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  1. I wonder how different is the sexual behaviour of Dornish septons and septas from the mainstream ones... I mean, homosexuality, paramours and bastards are quite accepted in Dorne... are Dornish priests like Catholic priests in some regions in medieval Europe, where mistresses and common law wives of priests were pretty much an open secret accepted by everybody?
  2. The part about the Lannister is true: They are descendants of Ser Joffrey Lydden, who married a Lannister heiress... But the story of Bael the Bard is nothing but a wildling folktale.
  3. Uncle-niece marriages happen now and then. Damphair wanted Victarion to marry Asha and rule together, but he never got the chance to tell them (it is in the Wind of Winter leaked chapter), and Arnolf Karstark wanted to force his niece Alys Karstark into a marriage in order to get her castle and lands. On the other hand, people tend to think about it as something possible, but not really right... Alys ran from the marriage and Jon Snow helped her avoid it; Victarion thought about it, but he felt creeped out by his own lust, and avoided the subject; the Faith opposed Maegar marrying his own niece Rhaena.... etc. Arianne sorta wanted to bang her uncle Oberyn, but she never did it, despite Oberyn having sex with anything that moves and Arianne having several lovers... So in short, it is possible, but too close for comfort... kinda like marrying a first cousin in most of today's Europe: Technically legal, but sorta weird and off-putting...
  4. Yep. Sansa isn't a female Littlefinger, she's a younger Cersei, getting her power thanks to her lineage and good looks rather than cunning and good planning, and antagonizing people that should be her allies...
  5. He could move the capital to the Eye of the Gods after Dany burns KL... Heh... the whole kingdom will freak out if Bran moves to Harrenhal...
  6. We know that Lord Manderly is conspiring to crown Rickon King of the North... We also know that Littlefinger plans to have Sansa marry Harry the Heir, kill Sweetrobin and use Sansa as puppet queen of the Vale, the North and maybe the Riverlands too, if he manages to kill Edmure and his baby... But D&D removed those plotlines from the show... My theory is, at some point we will have Sansa as lady of the Vale (either as wife to Harry or as his widow and mother of his child), Rickon as lord of Winterfell, and Edmure back as lord of the Riverlands, and they will support Jon's claim either as King of the North (as a legitimized Stark) or as King of the Seven Kingdoms (as a Targaryen), mostly because he is the one leading the war against the Others... Dany and Jon, during the period they are working together, could legitimize Edric Storm as a Baratheon and make him lord of the Stormlands, and they could help Tyrion claim Casterly Rock... Asha Greyjoy could use Theon as puppet king of the Iron Islands... If we assume that the ending of the show and of the novels are somewhat similar, and that Dany ends dead and Jon exiled (because of honor, to fulfill his oaths as a menber of the Night Watch...) Jon could nominate Bran as his heir... Sansa, Rickon, Theon and Edmure would support him, and Tyrion and Edric, who would be working with Dany and the Starks before Dany was shanked, would be persuaded to do it too... With Jon as king naming Bran his heir, and the backing of so many great lords, it would make sense for Bran to be crowned... But D&D cut so many plotlines and characters away that it was no longer possible to do it that way, and they had to half-ass the TV series ending we know...
  7. I have realized that in the books BIIIIIIIIIG SPOOOOOOOOOOILEEEEEEER!!!!
  8. When you sell your intellectual property, you are expected to support the work of the buyers... otherwise, you would be destroying what you already sold, and, who would buy another intellectual property from you again...? Yep. I could have been great, if they had bothered to tell the story, rather than going "SURPRISE! LOL! YOU DIDN'T EXPECT THIS, DIDN'T YOU!"
  9. About Bran and Sansa: Yes, they look like jerks, throwing Jon under a bus in order to get their thrones... Jon should be able to return anytime, nobody would care what the Unsullied or the Dothraki want... As I said, Jon should have killed by the Unsullied and Dothraki, or he should have been enthroned... having him survive but to be exiled is stupid..
  10. The Faith doesn't control the Maesters.
  11. Actually, if you read the World of Ice and Fire, before the Targaryen conquest the Crownlands were divided into many petty kingdoms in perpetual state of war among each other. The Northmen and the Valemen raided each other constantly; the Northmen ravaged the The Three Sisters, raped the women and sacrificed the men to the Old Gods, hanging their guts from the trees, and the Vale answered in kind, attacking and conquering White Harbor. The Ironborn had conquered the Riverlands, and were at war with the Stormlands and The Westerlands. The Dornish raided both the Stormlands and the Reach. And then you have the wars within each of the Seven Kingdoms: Yronwoods vs Martells, Brackens vs Blackwoods, Boltons vs Starks...etc. The Targaryen were no saints, but the Westeros before them was a land in a state of constant war...
  12. They could have made Jon survive Drogon's fiery breath because Targaryen are fireproof, apparently...
  13. Jon could not sit on the throne without either assassinating Daenerys or fighting a war against her and her dragons, which would most likely have ended with his death... Sansa wasn't doing him any favor... She was trying to either have him kill the woman he loved, or to be killed by her... that's not nice... And Sansa didn't even know Dany would turn a crazy pyromaniac... as far as she knew she was sane and helpful... The problem is, what she got, she did from her brothers's loss. Nice sister, she is...
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