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  1. mediterraneo

    Kings in the North vs. Kings of Winter

    I'm an "heretic", so I would like to live to see a "dark" explaination for the "king of winter", shouting "winter is coming" and coming to get you. But it must be said that TFN's explaination is the simplest, the most straightforward.
  2. Well, "they" still have two Valyrian Steel swords now, even if Brienne holds one for the Baratheon king's uncle. Oathkeeper and Widow's wail. I accept that Oathkeeper could count as a Lannister or Tarth sword, though.
  3. mediterraneo

    How would you rate episode 408?

    I liked this. I was critical with some of the others, because of the dumbed down dialogues, but the late episodes, where people lie on things happened during this season, suffer less from this problem. The duel was gruesome, as it should. Violence is better represented here than in some other added scene, like Sandor's numerous killings or what Bienne and Jaime did back in season two and three. Violence has consequences. I was fearing (and I read "unsullied" sites and it seems it is not) that the way in which the Viper dies could have been too much for the viewers, in a "jumping the shark" way. My fear was the reaction: "I'm tired of the gimmick of letting me affectionate to something just to kill it more and more gruseomly". It seems people writing blogs over this are not expressing that feeling. We will see next weeks ratings for the common people's reaction. I liked the long time on the settings too. Fewer, longer scenes by geography, without juxtapositions: separated histories in the same container. It worked today.
  4. mediterraneo

    How would you rate episode 402?

    I'm officially underwhelmed by the episode. It was dispersive before the wedding, and underwhelming on its climax. Maybe the lack of tension I felt is due to me already knowing what was going to happen. I admit I was in removal when Ramsey killed one of his girls. Maybe the soundtrack could have helped more. And yes, the show lost in subtle messages being forwarded. Now it is not just one instance with the Viper, a little girl can be blunt in front of Melisandre, the Queen puts herself on the same level of a famous ugly woman and Jaime... Well, Jaime could be as direct and blunt as he was with Loras but... on THAT matter? After pushing a boy from a window to hide it? The risk is lower now but... I'm underwhelmed, if slightly, and for the second time in a row. The season is sub-optimal, up to now!
  5. Wow, I have a profile feed!

  6. mediterraneo

    The Heretic's Guide to Heresy

    And I was there, at page four! Yay for me, an heretic of the first hour! (or at least of the first thread)
  7. mediterraneo

    [No Spoilers] EP307 Discussion

    Best comment so far, seriously!
  8. Hear and coming! Winter me blood! Fire is roar! Or whatever.