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  1. The part about the Lannister is true: They are descendants of Ser Joffrey Lydden, who married a Lannister heiress... But the story of Bael the Bard is nothing but a wildling folktale.
  2. I have realized that in the books BIIIIIIIIIG SPOOOOOOOOOOILEEEEEEER!!!!
  3. The Faith doesn't control the Maesters.
  4. Dany gains NOTHING from burning the commoners. The freaking Red Keep was in front of her like a sitting duck, waiting to be attacked, and she chose to slaughter the commoners instead! These aren't "normal" medieval atrocities, that are "I am gonna burn my subjects for no reason, so TV watchers will know that I am mad and evil durr durr!"
  5. Uh... nope. No it wasn't rational at all. The Red Keep was in front of her. She could have attacked it and killed Cersei, or at least scared the shit out of all the witnesses... but she chose to attack the commoners while Cersei watched from the window... if Cersei had half a brain cell, she could have escaped on time with Qyburn through the tunnels while Dany ruined her reputation on her own volition... And "control the narrative..." the northeners were there. There are survivors escaping the city, and Lannister soldiers have probably escaped too. They will tell the truth, the tale of the Mad Queen... and there is a city down to cinders to prove it. What is Dany going to do, hunt the fleeing survivors across Westeros? She won't get them all. There is no way the tale of the Mad Queen won't spread around. Or maybe she will invent the radio, TV and newspapers so her propaganda can drown the rumors? Westerosi lords were already swearing loyalty to her. The King of the North was in her palm and in her bed. She could have taken power seamlessly. Now everybody will think she is mad. She will have to keep guard constantly, using terror as her only weapon to keep everybody in line... and is some day Drogon isn't there, she is dead... Not to mention Drogon can't protect her inside castles... she can be assassinated or poisoned... I used to wish for her to return to Slaver's Bay and rule there, but now I think death would be a more merciful end... the character is ruined...
  6. Jon Arryn and Stannis wouldn't have suspected Cersei's children to be bastards, they wouldn't have poked around for answers. Littlefinger may have still killed Arryn because CHAOS IS A LADDER! LOL!, but I am not so sure... what would he get from that? He became the Lord Warden of the Vale only thanks to the war... If Littlefinger has Jon Arryn murdered anyways: If Ned doesn't suspect Cersei's children to be bastards then Cersei has no reason to kill Robert so soon, and Ned isn't a threat to Cersei... So he either... 1.-stays as Hand of the King long enough for Sansa to marry Joffrey, or, 2.-if Littlefinger's meddling causes Catelyn to kidnap Tyrion, causing Jamie to attack Ned, causing Tywin to send the Mountain to ravage the countryside... etc., Ned probably is allowed to leave KL safely and return to the North (that was what Cersei and Tywin wanted all along, and as a matter of fact, Cersei, kinda liked Ned... she saw him as a honorable fool, but she admitted that she would like her son to have friends like him...). If Robert is alive and Ned is allowed to go, then Tyrion returns safely to KL, and the conflict between Starks and Lannisters defuses. The Stark stay in the North, the Lannisters gain more influence over the throne, Tywin probably becoming Hand of the King... 3.-if Ned stays in KL in order to try to fix the mess caused by Catelyn when she kidnapped Tyrion (since Ned doesn't feel so threatened by Lannisters, not knowing about Cersei's adultery), Tyrion would explain everything to both Ned Stark, Jamie Lannister and Tywin Lannister, and Littlefinger better think something clever very fast, because both the Lannisters and the Stark would want to know why he lied about the dagger, incriminating Tyrion and almost provoking a war between the Lannisters and the Starks... Hell, Jamie Lannister may just cut his throat consequences be damned!.
  7. I don't really like the Elric of Melnibone books... Elric kind of... passively allows his fate to carry him... When he does something good/right/intelligent, it is usually because a wiser character is telling him that it his his fate or that he was chosen or just that is the best option; otherwise he willingly falls in the snares of Chaos, surrending to his destiny... There isn't any real character growth... he is like "woe of me, damned to this terrible fate I'm barely doing anything to avoid!"
  8. Ser Lepus

    Board Issues 4

    I can't read the content of many posts that include quotes.
  9. Doran will probably hand Ellaria and all his nieces to Cersei or whoever rules at KL in exchange for the return of Trystane.
  10. Holy... Well, let look for the silver lining: Sothoyros may become a pretty nice, disease-free, temperate place during the incoming glacial age that nobody will be able to stop (or even try to stop it because everybody will be too busy fighting everybody else)...
  11. Ser Lepus

    Board Issues 4

    The search function doesn't work for me. I can't view new content or view my content. Is anybody else having this problem, or am I the only one? I would like to know before contancting the mods. EDIT: I have read the answer in another post.
  12. More like it's a spoiler, rather than a mistake. Euron is full of shit, he never went to Valyria; the warlocks sought the horn in order ot get revenge against Dany, and Euron stumbled upon them by dumb luck.
  13. Some time ago there was a crackpot theory around the forums that everything that happened until Dany stepped out of the Undying's palace was part of her drug-induced hallucinatory trip, and that the Undying were regular, normal old men and women in a normal room, but Dany freaked because of her altered perceptions and burned them all without provocation. I think that people were drugged so their visions would make them believe that they were having a mystical experience instead of walking the corridors of an old, dusty, semi-ruined palace. Dany was told to walk that way (following the wall to her right) so she wouldn't get lost despite her altered perceptions, because she was drugged (if she disobeyed she wouldn't have died, but would have gotten lost and somebody would have to seek and retrieve her; what he said about never coming back was just a bit of drama). Walking alone would make the experience more intense (walking alone the corridors of a big, old, dark mansion would make you feel things even without drugs). The visions all came from Dany's head, and if they are prophetic is because of Dany's own potential as seer. The Undying could be the blue zombies Dany saw or just regular old people as perceived through Dany's LSD googles. They could have tried to steal the dragons or to suck her lifeforce, or maybe something different, we don't know.
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