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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    the guy singing it the first time is the singer of snow patrol if i'm not mistaken..there were news while filming that he would make a cameo ;) i enjoyed this episode..especially "you little bastard" ..all theon scenes actually, the acting is so good that i'm really, really dreading what's coming..poor fella!!! i'm really disappointed what they've done beyond the wall / in the north though..those are my favorite parts in the books and there's still no sam the slayer :( i don't know it just seems as if the writer's don't think the world beyond the wall or the north is very important .. i also don't like what they've done to mance..i always imagined him as someone not so super warriorlike like in the show, i'm still waiting for mance the bard and worst of all, nothing about tormund's member :P i'm still excited for the rest of the season though
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    oh, i just found this thread! Hello everyone :) im moey and just finished ADWD. i've been lurking here for awhile and am really impressed with all the nice theories. i am a jon snow, arya, bran and sandor fan and i hope jaime and brienne will end up together somehow (i know!! im a sucker for love stories like that). and i might make myself unpopular with this statement now, but i dont like tyrion. anyways, i'm looking forward to all the interesting discussions :)