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  1. We know that Lord Manderly is conspiring to crown Rickon King of the North... We also know that Littlefinger plans to have Sansa marry Harry the Heir, kill Sweetrobin and use Sansa as puppet queen of the Vale, the North and maybe the Riverlands too, if he manages to kill Edmure and his baby... But D&D removed those plotlines from the show... My theory is, at some point we will have Sansa as lady of the Vale (either as wife to Harry or as his widow and mother of his child), Rickon as lord of Winterfell, and Edmure back as lord of the Riverlands, and they will support Jon's claim either as King of the North (as a legitimized Stark) or as King of the Seven Kingdoms (as a Targaryen), mostly because he is the one leading the war against the Others... Dany and Jon, during the period they are working together, could legitimize Edric Storm as a Baratheon and make him lord of the Stormlands, and they could help Tyrion claim Casterly Rock... Asha Greyjoy could use Theon as puppet king of the Iron Islands... If we assume that the ending of the show and of the novels are somewhat similar, and that Dany ends dead and Jon exiled (because of honor, to fulfill his oaths as a menber of the Night Watch...) Jon could nominate Bran as his heir... Sansa, Rickon, Theon and Edmure would support him, and Tyrion and Edric, who would be working with Dany and the Starks before Dany was shanked, would be persuaded to do it too... With Jon as king naming Bran his heir, and the backing of so many great lords, it would make sense for Bran to be crowned... But D&D cut so many plotlines and characters away that it was no longer possible to do it that way, and they had to half-ass the TV series ending we know...
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    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    The part about the Lannister is true: They are descendants of Ser Joffrey Lydden, who married a Lannister heiress... But the story of Bael the Bard is nothing but a wildling folktale.
  3. Ser Lepus

    House Stark Incest

    Uncle-niece marriages happen now and then. Damphair wanted Victarion to marry Asha and rule together, but he never got the chance to tell them (it is in the Wind of Winter leaked chapter), and Arnolf Karstark wanted to force his niece Alys Karstark into a marriage in order to get her castle and lands. On the other hand, people tend to think about it as something possible, but not really right... Alys ran from the marriage and Jon Snow helped her avoid it; Victarion thought about it, but he felt creeped out by his own lust, and avoided the subject; the Faith opposed Maegar marrying his own niece Rhaena.... etc. Arianne sorta wanted to bang her uncle Oberyn, but she never did it, despite Oberyn having sex with anything that moves and Arianne having several lovers... So in short, it is possible, but too close for comfort... kinda like marrying a first cousin in most of today's Europe: Technically legal, but sorta weird and off-putting...
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    Warfare In Westeros

    Actually, plate armor didn't reach its peak until after all those battles. The Battle of Agincourt took place in 1415, while the plate armor was perfected at the end of the XV or the beginning of the XVI centuries. French strategy still relied heavily in their heavy armoured cavalry at the Battle of Pavia, in 1525..
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    How to improve the north economically?

    The North was an independent kingdom before Aegon, and it had been for thousands of years. They probably had to fight lots of wars, so their society was better adapted to raising troops. After 300 years of relative peace, the social mechanisms geared towards providing a fighting force had gone rusty... lords in the easter coast or in the interior or the country not close to the Wall probably didn't bother to keep as many troops as they could afford, because the ironborn and the wildlings weren't an immediate threat, and the chances of being called to war weren't that big...
  6. Ser Lepus

    How to improve the north economically?

    Ah, but there is ice and snow in KL during winter... On the other hand, there isn't much ice or snow in most of the North during summer, at least not along the coasts... remember, they grow crops even beyond the Wall (the Wall stands without melting because it's magical).
  7. Ser Lepus

    Warfare In Westeros

    About the scarcity of longbow units, it may be due to westerosi martial culture: Longbows are popular in the Dornish Marches, where they had to protect themselves against Dornish raiders until around 110 years before the beginning of the novels, but in the rest of Westeros keeping the monopoly of warfare in the hands of nobility was considered a priority, so they didn't encourage peasants to train in the use of a cheap, efficient weapon able to counter knightly cavalry... About swords, while they are nearly useless against plate armor, most troops seem to use chainmail or worse. Even most knights use hauberks combined with vambraces and helms, full plate being affordable only to upper nobility... Arming swords, longswords and spears can punch through gambesons and chainmail (not easy, but hey...), and enough slashes can ruin a gambeson; and a sword is more effective than a mace or axe at going around a shield and reaching the guy behind... Members of aristocracy, however, should use maces, warhammers, horseman's picks, pollaxes... etc., when fighting each other in full plate...
  8. Ser Lepus

    How to improve the north economically?

    Forget about ice mining; unless the teleporting ships are made canon, the ice and snow would melt long before reaching the hot regions where there is demand for it... Realistically speaking, most of the population in the North should live by the coasts and survive on fishing and whaling during winters, but it doesn't seem to be the case... Lumber would be a source of income to buy imported food, but you need ports and ships in order to export both the wood or wooden items to regions that demand them... Same for fur trade... Shepherding... I dunno... storing enough fodder to keep the sheep alive during the long winters would be hard... they would have to kill many sheep during autumn... So we go to point one: The inland should be mostly empty, almost all the population being concentrated by the coast...
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    What was the plan if House Targaryen died out?

