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    [Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

    This so incredibly stupid that D&D have to do it!
  2. Functional democracies were slow to build. First of all, a true democracy requires of a system of checks and balances that isn't going to develop overnight. Second, a functional democracy requires of some level of economic development... almost all historical democracies collapsed due to internal tensions, because poor people want to stop being poor, and they want their elected leaders to make it so... but a pre-industrial urban economy (democracy is based on cities, you need people to live close to each other in order to communicate and work together in large numbers...) can't do away with poverty, it just can't produce enough wealth... so either the masses end supporting some demagogue who becomes a dictator, or a civil war or revolution ends breaking... If somebody tried to create a democracy in Westeros, they would have to remove (and by "remove" I mean "exterminate") feudal aristocracy, create a professional administration, bureaucracy, justice system, police and army, teach every peasant how democracy works, help them create elected local governments and town halls for all provinces and villages, create a structure to audit all the previous... and in the end, you would end with the common people demanding cheap housing, cheaper food, higher wages, mass debt relief and lower taxes NOW!!!, which nobody could grant them fast enough to keep them happy...
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    In your opinion - who are the smart people left?

    Littlefinger was cunning, but he made one gamble after another until he finally lost. He could have died a dozen times: If Pycelle had not helped kill Jon Arryn and had revealed the poisoning instead; if mad Lysa Tully had made a mistake and revealed the plot; if Varys had revealed the plot to the right ear (he didn't do it because Varys was planning to start a war all along), if Ned and the Lannisters had heard from Tyrion the truth about the dagger instead of starting a war; if Tyrion had convinced his father that Littlefinger was conspiring to start a war; if Jamie had listened about the dagger while still in KL; if Varys had discovered and revealed his plot to take Sansa away (which would in turn had involved him with Joffrey's murder...). In the TV series he even teased and made veiled threats against Cersei, and he almost gets his throat cut for it... Littlefinger won gamble after gamble, and half the time he didn't even follow his own advice of "keeping your hands clean"; he left tracks that weren't impossible to follow (the dagger lie being the most obvious and dangerous one...). He won so many times in a row that he got cocky and took odds too unfavourable... and he got killed for it... So Littlefinger was cunning, but not wise. Qyburn has done very well for himself with what he has. Cersei was his best (and in fact, his only) option, an he is making the best of it. Cersei may lose, but you can be sure Qyburn has already secured an escape route, a fat bag of gold and a couple zombie bodyguards to bug out to the Free Cities when everything starts to burn... Of course, narrative logic demands that he fails and dies, but that won't be because of lack of brains... I don't think Sansa is smart. She is a decent administrator and she has learned how to use her looks and lineage to attract loyalty, but she isn't really cunning or intelligent. Killing Littlefinger wasn't cunning, it was Littlefinger's own mistake (what was Sansa supposed to do once she learned about Petyr trying to have Arya kill her? The only logical choices were to either have Arya murder him in secret, or denounce and have him executed in public...). Also, I don't think Sansa is handling well either Daenerys or her relationship with Jon... She has been confrontative when the wisest thing to do was to feign friendship and to wait until she is away... Tyrion... It is okay that he advises restraint, but his plans aren't sound... Dividing your forces and sending half of them to the other side of the continent when KL is right in front of you?, sending half of them to Casterly Rock, which doesn't even have gold anymore? sending Jon to bring a Wight? If they had attacked at once upon arriving to Westeros they could have laid an effective siege with all of Dany's massive army, and have burnt Euron's fleet with Dany's dragons. Olenna and Ellaria would have joined her, and she could have forced Jon to bend the knee in exchange for her help... Tyrion's plans' primary goal is to prevent Dany from killing Cersei and Jamie.
  4. Ser Lepus

