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  1. yeah the most reasonable purpose for this scene is to introduce a relationship between Sansa and Shea, so when tyrion and sansa get married the relationship between Shea and Sansa will become a bit more inresting, not a bad way to introduce this mini plot line IMO. I guess it makes sense if you see it this way becuase it was intresting that Shea wasnt jealous in the books this tv show Shea might think differently about the whole situation.
  2. God what a great episode i really loved the scene when Tyrion and bronn went in and threw Pycelle into the black cells love how Tyrion casually tells Shagga to cut off his manhood and feed it to the goats haha freaking awesome. I agree with many of the other posters on their that the Renyl/loras/Megarie scens were a lil weird but i guess when it comes to HBO they'll just jam as much sexual content in as possible. At least it served somewhat of a purpose like questioning M's virginity and the whole Tyrell/Renly relationship. The fight scene with Yoren was a bit lacking .Yoren is one of my favorites :( all around good ep moved the story line ahead and we got to see renly as a king even if hes only alive for like 2 eps maybe three. Really happy seeing that the preview for next sundays ep shows Renly with a peach. hopefully the exchange with the Baratheon Bros goes much like in the books which i thought was well written and almost ironic in a way.