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  1. I really only listen to 90s hiphop and lana del rey, so dont think i can demand a perfekt match
  2. I dont know if its any consolation, but it feels like theres been months of u hinting that it was time to move on from this relationship. So maybe it was for the best.
  3. Wtf? Why would you worry about her seeing you naked?
  4. Well, you got to add B-12. Ive been plant based for a couple of years too, five maybe, but i remember not eating enough to compensate for skipping cheese in the beginning. Diary apparently was a large part of my calorie intake.
  5. Speaking of falling asleep, i do this one every evening before going to bed. Have also added the 90 days of yoga series, so now its day 1: pullups and arm, day 2: bench and shoulders, day 3: legs, day 4: yoga, repeat. Have dropped the running completely during the winter, but will try to add two short, slow runs/week.
  6. Doubt it, my body is way old and my soul is even older.
  7. Hmm, i wanted to ask him how his grease the groove experiment went..
  8. I was 78 kg last spring and 72 now, divorces suck
  9. Tell me about it, i slid on some ice three weeks ago, didnt even fall, and im still pretty much sidelined because i hurt my stomach in the unfall and its still not good.
  10. This is acctually wrong, or at least not right. The one study a Swedish newspaper managed to find on this concluded that the amount of bacteria (in the wound? Dont recall exactly where they measured it) was larger with a mask than without. Similarly, a danish study on masks and covid concluded that the risk of infection decreased by about 2% for mask wearers.
  11. Hah, i seem to recall some neat piling on some guy for daring to call the virus air borne
  12. Im nearing the end of adrienes 30 days of yoga and really need somewhere to go from there, do you (or anyone else) have any suggestions?
  13. I guess struggled was kinda hyperbolic, but after i had been doing pushups for a while and thought my core had improved i filmed my self. It turned out i wasnt doing pushups at all, instead i was making some weird banana tribute. I can do a bunch properly now.
  14. Thats why i wanted many peoples opinions to get a well rounded definition. For example, i can bench my own weight, but i really struggled when i started doing pushups. Which was depressing but also heartening since it was an easy addition that improved my health. Basically, i like setting goals for myself and was looking to add a few.
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