    [spoilers] Aerea

    I think these were firewyrm larvae. The firewyrm did prey on slaves... they may have captured them and injected their eggs inside them, the way Ichneumon wasps do to caterpillars and spiders... Well, Ichneumon wasps haven't driven caterpillars and spiders to extinction. It is in the best interest of a predator to not destroy their prey completely: They probably only captured humans when they needed to lay their eggs, leaving them alone the rest of the time... An old, giant firewyrm?
  5. Jon Arryn and Stannis wouldn't have suspected Cersei's children to be bastards, they wouldn't have poked around for answers. Littlefinger may have still killed Arryn because CHAOS IS A LADDER! LOL!, but I am not so sure... what would he get from that? He became the Lord Warden of the Vale only thanks to the war... If Littlefinger has Jon Arryn murdered anyways: If Ned doesn't suspect Cersei's children to be bastards then Cersei has no reason to kill Robert so soon, and Ned isn't a threat to Cersei... So he either... 1.-stays as Hand of the King long enough for Sansa to marry Joffrey, or, 2.-if Littlefinger's meddling causes Catelyn to kidnap Tyrion, causing Jamie to attack Ned, causing Tywin to send the Mountain to ravage the countryside... etc., Ned probably is allowed to leave KL safely and return to the North (that was what Cersei and Tywin wanted all along, and as a matter of fact, Cersei, kinda liked Ned... she saw him as a honorable fool, but she admitted that she would like her son to have friends like him...). If Robert is alive and Ned is allowed to go, then Tyrion returns safely to KL, and the conflict between Starks and Lannisters defuses. The Stark stay in the North, the Lannisters gain more influence over the throne, Tywin probably becoming Hand of the King... 3.-if Ned stays in KL in order to try to fix the mess caused by Catelyn when she kidnapped Tyrion (since Ned doesn't feel so threatened by Lannisters, not knowing about Cersei's adultery), Tyrion would explain everything to both Ned Stark, Jamie Lannister and Tywin Lannister, and Littlefinger better think something clever very fast, because both the Lannisters and the Stark would want to know why he lied about the dagger, incriminating Tyrion and almost provoking a war between the Lannisters and the Starks... Hell, Jamie Lannister may just cut his throat consequences be damned!.
  6. Ser Lepus

    Arya got nothing

    Nobody is grateful in this show... Arya? Who's that girl? Daenerys? Meh, we didn't really need her army and dragons! Ghost? Go away, fleabag!
  7. Exactly. They are meaningless... everybody was too busy greedily squabbling for power to bother trying to stop the real threat...
  8. I always thought the White Walkers and their Wight armies would break through the Wall, win the battles at Winterfell and at King's Landing, wiping Cersei, and that the last survivors would face and defeat them in an epic battle either at the God's Eye in the Riverlands, Oldtown or even Starfall in the Mountains of Dorne... The few remaining people would still have to face a long winter and start rebuilding afterwards, all wars stopping simply because there are no longer people to fight them, or thrones to conquer... But of course, that won't happen, at least not in the TV series (maybe in the books, if they are ever completed...). I think that, in the TV series, Cersei, Jamie, Dany and Drogon will die. Varys, who will be responsible in some way for Dany's demise, will try to crown Jon king of the Seven Kingdoms, but Jon will says "f*ck to that" and return to the North, leaving the sourthern kingdoms to tear each other to pieces while Varys watches, unable to do anything... I think Tyrion may take Casterly Rock, and Sansa may take the Riverlands, taking her cousin Sweetrobin as a protegee (de facto conquering the Vale, at least for a time...). Not sure about Gendry; he would need some serious help in order to conquer Storm's End, but D&D don't care about logic, so he may miraculously raise a loyal army and take it... Wars will keep raging on... Hightower may try to conquer the Reach, Dorne attack the Reach and/or Storm's End, Yara attack the Riverlands and the Westerlands for plunder, Gendry's new vassals rebel against him because he is a bastard of dubious parentage; the Vale lords rising against Sansa because she keeps their liege her prisioner, and the Western lords against Tyrion because he is a kinslaying kingslaying traitorous dwarf....etc. The Wildlings start raiding the North again for food, and Jon has to fight against Tormund... The Night Watch is refounded... And the end is: War never ends, and the realm is ravaged because of the conspirators of greedy, ambitious people and the schemes of utilitarian dreamers...
  9. Ser Lepus

    In your opinion - who are the smart people left?

