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  1. This isnt something affecting me, and it wasnt what i was getting at, but i guess you missed all of kals posts talking about peer pressure to eat unhealthy?
  2. Lol, this isnt really aimed at you, but this is another part of this issue that annoys me a great deal, the idea that people who stays fit, work out etc do it for health reasons, not because society values and rewards a fit physique. Im sure a bunch of people will be quick to assure me they spend those hours at the gym for health reasons only, and all ill say to that is Good for you and i dont believe you. Personally, i gym because i like the way muscle look on my body and i run because its good for me. I spend way more time at the gym than at the track..
  3. Like i said upthread, none of these things are really an issue in Sweden and obesity is still a class issue.
  4. I like you altherion, but youre in a corner on this one, not to mention how terribly wrong you were about trump not representing the elites
  5. Theres no denying its a class issue. Which is weird i think, because in Sweden at least, there are no food deserts and people arent too poor to buy fruit and vegetables, but theres still a significant class divide when it comes to obesity. We should all exercise to stay healthy, but anyone running in order to lose weight is fooling himself. (Though im sure exercise can work as a motivator to eat well) I think that on an individual level, we all must make out choices and accept their consequences, but on a collective level, we clearly need to both regulate the food industry and educate the children if we want to reverse the current trajectory (which we definitely should since, as has been noted from the very start of the thread, obesity starts early, is very hard to reverse and kids can not be held accountable for what they eat).
  6. Is there any research at all supporting that idea?
  7. Mikael

    U.S. politics. thread

    Can you please make your own thread? And if you do, maybe respond to the abuse part rather than go on in some self righteous fury about how thinkerx doesnt like promiscuous and/or fat women.
  8. Its hilarious in a very sad way that a bunch of articles warning for an immediate danger are used to prove that there is no danger. (I get the point but it seems incredibly uninformed to think that because the world hasnt exploded since the first warning there is no danger)
  9. Mikael

    New Forum Census

  10. Mikael

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    I save up until i have 1480 and buy the big box, so i have way more eggs than i need.
  11. Mikael

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    So, is there any monster where the second attack is actually worth the price? I tried it on a Gyarados that I wanted a hydro pump on (didn't get it), but 75/75000 for a second attack on Tyra doesn't seem worth it.
  12. Mikael

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Anyone know how charged tm on mons with new attack will work?
  13. Mikael

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Unfortunately, I dont think theres any exercise that you can do thats comparable to the effect of your diet when it comes to weight loss.
  14. Mikael

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Ok, i mightve spoken too soon. Im probably not the audience for it anyway.