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  1. Ser Lepus

    The Seven: Do they have any power? Do they even exist?

    I think the Seven are a mere reflection of Westerosi society: Men are defined by their social class and role, they are Lords (the Father), Warriors or Commoners (workers, the Smith). Women on the other hand, are defined by their family: They are Daughters (the Maid), Mothers and Grandmothers (the Crone)... All the other cultures do the same: The Lhazarene have their Sherpherd God, the peaceful people of Naath, who practice the art of music, not those of war, have their Lord of Harmony, the Dothraki have their Horse God, the Ironborn have their Drowned God, who endorses piracy, looting and rape, the Faceless Men worship the God of Death, the sex-positive Summer Islanders have a fertility goddess with sixteen teats and consider sex a holy act, and Lys, which was created by the Valyrian Dragonlords as their own vacation resort/luxurious brothel, have their Love Goddess... Everybody shape their gods as reflections of their own society, customs, principles and culture... That said, I suspect R'hllor isn't different, either. We know magic and prophecy exist, but people of other religions or even people who aren't religious at all can do that too: Many characters have prophetic powers (hell, Bran is better than all the Red Priests combined, and we know his power comes from his blood, not from any deity...), a quartheen street performer and conman could do Fire Magic, the Guild of Alchemists can do Fire Magic too (that's how they can create Wildfire), wood witches and maegis can do blood magic... etc. Even resurrection and undead creation isn't restricted to Red Priests, the Children of the Forests and the Warlocks of Quarth had their own version... There is nothing the Red Priests can do that couldn't be duplicated by non-religious sorcerers or by magicians of other cultures and religions... Hell, we know they are wrong about the Great Other... the NK isn't a servant of some great Dark God, he is just an undead weapon of the CotF gone wrong...
  2. Ser Lepus

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    The NK is doing what he was created for: Wiping all humans on Westeros. The fact that he kept enough personality to resent his creators and turn against them was a bug in his programming, but he still follows the main directive...
  3. Ser Lepus

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    It's kinda sad that Tyrion's role in this season seems to be reduced to induce Daenerys to commit mistakes. She could have won the war first day if she had attacked on arrival and torched the Red Keep, burnt the soldiers on the city walls and set the gates on fire, no need to harm KL itself... The Reach and Dorne (Olenna and Ellaria) would have followed her. The North (Jon) would have to bend the knee if he wanted any help against the WW. Either Sansa or Littlefinger would have to make the Vale follow her too, because, what other option do they have? Sansa wants to save the North, and Littlefinger doesn't want to die defending the Vale against the "foreign invaders". Dany could get Edmure to bend the knee easily. The Stormlands are without a leader, and they don't even seem to be trying to resist Cersei, so, why would they make a stand against Dany? We have seen that Dany could easily destroy the Lannister army and take Casterly Rock, so, no problem there... However, following Tyrion's advice has made her pile mistake on mistake and accumulate losses... I don't even know why she does still keep him around. People claim that telling her not to go to the Land Beyond the Wall with her dragons was good advice, but Dany will have to do that sooner or later (what is she going to do, keep her dragons in reserve until the WW breach the Wall?), and she didn't know about the NK's ice super-javelin. If something, their mistake was to not get away fast enough... Yeah, why the hell didn't they take Ghost with them? Ghost could probably have detected the undead army from miles away. Ghost can act as an advanced scout, and even if they don't send him ahead and keep him by Jon, he could probably hear and smell those 100,000 wights a couple days before they even meet them...
  4. Not every deity in every work of fiction is dependent on human faith...
  5. Ser Lepus

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    Soldiers could be allowed to leave, but Tarly? No way! No victor will allow such an important lord and general to go away...
  6. Ser Lepus

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    Fair point, but that doesn't mean the High Sparrow "revolution" would end provoking the birth of a more democratic regime in the long run... And I am not convinced that the Protestant Reform was a natural consequence of a process that started with the Gregorian Reform... If something, Luther went in the opposite direction, stripping the Church of all temporal power and dismantling it as an autonomous organization, giving its responsabilities to the princes (which by the way, helped the Protestant Reform to succeed by making it attractive to central and northen european monarchs...). Calvinus, yes, he aimed for a theocracy, but his version of Protestantism only succeeded in countries who were already anti-monarchical or in rebellion against a monarch.
  7. Ser Lepus

