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  1. 1. Young Griff (and JC) 2. Arianne (or Her equivalent - I think if they wanted to cut some characters but keep Ellaria, they should have cut sand snakes (or reduced them to background extras), made Oberyn and Ellaria legally married and have an ambitious daughter Tyene+Ariane combination - so she would legally inherit Dorne in case of death of Doran and Tristane) 3. Euron (I mean real Hannibal Lecter meets Saruman Euron), I would be ok if they turned Victarion into this pirate-rock star, but I believe real Euron, and his history with Bloodraven and Bran (maybe even interactions on some cosmic plane) could make a good TV. 4. Honorable mention - Quentyn - I think he would make a really nice one season story - underdog trying to be a hero and failing (also a kind of a race between Team Quentyn, Team Victarion, Team Aegon/Tyrion to reach Danny - could have been very suspenseful.
  2. Razha

    The Fate and Purpose of the Greyjoy Children

    I think that in the books Asha and Theon might actually end the way their show counterparts. Asha as a ruler of Ironborn (though maybe wiser and open minded than the one-note caricature from the show) and Theon sacrificing himself to the great cause and for the Starks (I don't think it will play out exactly as in the show, but the idea will be the same - Theons redemption and death for the Starks and as a Stark).
  3. Razha

    Aegon TWOW

    I think the entire Dornish plot, all the foreshadowing of Dragons Dancing point to one scenario: Arianne marries Aegon, Dornish and Tarleys (and many others) back Aegon, Sand Snakes kill Tommen and Myrcella. Aegon Becomes King. (Sersei escapes or dies in Kingslanding=Killed by Jaime before she blows up the city - but all the wildfire amassed by her in the Red Keep will come into play later (when Danny comes). He might even get a dragon, maybe Tyrion and co bring a wounded dragon to Westeros or maybe Illirio offers the Tattered Prince Pentos and all his riches in exchange for a captured dragon). So when everything seems fine and well Danny arrives and a new Dance of Dragons begins, water gardens burn, and eventually Kingslanding is destroyed in explosion, Aegon might either die here or temporarily make peace with danny and fight with her against Euron or Whitewalkers, anyway he dies. His dragons either dies with him and is turned as in the tv show or Dragon survives his master and simply gets a new rider - maybe Jon.
  4. I respectfully disagree :)) I believe the Mereneese part indeed delayed ADWD but it has no effect on delay of TWOW simply because GRRM has written most of it for the draft of ADWD he submitted to the editor and it was at the insistence if the editor that he moved some chapters to TWOW. I believe these chapters include the entire Mereenese battle(s) and the return of Danny. So all he had to write about Danny since the release of ADWD was chapters about conquer/liberation of Volantis and departure for Essos (I think that TWOW might end with her sailing west).
  5. Fans liked for being anti-trope - it is not the same as being illogical or badly written. The problem is not that Danny went mad/evil or Cersei died in the basement - but the way these things happened, mostly due to very poor, corny and primitive writing that is so unlike what we used to expect from the show.
  6. Pure speculation on my part, but I am with those who think that the penultimate book (TWOW ot TWOW part2) will end with collapse of the wall. That would be a great ending and a huge cliffhanger. I think that everything afterwards is relatively straightforward. I mean even if GRRM is a "gardener" he would still pobably have a rather detailed outline for the last conflicts and battles and what's in store for the major characters after this watershed moment. It is what's before that is much more time consuming and complicated as he has to align the players to their positions for the endgame. All the additional characters and plot lines in AFFC and ADWD were introduced to facilitate this transition. So as soon as he is done with it, it will be much smoother sailing for him.
  7. Razha

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    GRRM said his ending will not be much different from TV show, but the battle of WF was not the ending - so i guess they have improvised a lot here. I think by the end of the show only part of the main players will be left alive and this group will be more or less the same as in the ending of the book. So in a way all parties can claim that the TV ending is consistent with the Book ending. So say if Danny dies both in the book and in the show - D&D can say they followed the books even if the circumstances and culprits of her death are completely different here and there.
  8. Razha

    The books are not going to end like this

    I think in the Books Arya is going to do something really bad-ass and important, that may or may not have something to do with the invasion of the Others but... D&D probably have changed the story so much that it was impossible for her to have that great moment.... so instead they haphazardly gave her NightKingslayer role. Maybe she will even kill someone who is or acts like the leader of the White Walkers attacking WF (But as we know there is no Night King in the book, except for the totally different character from the past). This will be a glorious moment but it will not be the end of the invasion and the dragon rider (s) will still have to fulfill the prophecy, maybe by flying into the heart of winter and sacrificing someone (each other).
  9. Yeah, probably you are right. As a subversion of our expectations, this was a nice twist but on a deeper level it kind of feels unearned. Not because Arya has not earned the right for a great heroic deed after all the training and suffering, but rather because it makes so many other stories irrelevant or unimportant (R+L=J, all the pre-GOT wars and prophecies, even Bran's time-travelling trips)
  10. I really hope you are right about that, otherwise his entire story seems quite pointless.
  11. Well, that's just your opinion and you are entitled to it. But if you really re-watch the entire show (forget the books) you will notice that this move is neither believable nor realistic.
  12. Razha

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    The same plot contrivances that prevented Danny to eliminate her in the beginning of last season and instead had her loose most of her allies one by one. Because as according to the show she is able to make “masks” quite easily (see Walder Frey), logically there is nothing there that would prevent her do the same to Euron, Qyburn or even some of Cersei’s cleaning staff in order to bypass the Mountain and get close to Cersei.
  13. Unfortunately D&D have long proven to have the mentality of the stereotypical Hollywood producers - underestimating the intelligence of the audience and going for clichés and fan service. They always value the momentary gratification of the casual viewers far more than having a cohesive story arks and the sound mythology. Just like with Beyond the Wall episode when they believed that the visual impact of the action would make people ignore the stupidity of the mission and all the plot holes. Arya doing something mega-bad-ass is wonderful and I am all for it, but having her kill the NK undermined all the Azor Ahai, PTWP stories, the entire Rhaegar and Lyanna drama, even Bran's story. Because, let’s be honest - on the show, the only important thing Bran learned from his trip beyond the wall was R+L=J - and this now has absolutely no relevance for the White walkers story. Did Hodor die for this?
  14. Razha

    This is almost confirmation that...

    And that other reason is that all of a sudden they wanted to destroy Living-Memory-MacGuffin Bran?
  15. So I guess according to D&D the entire Rhaegar + Lyanna, PTWP story was just meaningless waste of time? Rhaegar was just an idiot in love, and his affair with Lyanna just serves as a setup for Jon/Dany conflict and has nothing to do with the others ?