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  1. RT @jk_rowling: How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad. https://t.co/hFO0XmOpPH

  2. RT @trccampeche: ¡Buen día! “La adaptabilidad es acerca de la poderosa diferencia entre adaptarse para sobrevivir y adaptarse para ganar” -…

  3. RT @donsview: New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accuses government of being "poverty deniers in #TUC15 speech http://t.co/sj0rNUrvBs http://t…

  4. Headed back to sheff... Sad to be leaving home :( (@ Morley Railway Station (MLY)) http://t.co/8sgxbAxC

  5. What you don't know can't hurt you, what you know can hurt you, what you don't know can actually hurt you, what you know still hurts

  6. Just about to go into work... Kinda of need these 4 hours for essay writing but oh well [pic]: http://t.co/7qFlOpPB

  7. Yet again waiting for the  (@ Meadowhall Interchange (MHS)) http://t.co/uBwGyjOm

  8. Want a book about strategy that makes sense? Try @MaxMckeown "The Strategy Book" http://t.co/xnQQdYI7

  9. For some reason just couldn't sleep tonight so hopefully be able to nap today before work! #reallydulltweet

  10. Nuburak

    W:TW Information Collection

    Do you think there's any chance of an update being released before Version 1.0? Because some of these models are epic e.g. Renly Baratheon
  11. Just leaving actually be back soon enough though (@ Meadowhall Shopping Centre w/ 4 others) http://t.co/SwCLAyE6

  12. So sad and so lonely, I wish I were dead. I wish I could truly love you but somethings wrong in my head #love #life

  13. Back at work... Again (@ Primark) http://t.co/vaNqh7mx