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  1. Being sexy is sexy, having money isnt even remotely sexy.
  2. I couldnt care less about dating app presentations, you either have chemistry or you dont, sharing interests or not doesnt change that. I guess info can be useful for ruling people out, but i wouldnt swipe right(?) on anyone because she had a great presentation.
  3. Dont know why you would be so condescending of these people, most people just want to belong and do that by copying each other. Im sure that barring the bots, catfishes and various escort services, most people are just people.
  4. Im gonna go ahead and put that firmly in the stuff that wont happen to me column.
  5. And would that be so bad? Sweden doesnt have smokers and basically no women vote for the far right party, so i can go for looks and chemistry only.
  6. Anyone 30+ thats trying to get it on with an 18 year old is looking to abuse the discrepancy in power that age brings, thats a hill im happy to die on.
  7. Lol adults, u cant be three times older than someone and be like, we are both adults.
  8. The 30 years life expectancy is really skewed by child deaths though. If you made it through adolescence you could get really old even in those days. Im honestly not sure what i would choose, but it would stand between being born today or some 10000 years ago.
  9. Only 4 years from 40, that all sounds kinda sad. Better make these last years count.
  10. Since this topic has died, i just wanna say im in awe of how well ifr handled it, really one sided debate
  11. I thought we were talking about genetics, not cultural progress.
  12. Well, we know that theres been bigger and stronger humanoids with larger brains. But i think its very much the consensus that nothing significant has happened in the last 80k years.
  13. Its been so long, so this isnt meant as gotcha, but what was just about it?
  14. The dating world needs more socialism, why cant one app be enough? Right now im not swiping, but anyone know what apps are used in sweden?
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