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  1. Yeah, what about those orifices though Sometimes i think scot is doing that thing where he knows people wont answer a direct question, but they jump on the chance to rectify a silly/ignorant statement and thus answeringen the would be question.
  2. I dont get why people doing nothing feel like they should critisize those doing something. Everyone claims to be aware that we are heading into total disaster, but noone is willing to make a change.
  3. Haha, im definitely in a grenade thrown situation, but i would advice against exs sister. Normally i wouldnt give advice, but felt we needed a counter to the go for it crowd.
  4. Wtf? Why would you worry about her seeing you naked?
  5. Is anyone battling? I thought the great league was pretty fun, but ultra league is kinda hard since i transferred all my giratinas..
  6. Now that you can have rare candies from gifts, you should all be sending me gifts 0338 0871 6526
  7. You can also just add and remove yourself three times.
  8. Ive started playing again, mainly because it makes me walk those extra kilometers every week. Ive struggled with the three excellent in a row challange, but surely, fourteen Tyra candies would be worth it, today i finally did it and got a golett, i was so pleased.. Anyway, if anyone want the extra exp, friend me at 0338 0871 6526. And FB, open my gift and send me one so that we can become best friends!
  9. I think Horace's comment was his opinion, not something that was meant to represent the Academy as a whole. Anyway, the prize has been very well received in Swedish media at least, someone even wrote that now the US people have no cause to be upset Someone else wrote that the Academy benefits more from giving the prize to Dylan than Dylan does receiving it, it will be interesting to see what he does of it, but also kind of embarassing if he declined it.
  10. So, lets hear it for King, GRRM and Rowling! :D (Seriously, I like all three a lot and wouldn't mind reading some banter from either direction ;)
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