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  1. interesting piece here on different strategies to combat Covid-19
  2. 6649er

    Words and Phrases that Bug You!

    agreeance no such word (imo), yet it is becoming increasingly prevalent. why not just use 'agreement' ??
  3. 6649er

    Formula One 2019

    >Hopefully Ricciardo has a performance clause in his two-year contract as it'd be a shame if (still a big if) Vettel leaves Ferrari this year and Ricciardo can't replace him I read (somewhere) that Ricciardo has an opt-out clause in his contract if a seat becomes available at Merc or Ferrari
  4. 6649er

    Cricket 35: Bat first, bat often

    ICC should immediately change the rule for overthrows deflected off a batsman. Ball should be dead as soon as it hits the batsman. The batting side does this anyway. Umpire's call to signal dead ball so that the run counts.
  5. 6649er

    Cricket 35: Bat first, bat often

    >A win against South Africa would have Australia playing NZ, which would be eminently preferable to playing England or India Australia can't play India in the semi's. If they win against South Africa, they'll play New Zealand. If they lose, then they play England.
  6. 6649er

    Formula One 2019

    well, he made a mistake, left the track and yet retained the lead - hence he gained an advantage. they should have told him to let Hamilton past. At least that way, we would have had a race again
  7. 6649er

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    >there was a sort of, hand wavey, explanation as to why it had to be swum to, rather than boated to, which I can't remember. it was the strong currents and rips that were too dangerous for small boats, but could be managed by a strong competent swimmer
  8. 6649er

    Board games!

    have you played Settlers with the Cities & Knights expansion? it takes Settlers to a whole other level. playing vanilla Settlers looks like tiddly winks after it.
  9. 6649er

    Official Testing Thread

    SPOILER: craptest
  10. 6649er

    Official Testing Thread

  11. 6649er

    Official Testing Thread