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    Why are they plotting a coup?

    I bet she regrets not staying at Slaver's Bay, with the freedmen who called her mother and loved her...
  2. Ser Lepus

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    It would have been nice to watch them trying to use the oil, but that would probably have not worked; the zombies would just pile at the feet of the walls even while burning, building a rampart the same way they built a bridge to cross the fire pit... What I don't like is, why didn't they shoot against the zombies while they were sitting ducks in front of the fire pits? And, why did they try to even fight the zombies in the open field instead of waiting for them on the walls? It would have been nice if they had dig several lines of fire pits, but I guess they lacked enough time. I would also have put a layer of wood and straw on the floor of the bailey, so they could set it on fire if the zombies managed to pass the walls...
  3. Ser Lepus

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    It could have worked if not for the magical ballistas...
  4. Ser Lepus

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Does anybody not from the North want Jon on the throne? Because you know, just the North isn't enough to beat the rest of the Seven Kingdoms...
  5. But again, who among the southern nobles will take Jon's claim seriously? Shouting "I am Rhaegar's trueborn son" won't make everybody fall on their knees, you know... Everybody knows about Dany's lineage, and her dragons are living proof of it... Jon, on the other hand, is known as the bastard of Ned Stark... The shortest path to the Iron Throne would be to kiss Dany's ass, help her destroy Cersei, having Jon marry and impregnate Dany and have Arya assassinate her afterwards... but Sansa clumsily antagonizes Dany very openly, even before the battle against the Night King...
  6. Ser Lepus

    What If There Was Someone Better?

    My sister HATES Bran for not using his powers to help his allies. She claims he is going to become the next Night King... If that's what she is doing, she is being very clumsy about it... She is openly antagonizing Dany when she won't get anything from it. A truly cunning conspirator would feign total support to Dany while brewing her plans privately...
  7. Ser Lepus

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Sansa is a disciple of Littlefinger, and Arya a Faceless Woman... they don't care much for honor nowadays.... As ruthless pragmatist politicians, they would be justified into refusing to pay back for Dany's help, if they could get away with it, but... could they get away with it...? What if they refuse to help Dany? Do they really think Dany will go away peacefully? She has two freaking dragons right there? She can burn Winterfell to cinders! And even if she did, what do they think will happen afterwards? Do they think that the winner of the war for the Iron Throne will leave them alone? As for putting Jon on the Iron Throne, forget about it. Nobody will ever believe he is a secret Targayren (except they will do because plot, but logically speaking, people shouldn't believe it...).
  8. Sansa said "what if there is somebody better?" She expects Tyrion to help Jon make a claim for the throne. Also, at this point, the North can't oppose Dany; they lack the power, and on top of that they will look like a bunch of traitors if they refuse to help her back... Jon couldn't squeeze himself out of helping Dany even if he were willing.
  9. What bothers me most isn't the oathbreaking... it is the fact that it is useless... People in the south aren't going to accept Ned Stark's bastard as the secret trueborn son and heir of Raeghar Targayren so easily... Everybody knows who Dany is. Everybody knows she has brought dragons back. She even has the looks... But Jon? He is unknown beyond the North, and everybody who knows about him knows that he is Ned Stark's son. He doesn't have the Targayren looks, he didn't bring dragons back... Yes he rode one, but only because Dany allowed it... If Sansa doesn't meddle, Jon marries Dany and his son may sit on the Iron Throne one day, while Sansa gets to rule the North. On the other hand, if Sansa manages to drive a wedge between Dany and Jon, she will either get Jon killed, or provoke a war between the North and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms... Or she may even help Cersei to win the war by making Jon and Dany fight each other...
  10. People are right about Greyjoy not just having access to spy satellites that allow him to pinpoint the location of Dany's fleet, he also had a Klingon cloaking device that prevented Dany from detecting his fleet before bumping onto it... But at this point, I am already used to magical ships, so it doesn't bother too much... What does bother me are the giant super ballistas... They are ridiculous... they are WAY more powerful than XVIII century naval artillery... why did people even bother to invent gunpowder, when they had ballistas like these? And even if we accept their ridiculous power, it should take forever to reload them, and they should the hard to aim, and not very accurate... They are too good. And even if we accept their power, accuracy and reload speed... they don't look like they should be able to aim towards the stern, or upwards... all Dany had to do was to fly upwards and attack the ships from behind, but she choose to charge head on! Another thing that bothers me is how stupid everybody has become: 1.-Sansa. Why the hell does she antagonize Dany so much?. Even if she doesn't like her, even if she doesn't trust her, she DOES need her. She needed her army and dragons to beat the Night King's undead army, and she needs her to defeat Cersei. She should smile at her even if she hated her in her heart. What does she expect Jon to do? To turn against Dany, ensuring that the winner of the battle between Cersei and Dany will crush Winterfell? 2.-Varys. What's the point of supporting Jon now? Nobody will believe that he is a Targaryen... at the very least, wait until he is married to Dany and has a child with her, and then assassinate her if you must... And if he refuses to marry his own aunt, try to nudge him into accepting... it is the shortest, easiest way to put him on the throne... 3.-Bronn. What does he expect to happen? If Tyrion and Jamie don't have Bronn murdered, they are stupid. By the way... how the hell does a southerner enter Winterfell and moves around so easily? Isn't there any security there? And why doesn't Tyrion have Dany call her troops to comb Winterfell until finding and killing the intruder? I feel they have killed the Night King too soon, and anything that happens now will feel underwhelming... the world is saved, whose ass sits on the Iron Throne isn't that important... Also, I think they are going to try and stuff too much new plot in the remaining chapters... They will have Dany&Cersei final showdown last just one episode, and create and end a new conflict between Dany's and Jon's supporters in just the last episode... it is too rushed...
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    As an unacknowledged bastard, he shouldn't have any surname at all, not even Waters. Bastard surnames are for those illegitimate children who are acknowledged by a noble parent, and Gendry's parentage was never public...
  12. Ser Lepus