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    While the Pope tried to affirm his authority over the monarchs, he still wasn't trying to destroy monarchy like the High Septon does. The closest was when they supported the Habsburgs and the Anjou against the Hohenstaufen. And all they were doing was to support a friendly king against an hostile one... The High Sparrow isn't trying just assert his authority over temporal rulers, he is going for the throat: He is trying to publicaly portray the Queen Mother as an adulterous whore while there is a civil war which is justified by the rebels on that her children are bastards. If he succeeds, he has destroyed the legitimacy of the Baratheon dinasty, because Renly left no heirs and Stannis is a fire-worshipping heretic... and there isn't a viable replacement for the Baratheons, only a void that he can fill seizing temporal power...
  8. Ser Lepus

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    The wildlings (save the Thenns) didn't have any true political organization beyond "lets do what Mance says for now". If they had crossed the Wall and had avoided being defeated by a northen army, they would probably break into smaller groups and dispersed to do their own thing once the no longer felt in danger... That's a problem common in mediaval fantasy and historical novels... Most modern readers wouldn't identify with characters who thought and behaved like a person from the Ancient or Middle Ages, so many writers end creating characters that are too out of place... I mean, in most of Plautus's comedies the sympathetic protagonist is a young man who becomes obsessed with a young slave girl and tries to get money to buy her and make her his concubine. King Arthur, as was portrayed in the medieval works, was considered a great king because he kept a rich court with lots of feasts and song and tourneys, and he sometimes sent a knight to help noble heiresses, but he does nothing to help the commoners. And better let not speak about how black servants were portrayed in contemporary fiction... There is no easy way around that... Would people still like Jon if he were pro-slavery, thought that women are inferior to men in every way (and said so loudly) and were okay with using female prisioners of war as concubines? The High Sparrow doesn't want to make Church independent from the crown... he wants to destroy the crown and usurp its power. Savonarola or Calvinus are good comparations, except for the fact that, unlike them, the High Sparrow doesn't want to take over a city, break with the church and/or empire and turn it into a teocratic city-state, he wants to use the power of the church to take over the capital of the empire and replace the monarchy... If Savonarola had become Pope and then he had dethroned the Germanic Emperors and added the Holy Roman Empire to the Papal States, then he would be similar to the High Septon.
  9. Ser Lepus

    If I was Dany I would let some of Cersai's army run

    Westerosi only know monarchy; even Tyrion had trouble understanding the elective Volantene Triarchy. And monarchy is based around the fact that you get to rule because you had the right parents/inherited the right blood. Dany isn't different: she got her dragons because of her blood, the same way every other king has ruled because of his blood. If something, dragons would be taken as a tangible, visible symbol of her right to rule,.. Same way they didn't rise in our own world? Because they aren't organized, they are scared, they don't know any other way to live or any other form of government and their religion tell them that feudal monarchy is the divinely inspired natural form of rule... If the kings and lords are stil on top after all those thousands of years it is because they have crushed any rebellion... so the peasants don't know of any successful revolution, only of failed ones... that would be enough to discourage them... Now, the High Septon could have led a revolution, but his victory would start a theocratic state, not a republic or a democracy... Westeros is under a feudal regime. Their society is based on the idea that people are different with different privileges and duties, and if you are born with a privilege, that means you were intended by the gods to have those privileges, hence you are better than others and you deserve to rule...
  10. Ser Lepus

    How did The Reach lose?