    Qyburn is a super-genius. Davos is okay. He isn't a genius, but he is sensible. Euron has done well for himself. Of course, he is batshit crazy too... but he has teleporting invisible ships, spy satellites that allow him to know where every ship in the world is, and laser guided rocket ballistas, so he can do what he wants... All other "smart" people are actually quite dumb...
  10. Ser Lepus

    Dany’s Three Betrayals

    Forget about Azor Ahai. The Night King is no more, so the Darkness vs Light plot line has ended...
  11. Well, killing all Dothraki is a plus, from my point of view, as is ending slavery (for now) in Mereen, Yunkai and Astapor... But yes, from a Westerosi point of view, she achieved nothing... if she hasn't brought her dragons the Night King would be alive, but unable to cross the Wall, so better on the long term (no more White Walkers or Wights ever again...), I guess, but worse in the short and medium ones (a ton of people wouldn't have died if the Night King had not crossed the Wall...). She may kill Cersei and Euron, but honestly, that means nothing on the long term... there is no way Cersei was going to hold the Iron Throne for long when none of the Seven Kingdoms save the Westerlands and the Iron Islands wanted her... At most, she would keep a diminished kingdom made up of Westerlands and Crownlands (I don't think she would share power with Euron, and I doubt Euron would remain loyal for long...).
  12. Ser Lepus

    A Time for Wolves

    GRRM probably changed the title to avoid spoiling too much... he knows there are MANY fanatics dissecting every scrap of information (or used to be... I feel like the books fanatics are more quite now...), and he doesn't want to take risks. I don't think we'll ever get to read the book "A Dream of Spring", but I wonder... will D&D remove the ten years long winter that was supposed to happen, or will they keep it? Did killing the Night King influence the seasons?
  13. I wasn't criticizing you, I was criticizing whoever who said that...
  14. BULLSHIT!!! Is Tyrion a telepath?! What drove him to make such a leap of logic?! "Sansa thinks there is somebody who will be a better king than Daenerys... OH, SEVEN!!! JON SNOW IS IN FACT THE SECRET LEGITIMATE SON OF RHAEGAR TARGAYREN AND LYANNA STARK!!!" That's so stupid... I guess he learned the exact number of people who knew the secret reading Sansa's memories too....
  15. After Dany is dead Jon will leave for the North while the Seven Kingdoms implode in an orgy of violence and chaos and Varys whines "But-but-but... you were supposed to be the new perfect king! This wasn't supposed to happen!"
  16. Ser Lepus

    New Night King

    If Dany & Jon supporters turn against each other (as it seems likely to happen) and then yes, I hope a new Night King comes back to F**k them all in the ass... They have been plotting against each other till the bitter end, and they deserve to be screwed for it. Let see how they deal with the new Night King's without a Wall and without dragons...
  17. Ser Lepus

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Ironically, if she had attacked KL and conquered it at once, using shock and awe tactics to make the city surrender, she would have shortened the war and minimized bloodshed... And if she had refused to send help to the North, her dragon wouldn't have become a zombie, the Wall would stand, and the Night King's army would remain at the other side forever... Listening to her advisors had produced awful returns for her in Westeros...
  18. Ser Lepus

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Recite her titles and insist that the throne is hers? But its true that she has never been without many fanatically devoted supporters since she awoke the dragons... she will feel disoriented and lost if surrounded by people who either oppose her rule or will support her only in exchange for a reward...
  19. The difference is, in the past she interacted with cartoonish stereotypes, while now she is interacting with characters who behave with some depth, more like real people, so we are aware of how annoying she would be in real life... I have been saying she would have trouble in Westeros if she didn't change her behaviour since before the TV series started... That said, that doesn't excuse the petty conspirators building their petty conspiracies even before the war is won...
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    Weren't they supposed to have enough stored food for under five years, while waiting for a ten years winter? And that was in the south... Do you think they have already forgotten about that, or will we have an epilogue showing the kingdom screwed up by famine regardless of the victor?
  21. Well, if the crazy theories about the Night King using Bran's body to be reborn and raising a new undead army are right, all the people who cast off Dany and her dragons will regret it...
  22. Ser Lepus

    About Bran

    I keep reading people saying that Bran will somehow mess the timeline with his powers, causing a new Night King to be reborn... I wonder what will Sansa do if she faces a new wight invasion without a magic wall, dragons or allies...
  23. Ser Lepus

    [Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

  24. They are doing GRRM a mercy... people could have forgotten about the books and remember the series only, but they are giving him the chance to be remembered as a fantasy author... even if he never completes the book series...
  25. Ser Lepus

    About Bran