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  1. Season 3 was a big disappointment for me. Some great moments (tears came when Uthred talked of his relationship with Alfred), but overall, the plot didn't make sense. I understand the need of condensing the plotlines of multiple books, but I thought it was better handled the first two seasons. For instance, in season 2, they gave the Norse brothers (book 4) the role of Ivar and Ivarr (book 3) which was smart and allowed to have them present the whole season. Otherwise, the show still followed the events of the books pretty faithfully. In this season, they had the so called new Great Army waiting the whole season for Alfred's death, which is just absurd, both from a storytelling point of view and in-story logistics (the army would just starve and disband before that). But mainly, I disliked: Heasten and Aethelwold's back and forth with Wessex, it required way more suspension of disbelief that I could afford. the original ending they gave to characters that just vanish in the books. Ragnar in the books was original as a Viking as he just wanted to live in peace for the rest of his days in his castle. And he did. It broke my heart to see the death they gave him in the show. Same for Thyra. Why couldn't she just live happily ever after with her Beocca and their many children, as in the books? Why? Was it necessary to have the whole Ragnar family die horribly? And poor Beocca to live trough this... The whole Skade fiasco. Keeping her for much of the season was their biggest mistake. And some other less significant nitpickings, like the mid season battle that was atrociously directed and horribly written (really, Alfred, you want to have all Uthred's men killed just to make a stupid point?).
  2. Thanks a lot ! Maybe you can announce it here too : There was quite a number of people waiting there last night ^^
  3. It was already pointed out, I know, but I never really cared until now : I just wanted to go find some quick information about Belwas' duel in ASOS (I couldn't remember if it was against a Yunkai or Mereenese champion), and... it's just impossible : http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Belwas Mother of God... Is there an official plan to cut down those articles ?
  4. Well, I've never said that Talisa has something to do with Asha. They're completely different, we agree on this. But just try to imagine Oona Chaplin (and not the character Talisa she's playing right now) as Asha. And tell me if you don't find her more convincing that Jemma Whelan.
  5. Grenn and Sam finding the dragonglass, instead of Jon, was, indeed, a smart move. (sad, we cannot say the same for all of them in season 2)
  6. I don't know how to say it. She may not look like Asha, but she IS Asha, for me. You still don't see what I mean ? And she certainly looks more like Asha, physically, than Yara does, anyway. But it's not the point (old troll). She's lean, tall, charismatic. And I don't find her face that pretty (at least not more than book!Asha), so... but still, it's not my point ² (sorry...).
  7. I don't care at all how she looks like. When I say she looks like Asha, I'm not talking about her skin or her prettiness. It's more than that. They had the perfect actress for Asha... and they cast her for another role.
  8. Why do I always see Asha when I look at Oona Chaplin ? And am I the only one ?
  9. He became just the most powerful man in the world. A god. Capable of interacting with every PoV in Westeros. But yeah, it will be really boring, sure... -_-
  10. I think she's just got caught in the middle of battles and used a fake identity to hide the fact that she's a daughter of a sworn bannerman of Tywin, so that Robb could not take her as a hostage.
  11. But she was foolish enough to tell Gendry the truth at a point when she didn't really know him nor trust him yet...
  12. I was about to cry at the scene with Theon's letter. It brought back all his arc from ADWD and... Great episode.
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