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  1. LadyoftheNorth72

    Most Terrible Act Since the Conquest?

    I'd have to agree with Saltpans. Even though we as readers are not given a long grisly description, the fact that it was able to shock the hell out of everyone (and these all people living in a region already torn to shreds by the war) tells me all I want or need to know.
  2. LadyoftheNorth72

    Theon's bastard

    I haven't seen any textual evidence that the Ironborn refused Theon due to his mutilation (whatever that may entail). They found him and his soft greenland ways distasteful long before he fell into Ramsay's hands.
  3. LadyoftheNorth72

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    After reading A Treatise to the Pea, I have a headache, so I'm just going to throw this out there: I don't believe for a moment that the different perceptions of Cat and Jaime regarding Jeyne's hips was an error or oversight at all.
  4. LadyoftheNorth72

    The Black Dog at the Purple Wedding

    You have just made my brain start running off in a million directions again, AWESOME post. I agree that there is more than one meaning behind the "perfumed seneschal." I would LOVE it if you would start a thread regarding things you've noticed about Penny. Something about her has always seemed... off.
  5. LadyoftheNorth72

    Proof that Margaery and her cousins are guilty?

    Agreed... And she seems the most offended by the sins she herself is most guilty of. I always think about Taena telling Cersei that she was not a maid when she married, and Cersei thinking "you're all sluts in the Free Cities." That's quite a gloat, coming from a woman who slept with her brother before slipping into the bath for her own wedding.
  6. LadyoftheNorth72

    Proof that Margaery and her cousins are guilty?

    There's quite a difference between incest and homosexuality. The most pragmatic, in this instance, is that a known homosexual man would not be having an ongoing, purely-for-kicks incestuous relationship with his sister. Loras loves Margaery. Jaime is IN LOVE WITH Cersei. Also, Westeros seems well enough put off by incest between anyone outside the Targs, considering the charming new nickname they give Cersei after Stannis's letters go out. Then to take it a giant step forward by intentionally / knowingly having your brother's children and passing them off as those of the popular king...
  7. LadyoftheNorth72

    Proof that Margaery and her cousins are guilty?

    Stupidity on all sides, unless the Tyrells have a plan for the outcome of all this. It has been mentioned in past threads on this subject that moon tea also may be prescribed to virgins/ sexually inactive women who have difficulty with their time of the month, similar to the mini pill. Relying on a pharmaceutical tisane (no doubt mixed in different strengths, manners, and possibly with varying ingredients) to ensure no pregnancies would have been just as stupid then as counting days now. There also simply never seems to be a likely lover for Marg, and I can't see her taking the risk of cheating on the king without serious, major, teenage, "but I LOVE HIM!" going on. And Olenna must have taught her better than that. At least Cersei had the minimal sense not to name Loras, since not only would it have brought more attention to the accusations about Jaime, but the entire kingdom knows Loras is gay. Well, except 11 year old girls with crushes on him who don't know homosexuality exists.
  8. LadyoftheNorth72

    Jojen Paste

    I will have to wait for further clarification from the next book (which apparently my grandchildren will read to me on my deathbed) on the paste issue, because it makes me ill to contemplate. However, barring some type of miracle or DEM or large twist, it seems a given that Jojen, Meera and Hodor will live out their mortal days there in the caves. Even with Coldhands' help and the elk, they barely made it there alive, and now the cave exit is blocked off by Others. Say they could get past the Others... they have no guide or supplies or (in Jojen's case) strength to get home. I'm certainly not saying it's impossible that something will happen to rescue them and get them safely back south, but I hope it's written carefully and well; it has too much potential to turn into a fairy tale.
  9. LadyoftheNorth72

    The Black Dog at the Purple Wedding

    "But there are a lot of things going on in this chapter, things that in retrospect seem highly suspicious, and some of them must be red herrings" This is absolutely true. IMO, the only two people we can be completely certain did not actually get the poison into Joff's system (and were present) are Tyrion and Sansa, since we have POV chapters from each of them afterwards. Ironic, since they are the exact two people blamed.
  10. LadyoftheNorth72

    The Black Dog at the Purple Wedding

    I wouldn't go so far as to say that I have a theory about this, insofar as Clegane being a warg - although the possibility of giant blood did set off a bit of a spark, interesting!!! - or even whether the dog has significant meaning (and if so, what). Perhaps there's more to the Cleganes that will be revealed, since it does *seem* that we've got FrankenGregor in the Kingsguard now. I would say that I do think it has some kind of meaning, if only a sort of sideways nod to the Hound. I was more curious to see what others thought. So far, some interesting things have been posted! The Bloodraven reference makes me think more of Gregor. I automatically thought of Sandor at first, but Gregor is a Clegane as well, and one of the most outstanding tenets of his character has always been his penchant for killing and/or hurting the young. He almost seems to seek it out, from when he was still technically a child himself.
  11. LadyoftheNorth72

    The Black Dog at the Purple Wedding

    I'm feeling stupid for asking this literally years and probably seven or eight complete read-throughs of the entire series, but I'll go nuts if I don't. I always do a read-through prior to a new season (wish I could say prior to a new book release), and this time I noticed a detail that I have somehow never picked up on before. Just as Joffrey has died and Cersei is sitting holding his body: "A thin black dog crept up beside her, sniffing at Joffrey's corpse. The boy is gone, Cersei,' Lord Tywin said. He put his gloved hand on his daughter's shoulder as one of his guardsmen shooed away the dog." I feel like my brain is exploding, partly because I never noticed this before, and partly because I have to believe there was some meaning behind this. I'm well aware that various animals, dogs especially, were customarily as common in dining halls as the people, but I find it difficult to imagine that Cersei would have allowed that to be the case for Joff's big feast. Obviously the Clegane standard bears three black dogs, but there's been no hint that I can recall of Sandor being a warg. He did have a habit of oddly popping up wherever Sansa was - almost to the point of being stalkerish. But wouldn't there need to be an animal he kept close to warg into, since skinchangers in this series do not actually change their own skin, but slip into that of others? Also, Sandor never seemed to have much personal affinity for Joff. However , he seems to have a bizarre affinity for both Stark girls (to the extent that he is able), developed independently of each other, and understood them both as they came to understand him. It's just pretty freaking weird that the animal on the Clegane standard would randomly show up at a formal wedding feast, wander through the crowd for a "hmm" sniff at the murdered king's body, then vanish. Thoughts? Mehs?
  12. Well, here we go again... watching all seasons back to back, so we can keep straight what is tv canon and what is book.

  13. Of course, why not BEGIN winter in the middle of February. Welcome to north Texas.

  14. Thank goodness for forums which can rescue me from an entire day of having to stare at freakin football.