    I don't think the Targaryen cared what happened after the end of their bloodline. They cared about ruling Westeros, not about keeping the realm united without them... About the rest of the nobility, some would shoot for the throne, while others would try to split from it...
  10. Ser Lepus

    Westerosi crops.

    A long time ago, I argued that at least the Reach, Arbor, Dorne and the southern Free Cities could realistically survive through winter by switching to winter grains, beets, sugar beets, radishes, carrots, lettuces, spinaches, legumes, onions...etc., and breeding goats, sheep and cattle, since these regions should experience little in the way of frost and snow... However, I have realized something: Most of the fruits that are mentioned couldn't grow at all... peaches, plums, apricots, apples and pears need at least a few cold weeks before some warm months in order to produce fruit... Grapes, pomegranates, lemons and oranges, on the other hand, could grow fine during summer (but oranges would be green-colored... it is the cold of autumn what makes oranges go orange...). Do you know if GRRM has ever offered an explanation to the growth of fruits despite the lack of seasons?
  11. Actually, knights for hire whose job was to act as champions in judicial duels were a thing at least in Spain, so a well-written medieval legal thriller could be quite action-filled...
  12. Yes, but we know nothing about these guilds. They seem to have zero social, political and economic impact on society, judging by how little the characters think about them or interact with them.. We know nothing about the education of Septons and Septas, save that some priests like Meribald are illiterate, while others like Barth became Septons in order to get some education... If Anguy had bought land... what would be his legal and social status? There isn't any free peasant or commoner landholder in the books... Could Anguy adquire true ownership of the land, or just a lease? Are there yeomen in Westeros, or are all peasants tenants leasing a lord's land? Knights receive land as payment for military service...Can landed knights sell a piece of their land? If a knight sells his land to another knight, does it implies a transference of feudal duties? What happens if a rich merchant buys land from a knight, does he adquire feudal duties? (like, does he has to pay and equip men-at-arms to fulfill the military obligations of the previous owner...), or he would just have to pay taxes (like any other peasant) to that lord...? If a knight buys land from a lord... what would be his legal status? The lord is still the lord of the land, with rights of pit and gallows... does the knight become his bannerman, with the duty to provide military assistance? Or would the lord just demand that the knight pay taxes like a commoner landholder? If there are free peasants, what rights do they have? If a peasant buys land from a lord... could that lord or his heir just take it back? The lord is both the local ruler and judge... who is going to stop him? Could the peasant call for a higher authority? Can a landholder or a village buy their freedom from a lord? And if they do... who has the responsability of administering justice to them now? The liege of their previous lord? The Lord Paramount? The king? If a rich merchant were to buy a large piece of land from a great lord or from his landed knight vassals... what would be his legal and social status?
  13. It isn't just law. We know nothing about westerosi guilds (do they even exist at all?), merchant families (we know they exist, but little else...), land ownership (can commoners own land, or just lease it?), priestly training (how does the Faith train its priesthood? are there religious schools? Septon Barth had a good education... was he self-taught?)...etc. Westeros is closer to the society in the fictional Britain of King Arthur than to the real medieval society...
  14. Ser Lepus

    The Perils of a Reluctant King

    Robert wanted to be king... he just didn't want the work and responsabilities that came with it... If he really didn't want to be king he could have pushed the job on Jon Arryn or Ned Stark; they wanted him to be king, but, what were they going to do? Chain him to the throne? And once it was clear Robert didn't want it, honor and duty would have forced them to take responsability... But anyways, I think it is better if the king wants to be king... That is a very demanding job with a lot of responsabilities and public exposure, and you could easily become depressed, angry and demotivated if it is forced on you against your will...
  15. The World of Ice and Fire offers a lot of information about the origins of the noble families of Westeros: About half of them are of First Men origin... Blackwoods, Hightowers, Lannisters, Cranes, Yronwoods, Dayne... etc. As for the Andal conquerors, almost all of them took FM wives. The Florents and Tyrells among others were born from the marriage between an Andal noble and a Gardener (FM) wife... As for the FM commoners, they weren't killed or expelled, they were forced to convert to the Seven, while the Andal conquerors became nobility. Yes, the northeners kept the old religion, but in never looked like a problem... there are Seven worshippers in the North (Manderly, Jeor and Jorah Mormont...) and Old Gods worshippers in the South (the Blackwoods).
  16. Ser Lepus

    Independent North

    In the books there are plotlines that could end with Sansa ruling the Vale and Rickon ruling the North... add the support of Asha and Theon, of Edmure and of a legitimized Edric Storm (who owes his life to Davos) as lord of Storm's End, and Bran would gather enough support to claim the throne if Jon names him heir... I suspect D&D made Sansa queen of the North because they couldn't use the original plot, so they went for the closest thing they could achieve...
  17. Yep, but there are (First Men) families with skinchanging powers out of the North; the Farwynds, the Cranes and the Blackwoods, for example... so it seems the blood of the CotF was passed down in the south too. As for seer powers, families in the south have them too... the Tolands, for example... Not really... like half of the southern noble families are of First Men origin, and the commoners everywhere have more FM than Andal blood... And the Starks themselves intermarried with Andal noble houses... the Tullies, for example... The Starks' FM blood is thinner than their own commoners'
  18. Ser Lepus

