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  1. LadyoftheNorth72

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    After reading A Treatise to the Pea, I have a headache, so I'm just going to throw this out there: I don't believe for a moment that the different perceptions of Cat and Jaime regarding Jeyne's hips was an error or oversight at all.
  2. LadyoftheNorth72

    Jojen Paste

    I will have to wait for further clarification from the next book (which apparently my grandchildren will read to me on my deathbed) on the paste issue, because it makes me ill to contemplate. However, barring some type of miracle or DEM or large twist, it seems a given that Jojen, Meera and Hodor will live out their mortal days there in the caves. Even with Coldhands' help and the elk, they barely made it there alive, and now the cave exit is blocked off by Others. Say they could get past the Others... they have no guide or supplies or (in Jojen's case) strength to get home. I'm certainly not saying it's impossible that something will happen to rescue them and get them safely back south, but I hope it's written carefully and well; it has too much potential to turn into a fairy tale.
  3. Well, here we go again... watching all seasons back to back, so we can keep straight what is tv canon and what is book.

  4. Of course, why not BEGIN winter in the middle of February. Welcome to north Texas.

  5. Thank goodness for forums which can rescue me from an entire day of having to stare at freakin football.