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    I'm not sure I would believe it either. There is a thread on here from maybe 3 or more years ago where I stated I had quit reading A Wheel of Time many years ago after it got extra tedious in book 7 or 8 or so. After hearing about Jordan's death, I figured I would never read the remaining books - until I heard about Sanderson finishing out the series with the blessings of Jordan's widow. So, in order to pass time, I started the entire series again from the beginning and read it all the way through (well, listened on audiobook) - I stated I had hoped by the time I was finished (a good 6 months or more) that we would have news on the release of TWOW. We're still waiting. ..
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    Since an important Stark has not died since the Red Wedding (sorry, don't consider Rickon important, though I know he was the Stark male heir to Winterfell when he died), I am guessing we lose either Arya or Sansa next week. Most likely Sansa. The undead ice dragon blows up the wall (do ice dragons breathe cold or do they still have fire breath?) with it's breath and it's strength at the end - with the wights marching through to close out the season, and we have a small group of Night's Watch forming a line against hopeless odds. The previews show a big battle with Unsullied and Dothraki versus (Lannister?) troops. I'm guessing they attempt to besiege King's Landing while Dany and Cersei meet. I doubt Euron has the dragon binding horn like he does in the books, but it would be an interesting twist with Dany losing a 2nd dragon. Jon and Dany have wild passionate sex and fall in love, but right before the end with the ice dragon, Jon finds out his parentage. However, it sets up one of them as Azor Ahai where they plunge the sword into the other's breast. And, the big news will be that at the end of the episode, GRRM comes on live and announces a Christmas-time release date for Winds of Winter.
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    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Yes, he's become one of my favorite characters. However, that's usually a bad sign for them - we already know he has more to say to Dany regarding her family, so he'll probably get stabbed in the back on his way to greet her triumphant return to Meereen.
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    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    In response to some of the posts above - yes, the Tyrells may be arrogant and overconfident, but I think the Ironborn are too few and their combat style is more suited to hit & run raids than head-to-head combat. The Ironborn have two chances of winning - luring the Tyrell army into a huge trap/ambush or having dragons allied with them. I don't think Euron would be able to count on his brother getting back with the dragons on time, So, that leave some sort of trap or ambush.
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    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    wow, thanks for all the notes Azador. Some great stuff. Did GRRM mention anything at all about any progress on the book itself? (It was posted a few times early in the thread and I read nearly every post to see if it was answered and I did not see the answer...)
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    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    What I'm wondering is, who steps up to fight against Ser Robert Strong? Lancel Lannister? Jamie? Maybe the Hound? Somebody else?