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  1. PrinceRhaegar

    Redemption characters, do they need to die?

    Well, it all depends on how they die and what payoff it will be. It may be "default", but it doesn't mean it can't be good.
  2. PrinceRhaegar

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    As much as i wanted to see visions & prophecies (esspecially Rhaegar), I understand why they didnt show it now. First, we didnt her about ToJ, about Rheagar stealing Lyanna etc. My 2 cents are that they gonna show visions after they establish those things through Barristan and Reeds. And how they are gonna show it? That i dont know. Maybe through Quaithe... Visions & prophecies are great on their own, but in the books it made no sense why will Undying show it to Dany, and then try to kill her. Why they let Drogon with her? What if she stays in any room? In show it is much better, Pyat Pree was tempting her with visions, so she brake up and stays there, so he can get power from dragons. When he failed, he burnt. As for the Rasmay... In the books we had his little adventure with Lady Hornwood, so we know that he is crazy, and to me burning Winterfell in the books was just Ramsay being Ramsay. I didnt expect northmen to betray Robb until Roose talks with Jaime. If they showed Ramsay in show, it would imply that Roose is betraying Robb, coz in the books Ramsay is captured and in disguise of Reek, and here he is sent on Roose's(Robb's) orders to retake Winterfell. So i expect a little torturing & killing of Ironislanders or something, before revealing that Ramsay burnt Winterfell. Qurin... All my non book readers friends got why Jon killed him, only thing lacking was Ghost. Maybe he will save Sam :D . Robb & Talissa... So far we saw him marrying in secret(that music was incredible), so they can do a lot of things with them in season 3...
  3. PrinceRhaegar

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    I liked episode very much, but what got me worried is that i cried in Tyrion & Cersei scene. o.O I also cried at last scene, but that was to be expected, coz it was so emotinal. I also liked Jaime's escape & confrontation with Cat, Pyat Pree & Co, Jorah visiting Quaithe, and Yiggrite. Iceland and Harenhall view were stunning. Cant wait for the next episode.
  4. PrinceRhaegar

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    Thanks for posting that, I thought she isnt that coz she wasn't buchered. I am sad to see her go, I hope that her death will be meaningful, not random like Doreah in the book.
  5. PrinceRhaegar

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    Another great episode. I loved all the scenes; sets & locations still great and actors nailed their parts. I also liked the changes, even if they are radical. 10+ from me.
  6. PrinceRhaegar

    [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    Another great episode. I loved all new locations and sets: Fist of the First Men and Qarth are amazing. Renly's death and Drogon's Breath were awesome. All scenes were great, but my favourite is Brienne swearing oath to Cat. Pyromancer Halyne, Quaithe and Pyat Pree, Quorin were spot on. I dont mind changes from the book. I wonder how non readers reacted to shadowbaby killing Renly and did they figured out that Greyjoys will attack Winterfell.
  7. PrinceRhaegar

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    My first post, so hi everyone. This is my favourite episode, liked every bit of it, from opening credits(ruined Harenhall and Qarth) to music during ending credits. The visuals of the show are great as always, and shadow baby was epic. I liked new characters, even though they are slightly different from the books and I really dont get nitpicks such as Roose dont having pink cloak(probably it would look silly). So far I liked all the changes, expect cutting Reeds and Ramsay. I think Joffrey+whores is great to set up the relationship between him and Tyrion. I like creepy Harrenhall better then very large castle it is described in the books. Qarth scene is also very good, I like spice merchant and XXD. Still dont have Idea what they will do with Talisa(Jeyne), I hope they surprise me. Acting is also great in general, but my favourites so far are Michelle Fairlay as Cat, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, Conleth Hill as Varys and Stark Kids. Btw there will be shadow baby in the tent in ep 5, Michelle Fairlay said in Thronecast that they filmed scene with something in the tent, and she didnt knew what it is and how it looks because they will add it later with CGI.