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  1. This is acctually wrong, or at least not right. The one study a Swedish newspaper managed to find on this concluded that the amount of bacteria (in the wound? Dont recall exactly where they measured it) was larger with a mask than without. Similarly, a danish study on masks and covid concluded that the risk of infection decreased by about 2% for mask wearers.
  2. Hah, i seem to recall some neat piling on some guy for daring to call the virus air borne
  3. Im nearing the end of adrienes 30 days of yoga and really need somewhere to go from there, do you (or anyone else) have any suggestions?
  4. I guess struggled was kinda hyperbolic, but after i had been doing pushups for a while and thought my core had improved i filmed my self. It turned out i wasnt doing pushups at all, instead i was making some weird banana tribute. I can do a bunch properly now.
  5. Thats why i wanted many peoples opinions to get a well rounded definition. For example, i can bench my own weight, but i really struggled when i started doing pushups. Which was depressing but also heartening since it was an easy addition that improved my health. Basically, i like setting goals for myself and was looking to add a few.
  6. A couple of threads back we discussed what constituted being fit, like being able to run 10k in less than 60 min and deadlift twice your own weight. I cant really remember what else we said, so, yall wanna do it again? (i realise that to be elite at one thing youll have to give up some others, but i was thinking in a more general sense). What should you be able to do if you wanna call yourself fit?
  7. Dont necessarily disagree, but theres no way the strongman to obese ratio is lower than 1:100.
  8. Thats exactly my point, theyre mammals, with needs very similar to our own. ( I also doubt a baby is that much smarter than a calf or a kitten, yet most of us wouldnt eat a baby). That said, i guess im worse than yall since i think eating dairy is morally reprehensible and still eat the occasional pizza.
  9. I think theres plenty of good soy ice cream, and for cooking i think the oat substitutes are fine. If we are talking things that are vile, i can think of a few, like how dairy is produced.
  10. Theres no milk label on my oat drink at least, which is good since im not a calf. Anyway, on marketing, i guess i agree on principle, but anything that makes people eat less dairy is a win in my book, so ill allow it. For now.
  11. The situation at the care homes is probably more down to general neoliberal policies than the corona response. But im sure a lot of people think that the elderly would magically be saved if we just closed the schools..
  12. @Tywin et al. can you Linn the yoga challange you did?
  13. Lol, you spent a bunch of posts acting like going on an intercontinental vacation was a human right. As to your other point, if a decrease in the availability of cheap travel is what finally dooms society as we know it, then maybe it deserves to fail.
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