really), why would a selfie be silly?
  11. Seems hella disingenuous to not compare the lives up until death.
  12. A lifetime of misery with a gruesome end or a natural lifetime with the possibility of a gruesome end, im sure both sides are the same..
  13. Lol, cba going back but didnt the poster list a bunch of atrocities that were excused with the inferiority argument? Why not respond to the argument instead of the comparison?
  14. Would be good, then we could all agree that making an industry of living creatures is a horrible practice.
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