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  1. I’ve entertained the possibility that Ayra may get killed herself by posing as a Faceless Man. A case of mistaken identity. I keep thinking about that leak that says Jon finally sees Ayra in the throne room. Is she dead or alive when he sees her?
  2. Daenerys torched the khals in Vaes Dothrak. She could pull a redo with Cersei and Qyburn in the throne room.
  3. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    Ayra told Jon they didn’t trust her but didn’t elaborate on the reasons other than she just wasn’t one of us. Jon tells Ayra that they would never make allies if they only trusted the people they grew up. Ayra says she doesn’t need allies. Ayra did tell Jon that he respected his decision to kneel to her though because they needed her armies and dragons. She got the stink eye and a snide mocking reply from Sansa for that remark. I guess they just don’t like her because she is some foreigner who doesn’t belong here.
  4. LOL......It can even go back further. Catelyn dumped Littlefinger for the Stark boys. Lyssa was jealous of Catelyn and Littlefinger used her jealousy to manipulate her. Lyssa poisons Jon Arryn......and on and on.
  5. They probably would have if not for the Starks criticizing and being so against Dany. If Bran knows via the weirwood network a reason for bringing on this conflict then I just wish he would spit it out.
  6. I agree it is sexist and I also agree that Westeros is patriarchal. IIRC Daenerys realized this in Meereen and knew she would have to marry into a great house. This way she would have an ally. She told this to Daario when she broke things off with him.
  7. Sansa being Jon’s sister is the only thing that has protected her.
  8. Good point! Daenerys knows if Jon’s claim is known that it will lead to conflict. What is sad is that Dany has no good advisors. She lost Barristan Selmy back in Meereen. Jorah is gone. Missandei. She is losing her dragons When she learns Jon has betrayed her....then she will go mad and won’t listen to him.
  9. Maybe because the showrunners are saying it. Sansa may end up on the Iron Throne so her fans should be happy. It is just disingenuous to deny that she is not scheming to achieve power. Here’s an example: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/6/18527723/game-of-thrones-got-season-8-hbo-final-sansa-stark-arya-jon-snow-secret-heir-promise
  10. And yet Sansa is a cunning, scheming bitch who is manipulating people to achieve her own agenda. That is all that I am saying. Can’t you see what kind of person she has become? It doesn’t matter if Jon has the better claim or others think he could be better king. All I am trying to say is what kind of person Sansa now is. She is the new Littlefinger.
  11. This is crazy. Are we now suppose to not believe what our eyes and ears told us on the screen?
  12. Sansa was prejudicial or maybe envious of Dany before Sansa even knew Jon had the better claim. She was already scheming and plotting as Littlefinger has taught her to do. She is creating chaos. She is even responsible for Jaime hightailing it back to King’s Landing. She is underhanded and cunning. I will admit she understands the needs of the Northerners better than Dany because she has had a lifetime to know them. I am just saying that she was setting a plan in motion to destroy Daenerys before Dany set foot in Winterfell. She gets an A+ for being good at playing The Game of Thrones but that doesn’t mean I have to like her at this point in time. Currently, she is just another Varys or Littlefinger.
  13. Sansa had to have directly told Tyrion in order for him to know the details of who Jon really was. His first statement to Varys was that all the war, suffering, and misery for the past 20 years had all been caused by Robert Baratheon loving someone who didn’t love him back. Sansa did tell him!
  14. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    The Lion, the Dragon, or the Wolf(who is half dragon)?

    Hard to take sides with so much schemings backstabbing, and heartbreaking deaths. My favs have always been Daenerys and Jon. The show (not the leaks) needs to convince me why I should turn against either one. Never have liked Cersei.
  15. How does Sansa know she is doing the right thing? Maybe it is just the rushed writing this season that makes it appear that she had prejudged Dany before she had even met her. They have set up this conflict between the Starks and Daenerys and it just seems forced without sufficient buildup.
  16. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    Armies left on both sides

    So says the TV series but in the books they broke a contract with Myr and are supporting fAgeon and taking the Stormlands in ADWD. I guess Cersei has taken on the role of fAgeon.
  17. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    Treason Is Treason

    That’s true but her story arc this season just seems too rushed and forced to be credible for many fans. Unbelievable in a way.
  18. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It appears that way.
  19. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I agree that there has not been sufficient build up. It just feels rushed. The tension between Sansa and Dany just feels unconvincing since she really doesn’t know Dany other than she is not a Northerner. They really turned up envious Dany in a hurry. Thank God it will be over soon.
  20. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It does!
  21. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    He made the post 4 days before last night’s episode and he correctly predicted everything for last week. The others for next week seem plausible too. The Bran one is the only one that appears so improbable right now.
  22. NymeriaWarriorQueen

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I think I took a screenshot of those spoilers. Was it a poster called throwaway with a bunch of numbers? He said a council is formed to decide on a new king. Tyrion gives a speech and they choose Bran.. In the epilogue, Jon takes the black again for killing Dany. Arya leaves. Sansa rules the North. Bran oversees his council of Tryrion, Davos, Sam and ( somehow I didn’t get the name on the last line or else there wasn’t one).