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  1. Maybe it was important to restore things to the way they were thousands of years before the Targaryen invasion. Torrhen Stark bent the knee to the Targaryens and maybe it was to restore their independence to what it was before the Targaryens made them part of the seven kingdoms. Of course, this would require one to assume that Sansa’s motives were solely done for the North with no selfish personal motives whatsoever.
  2. Today I read some enlightening essays on Untangling the Meerenese Knot. The 2nd essay argues that the purpose of Dany’s stay in Meereen was to set up a series of tests that will test her values. One of the most interesting things I found in the 3rd essay was the essayist referring to an early draft of Dany for ADWD which reportedly GRRM read at conventions in the early 2000’s. In fact....it was paraphrased here on the forums. It appears that Dany is already struggling with her self identity and that she fears herself (going mad like her father or full blown Fire & Blood). The writing for the chapter was later changed so that the language wasn’t as explicit. Here are the quotes for comparison: My fears were burned away the day I came forth from the fire. Only one thing frightens me now.” “And what is it that you fear, sweet queen? “I am only a foolish young girl.” Dany rose on her toes and kissed his cheek. “But not so foolish as to tell you that.” (ADWD DANY III) She looks at Ser Barristan and tells him that she told Xaro that she feared only one thing, though she would not tell the merchant what. Ser Barristan guesses that she only fears her dragons. “Myself,” Dany tells him. (PARAPHRASED EARLIER DRAFT OF ADWD DANY III)s Here is the link to the essay which I highly recommend. https://meereeneseblot.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/untangling-the-meereenese-knot-part-iii-danys-struggle-with-herself/
  3. Thanks for including the link to the video as well as your explanation. I subscribed to his channel.. I felt it was significant that he noted the 3YR was the winner of Game of Thrones rather than Bran when he concluded. I saw elsewhere today of someone noting there was a raven sitting on the throne with Ned Stark in a poster from Season One. No idea if that was meant as a spoiler at the time but interesting nonetheless. I understand that Bran’s journey is a compelling story. I was just questioning his ability to tell it to others since his speaking skills aren’t the best. However, he was apparently able to present it to Tyrion rather quickly that night and that was who needed to know in the long run. There is still much about the 3YR that is shrouded in mystery (at least for me) and I would like to know more.
  4. I just don’t understand Bran. What did Tyrion mean he has the best story? Was Tyrion entertained by what Bran told him and thought the rest of Westeros would be to? I don’t consider Bran a great conversationalist and the fact he could be a great storyteller just seems bizarre. How could anyone know for sure he is a force for good since we know practically nothing about the origins of the first 3YR which may not be Brynden Rivers. I just don’t see how anyone could make a judgment about him being the best choice given the limited information available. All I know from his robotic speech is that he really isn’t Bran anymore, he can’t be Lord of Winterfell cause he is the 3ER, Theon is a good man, that folks like Theon, Jaime, and Jon were exactly where they were suppose to be, and that he came to the council cause he knew he supposedly would be king. Is he a god or is he being used by the cotf? Just trying to figure him out gives me a headache. Hope GRRM gives us more about him than the show did.
  5. Jon could have always said that Daenerys took off on Drogon and disappeared. Tyrion and Bran could then have said Jon is the true heir anyway. But that’s not Jon. He owned up to his betrayal/murder and was willing to suffer the consequences. As far as I am concerned, he is a hero who adhered to his principles even though it cost him great personal pain and sacrifice. A tragic hero.
  6. Jorah was suppose to betray Dany too according to the deleted scenes and alternate ending that they ultimately rejected. He apparently was supporting Varys, Tyrion, and Jon. He would be taking the Black with Jon and seen with him on a ranger mission in that last scene. EMergency Awesome has a video with the deleted scenes on YouTube. Link:
  7. Not in really the mood to read them at this point in time. I wish GRRM would comment more on what to expect from the final books now that the series has ended. He needs to throw us a little bait to make us want to try his ending.
  8. Drogon was one smart dragon. He recognized that the thing that killed his mother was the same sort of thing that composed the Iron Throne.....both literally and figuratively.
  9. Jon Snow’s ending was somewhat foreshadowed in Episode 4 when he was saying goodbye to Tormund. He asked Tormund to take Ghost because that was where he belonged and would be happier there. Tormund told Jon he would be happier there too. Jon then says that he wished he was going with them. Tormund tells Jon he has the North in him. The Real North. Quite honestly this is exactly where I felt he would ultimately end up. He is now King Beyond the Wall leading the freefolk home.
  10. That is the way I interpreted the scene too.
  11. I thought it was a good episode. The scene with Jon and Daenerys was particularly good. Can’t help but wonder where Drogon took Daenerys. Also.....did Bran plan or know this all along? I was happy to see Jon reunited with Ghost and going north with the wildlings. It seems odd that Bronn would be Master of Coin.
  12. I am probably wrong but I got the sense that Bran set this whole conflict between Dany and Jon in motion for some reason that he can only see via the weirwood network.
  13. I considered that possibility too but he is probably thinking that Cersei is the mother of his child plus he must be concerned about Tyrion too.
  14. I got the feeling after tonight that Jon will head North after all is said and done. That is where he would prefer to be and Tormund knows it too.
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