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    Even if they don't remain married/remarry, Tyrion has a long track of making poor decisions due to emotional reasons... Sansa can expect him to favor her the same way Tyrion favored his siblings, always making plans that prioritized the well-being of Jamie and Cersei, even if these plans were less effective because of that...
  19. The point is, the blood of the First Men isn't that special, lots of people have it. As for the Andal houses, the Arryns are 6000 years old... at that point, do a few thousands years more make a difference... specially, when the lack of written records make impossible to know how old each house really is...
  20. Yep. Sansa isn't a female Littlefinger, she's a younger Cersei, getting her power thanks to her lineage and good looks rather than cunning and good planning, and antagonizing people that should be her allies...
  21. Ser Lepus

    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    He could move the capital to the Eye of the Gods after Dany burns KL... Heh... the whole kingdom will freak out if Bran moves to Harrenhal...
  22. No. We are arguing about Sansa being queen of just the North (as I claim), or also queen of the Riverlands and maybe the Vale too (as some people believe...). But it's true that Sansa could have used of a bit of diplomacy when she spoke to Edmure... for somebody who is supposed to have learned to play the game, she has a habit of attacking, antagonizing and undermining in public her allies and relatives, people whose help she may need in the future... It's the same as when she felt the need to remark that Bran's dick won't get up while he was being chosen king, bitched about how much Dany's troops ate (troops that came to help defend Winterfell), or antagonized Jon, her king, during councils. She has the subtley and cunning of a sledgehammer...
  23. I have noticed that you seem unable to support your arguments without resorting to personal attacks. That never works, so you should stop doing it. You will never win an argument by repeatedly insisting that you know far more than the rest... By the way, I was discussing the westerosi laws of succession in this forum seven years before you first registered here... Except nobody knows that Jon isn't Ned's son. Not even Sansa knew until three episodes ago. Not even Jon knew until shortly before the battle against the Night King in Winterfell... And Edmure certainly doesn't know even now... And I am sure you know that... It was treated as kind of a big deal, you know... As far as everybody knew, Jon was both Ned's and Robb's heir, both to Winterfell and to the crown of the KotN. And these people who liked the Boltons so much care that Sansa is Ramsay's widow, but not that she killed him? And it's not as if she has been secretive about it, she has been saying it out loud in a hall full of people... As you said yourself, they didn't want to follow Sansa... These people chose as king the man they believed to be Robb's brother. Nobody knew that he wasn't Ned's son at that point, and they still don't know. The reason they chose Jon as KotN is because, to their eyes, he was Robb's heir. And yeah, Edmure can choose to ignore Jon, the same way people in the council ignored Gendry's claim (as a legitimized bastard of king Robert), the same way they ignored Dany's claim for years, the same way Edmure, Robb, Renly, Mace Tyrell and the Valelords ignored Joffrey's claim even before knowing he was a bastard... But it would make no sense for Edmure to ignore Jon's claim and to follow Sansa instead, when Sansa herself as acknowledged Jon as the KotN... Why would he do that? In what way would that benefit either Edmure or the Riverlands? And if Edmure chose to keep being loyal to the KotN out of honor and loyalty... why would he reject Jon? And don't say "family"; Sansa treats him like shit... why would he care that she is family? No way for him to swear fealty to Sansa, either... if he doesn't consider Jon his king, why would he consider Sansa his liege...? You can't have it both ways: Either his bond of fealty went extinct when Robb died, or it didn't. If his fealty to the Starks went extinct when Robb died, then he isn't a vassal to Sansa either. And don't say "Jon isn't Robb's true brother..." Edmure doesn't know that. As far as he knows, Jon is Robb's brother, and his heir. If Edmure thinks so, he can consider his bond of fealty extinct, but, why would he consider himself a vassal to Sansa? As far as everybody knows, Bran is Jon's brother. Siblings are heirs when there isn't a child (check GRRM's Q&A) and as you said yourself, brothers go before sisters in the succession line everywhere save in Dorne. Bran goes before Sansa. And again don't say "Bran isn't Jon's true brother..." nobody knows that.. Yeah, Yara who so bravely confronted the Starks during the council... I am sure she would gladly die to ensure that Jon receives his punishment... You mean, that prince of Dorne we know nothing about? The guy who didn't say a word against Jon during the council...? And anyways, I am sure that, after he saw the ruins of KL, he probably felt grateful Daenerys was dead...
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    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I have realized that in the books BIIIIIIIIIG SPOOOOOOOOOOILEEEEEEER!!!!
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    How to improve the north economically?

    A port in the west coast allows access to the Reach's crops. Also, fish. As for having more than one port in each coast... sending food (fish and imported food) overlad over hundreds of miles is just too expensive, even more if you take into account northen geography and lack or roads. Even with reduced taxed the peasants would probably be poorer and eat less than their southern counterparts...