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    GRRM WoW Twist

    It could also simply be Jon not dying. Technically, he is alive in the books and died in the show. Or Roose Bolton.
  2. alienarea

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    Guess that topic ran out of steam quickly so let me ignite the thread with stating an unpopular opinion: GRRM has / had a crush on his sister, and we get all the incest in return.
  3. R'hllor might simply be a version of ruler? The one true god whose name shall not be spoken - a burning bush?
  4. Just an observation: the IMHO most interesting characters are men closer to GRRM's age (when he wrote): Tywin, Roose, Mance, ... Maybe a theme for a future heresy: outside looking in? We need to analyze GRRM to see missing pieces?
  5. I can imagine Robert not taking Varys serious because he's an eunuch. I guess Robert wasn't afraid of anyone without a dick.
  6. The phrase "a certain man" also sounds like FM talk.
  7. A bit off topic from the Varys-Rugen discussion, but I fail to understand why Robert hasn't had Varys killed. That's what usually happens in a rebellion.
  8. And his end in the show felt rushed, a Blackfyre subplot having been cut (along with fAegon) would help to explain.
  9. I meant the original Varys to be killed by a Faceless Man before coming to Essos. But I guess it would not work, how long is Jaqen with Arya until he leaves?
  10. No need to apologize Don't we always stray over here?
  11. Not sure how we got from wolves, dragons and other familiars to Rugen and Varys, but this is Heresy. What if a Faceless Man murdered the original Varys? That would explain how Jaqen H'ghar ended up in the black cells - he just changed face.
  12. I guess I posted it once or twice before ;) in hindsight maybe less would have been more. Skip Daenerys and the dragons and tell the North.
  13. I can also imagine that GRRM's Mance got too complicated; his history with the Nightwatch, his black cloak with red silk, the Abel-Bael thing ... In the books, I wonder whether Mance and Roose know each other? And I do not believe that Ramsay kills Roose in the books.
  14. I know the show, could rewatch it if necessary (don't want to), kept my previous post a bit vague to avoid spoiling. The possibilities I see: - Mance originally got executed as in the show by GRRM, but then GRRM liked the character and came up with the Rattleshirt switch, open ended. - Mance has a part to play in the books but it wasn't discussed between GRRM and DD because they only talked main characters or didn't ask about Mance - DD just butchered him because 'creatively it made sense'
  15. Given how unspectacular the army of the dead threat ends in the show and there isn't a Night King to lead the White Walkers in the books, I wonder whether Mance who opened graves in the Frostfangs (IIRC, is Joramun buried there?), opens the right grave in the crypts and ends the White Walker thread, maybe giving his life in the process?
  16. Not sure when I joined in on a discussion of the letter the last time, seems years ago. The information in the letter seems to point at Mance or Ramsay, a co-authorship seems unlikely. Ignoring what I know from the tv show, I would bet on Mance as the writer while Ramsay rides out to fight Stannis.
  17. Oh, come on. The Star Wars plan. Create a diversion and allow Ned to strike for the kill. Alternatively, he dropped chivalry and used a crossbow.
  18. One could interpret it as Dawn being carved out of the bones of Michael Jackson ... ... which is confirmed by the Hardhome video 'Thriller'. Of course, Michael Jackson was Rhaegar and Jon Snow is the love child of Michael Jackson and ... Madonna? :P
  19. Mayhaps King Arthur will have to rise November 1st, 2019
  20. And I haven't irritated you yet either, as far as I know.
  21. What I was aiming to express is that, though it is not finished, it is maybe perfect as it is. Because GRRM manages to create a fascinating snapshot of a fantasy world that has all kinds of people speculating, theorizing, arguing and so on. We would not do that as long and enthusiastic as we do if the story had been finalized by now. Most of us would have moved on to the next story. It has become more of an Iliad than a Lord of the Rings. In the Iliad, we get a snapshot of a longer battle, and the end is told in prophecies but not in the story itself. We do not know, if there has been a Trojan war, and if Achilles, Agamemnon, Priam, ... were based on real people, but we have various contradicting sources of "how events really went down" and "what really happened after". This is more or less what ASoIaF is right now. Of course, we know that these events never happened, but we have incredibly detailed characters that feel "alive": Ned, Catherine, Tyrion, Tywin, Daenerys, ... And, as of now, we have different possible endings we can discuss, speculate and theorize on for years to come. I am unsatisfied as the story does not have an end and a lot of things have not been explained or are contradicting. But, isn't that a perfect simulation of real life?
  22. In some years we will learn that GRRM finished exactly as he wanted to finish - after five books, with a bittersweet ending. Everything else was just hype for the show.
  23. Red River is one of my favorite movies, no problem :)
  24. I wasn't there, redriver was. My comment was meat to state that GRRM does the same thing for years: attending conventions, being cryptic, not advancing. I'm afraid he reached a point where he makes more money out of and is more famous for an unfinished series than if he were completing the story.