    How long had the north wanted independence for?

    I don't think they cared much for independence until Ned Stark was killed. They live in a feudal system: Commoners are ruled by their lord, and don't care much about the crown. Lords care about their own privileges and quarrels, try to keep their own vassals under control while trying to chip away and steal advantages, privileges and bits of power from their neighbors and from their own lieges... The Starks probably chafed under the Targaryan rule at times, but they probably were too busy with their own problems to care about the south most of the time...
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    How did The Reach lose?

    The Reach lost because D&D want to start cutting loose threads. They had no more use for the Reach once the Tyrells were exterminated, so they got rid of it... Realistically speaking, there is no way the Lannisters could beat the Reach on their own...
  14. Ser Lepus

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I don't really like the Elric of Melnibone books... Elric kind of... passively allows his fate to carry him... When he does something good/right/intelligent, it is usually because a wiser character is telling him that it his his fate or that he was chosen or just that is the best option; otherwise he willingly falls in the snares of Chaos, surrending to his destiny... There isn't any real character growth... he is like "woe of me, damned to this terrible fate I'm barely doing anything to avoid!"
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    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Everybody is related to everybody, and every genetic marker can be found in every place in the world. For every genetic marker you can find in Walles, there are people in Southeast Asia with that genetic markers. However, those tests don't rely on a single genetic marker to pinpoint you as having Welsh ancestry; they use all the genetic markers to calculate a guess. Those tests rely on using Probability Theory to try to make a good guess about where your ancestors came from. If you have a lot of genetic markers that are common among the Welsh, and you lack many genetic markers that are common among other related populations, there is a decent chance that many of your ancestors came from Walles. However, there are more than 7,000,000,000 people in the world, so freaky stuff happens. There probably is a guy in Malaysia who got, by chance, a lot of genetic markers that are common in Walles.
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    Board Issues 4

    I can't read the content of many posts that include quotes.
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    So who would you bend the knee to?

    Most people have to follow the lead of their direct liege, so they don't really have an option to choose, and those who dare to resist their lieges tend to be harshly puhished. On the other hand, those who follow their lieges and are defeated tend to escape with a slap on the writst from the winners, if they bend the knee quickly. Taking that into account, the sensible thing to do is to follow your direct liege. It seems that there were some lucky lords who were in a position in which they could avoid sending their troops to support anybody and got away with it. If I could,I would indeed do that. Now,if I were a wandering knight without lands or titles or bonds... -I would never follow Balon Greyjoy (screw those murpillapists!). -I'm sorry for the Freefolk, but I don't want the northen women to be kidnapped and raped, so Mance Rayder has to fall. -Joffrey was a psycho, so nope. -Stannis had potential, but he had killed his brother with black magic, burned people as sacrifice, was influenced by a sinister woman who was either an evil con artist with magical powers or a crazy fanatic, and last but not least, the way he treated his loyal maester Cressen, the man who raised his as if he were his own son, the only person who truly loved Stannis, repelled me. I don't want to serve a man who treates his followers that way once they cease to be useful. -I don't like the idea of an mentally unstable inbred family controlling a continent with weapons of mass destruction, so goodbye, Daenerys. -Beric was nice, but he could never end the war or make peace. So I guess it has to be Robb Stark, despite his huge fumbles.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Doran will probably hand Ellaria and all his nieces to Cersei or whoever rules at KL in exchange for the return of Trystane.
  19. Ser Lepus