    The Reach lost because D&D want to start cutting loose threads. They had no more use for the Reach once the Tyrells were exterminated, so they got rid of it... Realistically speaking, there is no way the Lannisters could beat the Reach on their own...
  11. Ser Lepus

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I don't really like the Elric of Melnibone books... Elric kind of... passively allows his fate to carry him... When he does something good/right/intelligent, it is usually because a wiser character is telling him that it his his fate or that he was chosen or just that is the best option; otherwise he willingly falls in the snares of Chaos, surrending to his destiny... There isn't any real character growth... he is like "woe of me, damned to this terrible fate I'm barely doing anything to avoid!"
  12. Ser Lepus

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave with Impunity

    -I'm not sure what to think about Sansa, either. Littlefinger is the guy who betrayed her father, leaving her under Cersei and Joffrey's tender care, used and then betrayed and killed her aunt to seize control of the Vale, handed her to charming Ramsay Snow... he may be of use, but he is NOT to be trusted, EVER, and she knows that he will betray the North and will have to be disposed at some point before it's too late... Jon, on the other hand, is her best and only protection against being captured and treated as a sex toy and broodmare ever again... she shouldn't undermine him, To date, her "help" can be summed up as: She contradicts his decisions in public, undermining his authority, and she tells him that he is too naive... -How come Tarly dared to tell Jamie to his face that he was going to gather his armies, but he wouldn't fight against Olenna? Dude is supposed to be tough and straightforward, but dude, that was stupid. Tell Jamie that you will support Cersei, then do whatever you think is right once you are in your own castle! -Dany should avoid threatening people with fire... that brings bad memories... -About Varys, yeah, she should use him, No point confronting him now; if he feels threatened he will betray her and run away. Better to stroke his ego and promise him the moon if he asks for it to ensure his loyalty, then dispose of him once he is no longer of use. -I'm happy the stupid Sandsnakes are dead, but I would have liked it better if they had been soundly defeated and had some time to taste the humilliation. I would have liked them to attack three fully armored knights with their stupid anime moves and get their asses handed to them, them see them cry "how could we lose? aren't we awesome enough?" before being executed (seriously... a whip? in a world where people fights in armor? I guess she can trip make a foe fall down if she catches him by surprise, but, can you imagine her doing anything to an armoured foe who can see her whip?). -Grey Worm could have sex if he lacked just testicles (he still couldn't get erections, probably, but he could get osgarms)... But Unsullied lack a penis too... it is just cruel to show him the goods when he can't get release... I can get Missandei conforting him, hugging and kissing him or something, but, removing her clothes and laying on the bed... she was expecting to be pleasured, knowing she couldn't reciprocate... kinda selfish... -The way I understand it, the technique to heal greyscale only worked twice, and the guy who did it got infected and died of greyscale... All the other infected who received the treatment probably died (the treatments seems to basically amount to a partial skinning of the infected, which should be lethal unless the affected area is relatively small). So the Maesters probably thought... "there is a very low chance to cure the infected, we will probably achieve nothing but to make him experience a terrible agony before dying, and there is a high chance to get infected... not worth the risk..." Also: About Daenerys's war council... I don't think she should divide her forces. She can keep her dothraki and her Unsullied in the rear, if she prefers to let the Westerosi to do the fighting. Anyways, she didn't need to contradict Olenna, Ellaria and Yara... all she had to say was: "Yes, I'm going to attack King's Landing, but I want you to be there too, to show Westeros that your houses support me. Bring your troops if you want a piece of Cersei..." Once they are laying siege to KL, she decides when to unleash her dragons.
  13. Why are there sloths in South America, but not in Africa? Why are there armadillos in Mexico, but not in Morocco? Why are there panda bears in China, but not in Europe? Not every animal species exists in every continent of the world... Maybe dinosaurs got extinct in Westeros during the Long Night due to cold. Maybe those dinosaur-like reptiles evolved in Sothoyros and never reached Westeros.
  14. Ser Lepus

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Everybody is related to everybody, and every genetic marker can be found in every place in the world. For every genetic marker you can find in Walles, there are people in Southeast Asia with that genetic markers. However, those tests don't rely on a single genetic marker to pinpoint you as having Welsh ancestry; they use all the genetic markers to calculate a guess. Those tests rely on using Probability Theory to try to make a good guess about where your ancestors came from. If you have a lot of genetic markers that are common among the Welsh, and you lack many genetic markers that are common among other related populations, there is a decent chance that many of your ancestors came from Walles. However, there are more than 7,000,000,000 people in the world, so freaky stuff happens. There probably is a guy in Malaysia who got, by chance, a lot of genetic markers that are common in Walles.
  15. Ser Lepus

    Board Issues 4

    I can't read the content of many posts that include quotes.