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  1. I was beating my brains out these last few days to understand how and why the average audience reacted so badly to this last episode, and I think you nailed it, even though I don't think Dany is the most popular character (I believe it's Jon, and I saw many casuals saying he was being too dumb, which means a lot given how dumb he's been in the past), but yes, I think the handling of Dany's descent surely plays a part in the general dissatisfaction too.
  2. Almost the same, but season 4 was starting show some hints of what was to come (Sandor and Arya coming to the Gates and nobody recognizing the Hound or trying to find out who they were, the duel between Brienne and Sandor etc.). Dorne in Season 5 was also crucial to my breaking point which finally happened with the Sansagate.
  3. Bini

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    App is looking good. An issue I found today: In Stannis's entry, it is said that Melisandre sends a shadow to murder "Ser Jon Penrose" (not Cortnay).
  4. Bini

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    Is there any news about Bantam shutting down the app? I heard this rumour last year, but seeing a comment by @Ran about a new update, and since we're already in march and the app's still up, I'm not inclined to give it much credit.
  5. Boremund indeed was great-uncle to Rhaenys and great-great-uncle to Laenor. Being half-brother to Jaehaerys and Alysanne, he was also uncle to Aemon, thus great-uncle to his daughter and great-great-uncle to his grandson. I agree that the closest relation should be the one mentioned, though.
  6. Bini

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I tend to believe he got Dragonbinder from Pree and the warlocks. I suppose it was their "weapon" of some sort, being magical and all, to try and exact revenge against Daenerys. When Euron captured them, he also learned of the horn and its power. About the FM, I still think the hypothesis of him paying them with the dragon egg he allegedly had (instead of throwing it into the water) is a plausible explanation. Don't think they'd "work" with someone.
  7. Bini

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    Minor issue: The "R'hllor' entry states: "Thoros of Myr is dispatched to the Seven Kingdoms in an attempt to win the conversion of King Robert, (...)" Thoros was sent to convert Aerys II.
  8. Bini

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Oh, glad to know the blank pages thing wasn't happening just in my case. I've just added the command Ran suggested (?action=purge) to the URL of a page I was having problems with (Storming of the Dragonpit), and it seems to have solved it.
  9. Bini

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    The image in Aegon Targaryen's article shows up as a miniature at the character selection screen, but in the actual article there there is no full-sized version of it. Seems like a bug. Nice to see Syrio's "Place of death" listed. Also, I didn't know Rhaegar was actually born at Summerhall. I always thought it was just on the same day the tragedy took place (I know this was there since the older version, but it is a nice bit of information anyway). And @Francisco Araujo da Costa, there are ways to download the app in other countries. I am a Brazilian resident myself and have done so (Android version).