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  1. character assassination

  2. A jealous whore? Especially in the show it always seemed to me so obvious she is just with Tyrion to spy for Tywin. I never got why Tyrion never presumed as much... It has its advantages. Arya and Tywin, Loras the heir, no Edrik, lonely Shireen, her relationship with Davos this elements are far superior to the original.
  3. Damn! The expectation, raised by the last episodes, ruined this one. After bathtub-confessions, slaver-massacres and chair moving none of the scenes of this episodes really stood out that much. Except for the torture. The actor of "boy" is just perfect as sadist. I don t get why some people dislike his scenes, claiming they go nowhere. Haven t they been paying attention? If it was not obvious enough before. The boy practically spelled it out this episode. He let Theon run in a cycle to find out, what he could not find out with torture and continues to "screw" with him, because torture amuses him. (and considering there haven t been mentioned that many houses of the north until now, it should at last be obvious for everyone who he is) One missed opportunity annoys me in this episode very much: Why the hell didn't they add Margaery to the crossbow scene?
  4. Finally a true Stannis-Moment. Like Robb before the scolding of Edmure, it took me a while to warm up to this character. Now it seems to me like I can finally see into this character ... He feels like he has done something wrong, but can not admit it (after all ... he is a king :) ) and the red woman just "preaches" assurance. So he seeks out someone he knows he has done some wrong, hopes almost to get a rant, only to be once again "preached" reassurance, and reminded of his lost sons (no wonder he stays away from his wife) Hearing the name Edrik made me quiet happy. I hoped they removed that useless character. And then Shireen... oh Shireen. His daughter lets him feel even guiltier without saying anything against him - even mentioning Davos, what reminds him of the decision he has to stand by. (at least that is the way I see it) That girl was just incredible. I always found it hard to imagine this character through the books. (like all child-characters) It was so great to finally "see" her. I love the way they presented her relationship with Stannis and Davos. (and his learning to read) One of the many ways the show has improved the story from the books... That might become even greater then the Tywin - Aria improvement. The only thing that was missing was a little doll named Patchface, she always carries around with her. :) Aria was great as always, not "It's really good!" (Farewell from Hot-Pie) great, but still impressive. I was also impressed how they presented the Hounds fear of fire in the battle. I wish they would also make something out of the Mountain. Ever since they changed the actor he seamed somehow invisible to me. Igniting a blade with blood was a nice tough. As I imagined the J & I bath scene was nothing compared to J & B's. I had always problems to imagine Jamie as not arrogant, what ruined the scene in the book for me. After this scene, this part of the book seems like faded from my memory and replaced. It was nice to see Ned for a change in another light and the "Call me Jaime" at the end broke the heart, I did not know I had before "It's really good!" "Kissed by Fire" may sounds nice, but it seem like such an unfitting title for this episode, when it is actually the first episode that managed to focus pretty much every scene on one Theme: "oaths, loyalty and honour" Only the end seemed to drift off a little. The uncovering of the marriage plot went far to fast. They should have cut it up and sprinkled it all over the episode. The last scene was OK. No burning slavers or cut of hands. Just a little drama is enough... with some nice details like "Father don't make me do it again." and "put an end to this disgusting rumours about you." I always wanted to know a little more about Tywins thoughts about that. Does he just not care? Does he suppress it? Or is he so deadlocked in his opinions (as his assessment of Tyrions 'handwork' suggest), that he actually does not know?
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