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Holy... Well, let look for the silver lining: Sothoyros may become a pretty nice, disease-free, temperate place during the incoming glacial age that nobody will be able to stop (or even try to stop it because everybody will be too busy fighting everybody else)...
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    Board Issues 4

    The search function doesn't work for me. I can't view new content or view my content. Is anybody else having this problem, or am I the only one? I would like to know before contancting the mods. EDIT: I have read the answer in another post.
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    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Many urban Roman slaves were freed and created their own families. The promise of freedom was used to encourage them to work more efficiently, and later you could still count on them working for you or giving you money so they could free their mates and children. And many female slaves were impregnated and gave birth ot their master's children, and those children in turn had a higher chance of being freed. The rural slaves, who were of the unskilled, cheap, low-profit-per-head sort, on the other hand, received a much worse treatment, usually didn't have mates or children of their own, and weren't expected to become free, but to work until death or to be "released" (meaning, "dumped") once they were too old and weak to work anymore. The Romans also recruited soldiers in many corners of the Empire, and those usually were recruited while very young, served for 20 years and then settled in another part of the Empire, usually in colonies where they received a house and land. So yes, there was genetic exchange between the roman provinces. About the Celts, they are connected to the Hallstatt and La Tène cultures, whose original core was in Central Europe, but those people came in turn from somewhere else. The Celts spoke Indo-european languages, and it is thought that the Indo-european languages were brought to Europe by people who migrated from Central Asia. That doesn't mean that the people who came from Central Asia were already Celt. Those people contributed genetically and culturally to most cultures in Europe to some extent, and the Celts were just one of those.
  22. Ser Lepus

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Those markers are mutations that originated in Great Britain and have spread a lot in GB but not so much outside it, or even ones that originated outside GB but got mostly extinct elsewhere while prospering in the island. Not all British people have all the markers, but most "ethnic British" have several of them. Some could have very few of those markers, it's all a matter of chances, like buying a bingo card. As I said, those markers can get lost. You only inherit half the markers from each parent on average, but a person could by chance pass even less to his descendants. 12'5 % of your genes come from your great-grandfather, so you should have about a 12'5 % of his markers, but by chance you could have received a lesser amount. I guess your English great-great-grandparent could have a lesser amount of those markers than average and have passed less than average to his children, who in turn passed less than average to their own. The test detects enough of those markers to claim that you have british ancestors, but not enough to detect that you have a 12,5 % of British ancestry.
  23. Ser Lepus

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    But what do you want to research? Only your direct male bloodline? Or all of your ancestry? And how far back? If you go back only a couple centuries you will find about 64 great-great-great-great-great-granparents who would come from different countries, and each in turn have ancestors from different countries and races. And if you go back a couple thousand years, well everybody in the world who lived then and had descendants is your ancestor. Everybody is basically a mix of everything in different proportions. If she's Irish then it should be normal to have Great Britain markers. If you go back far enough, every Irish person has some British ancestors and every British person has some Irish ancestors. You also have to take into account that markers can get lost. You don't have all the DNA of all your many ancestors, only a bit from each of them. You have a bunch of ancestors that aren't detected by those tests. If you have Iberian ancestors, for example, you have Black, North African, Italian, Greek, Phoenician (Caananean), Jew, Celtic, Germanic...etc., ancestors. If you have Russian ancestors you have Slav, Nordic, Mongol, Turkish...etc., ancestors.
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    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    More like it's a spoiler, rather than a mistake. Euron is full of shit, he never went to Valyria; the warlocks sought the horn in order ot get revenge against Dany, and Euron stumbled upon them by dumb luck.