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  1. From Jon's "Darth Vader Dream" he seems to be destined to become Night's King 2.0 - though different than in the show. And he may die at peace when he reaches the crypts of Winterfell. I don't think Arya will kill the Night's King (Jon) in the books.
  2. In real life history, magic was a label for physics and or forces of nature mankind didn't understand back then. If we treat magic as a label, then ice and fire magic are different aspects of the same physics, which may or may not require the red comet. Bloodraven is (was?) knowledgeable about more aspects of magic than anyone we know of. He's the prince that was promised regarding magic. And he's kind of John the Baptist to Jon 'Jesus' Snow. Bran, of course, is the Devil.
  3. In hindsight, the most problematic part of the tv series is the Night's King 2.0. We do not have that character in the books. The only significant thing Jon does in the tv series after being resurrected is killing Ramsay. Which makes me wonder whether in the books - the tv scenes with Jon and Daenerys become Daenerys and fAegon - Theon kills Ramsay with a grey goose arrow - Jon not only feels the cold but becomes the Night's King 2.0 ???
  4. GRRM has set expectations that Jon will be brought back from the dead by having Beric and Lady Stoneheart cheat death. To subvert his own trope Jon should stay dead.
  5. I didn't say that fArya is not needed, just what Ramsay does to her. Just more shock for shock's sake.
  6. It is free to do this, otherwise the books would have been censored. I fail to see how the examples I brought up are necessary for the story, and if they are not, then they are not needed. We already knew that Ramsay is a sick psycho from what he does to Theon, so the fArya treatment is not needed for the story. Arya is simply too young in the Mercy chapter. It's on the wrong side of pedophilia.
  7. Additionally, there's option three. There are a lot of similarities between Jon Snow and Bobby Ewing ...
  8. What Ramsay is doing to fArya and the Mercy chapter is just sick. A man could write a fantasy series without this.
  9. Theon should be the one to kill Ramsay with a grey goose arrow.
  10. They probably come up with Ygritte's lost twin sister being chased by the Night King, who needs to be killed in a special way ...
  11. Daenery wore some white fur at some point in time. My understanding of the lack of wolves on the tv show is that the scenes were expensive (a mix of upscaled footage of real wolves and computer generated graphics) and less spectacular than dragons.
  12. It's not about quality or content but profit. Apparently the Disney spin-offs of Star Wars are doing well, so the will create mini-series titled 'The Lord Commander', 'A Girl', 'The Imp', ... I guess they would not think about it without having obtained the rights. Which leads me to the conclusion that GRRM sold everything and we will not get another book. Which is fine, everyone needs to earn money, but be please be honest about it. I guess TWoW will be released when the sun rises in the West.
  13. A couple of online magazines reported it, I guess that means there is some substance to it. Kit Harrington's career is also not taking off, that's how these things get born.
  14. At this point in time I believe that ASoIaF is done and GRRM left a lot in the balance so everyone can create his/her own ending. And because there was money to be made he sold DnD the rights to create their ending.
  15. Not sure how another dead Stark could help at this point ;)
  16. I get your point. But is it always bear ancestry regardless of your family totem or is it bear ancestry for the Mormonts, wolf ancestry for the Starks ... and blood of the dragon for the Targaryens? Whatever, in my understanding it wouldn't imply bastard daughters of Brandon Stark continuing House Stark but Sansa or Arya producing a male heir with a consort.
  17. Interesting aspects for sure, but for my taste they get carried away with bear ancestry. Transposing the Mormont "bear ancestry" to House Stark leads to "wolf ancestry", which was supposedly touched in the not published "She-Wolves of Winterfell". This is what Sansa has been set up for from the beginning. Queen training in Winterfell, King's Landing, and the Vale. Snowflake communion. Slaying a giant. Rebuilding a castle. She'll pick a "wolf lover" as royal consort and continue House Stark. Finally, throwing a curve ball: Mayhaps the Pale Queen of the Others was looking for some "bear ancestry" herself, picking the Night's King as a consort? The Other Starks ;)
  18. What stuck out to me when I read your post was that you associate the Night's King with the powers of old, in my understanding the CotF. His sorceries would then be greenseeing like Bran. Which fits with Bran becoming king in the end - Night's King 2.0. If you believed this were to have a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention.
  19. I know we discussed it years ago. After the release of ADwD, so no new evidence, unfortunately. However, perception changes over time. I don't believe we are going to read about ice spiders. The tales told by Old Nan happened a long time before she was born. They may have some truth, but they certainly have changed over time. Family stories change from great grandmother to grandmother to mother without bad intentions, and when this happens over many generations the details have usually been adjusted to tell a better story.
  20. What about this: The original long night is the conflict between Winterfell and the Barrow King. It's a long conflict, maybe initiated by the Barrow King, and some Northern kingdoms united (watchers on the walls) and fought back. Last hero survives with help of the CotF. Marries the daughter of the Barrow King and becomes the Night's King. He's Brandon the Breaker not for bringing down the Night's King, but breaking the sorcery with the help of Joramun. That establishes the wall and Brandon the Breaker as ruler of Winterfell. The wildlings including Joramun are people of the Barrow King. When Mance dug in the Frostfangs, he initiated the return.
  21. Thank you for providing the words from the book. A few things that stand out after all those years: 1. "A Stark of Winterfell". Where there other Starks? Is Stark a title, we discussed this before. For example, if Stark is mayhaps the word for hero in the old tongue, then the last hero is the last stark, and founded house Stark after the CotF helped him? 2. As initially posted a few posts up, if Brandon Stark "the Breaker" threw down the Night's King, who was his brother, then the brother would not have been named Brandon, too. 3. This establishes Old Nan as an unreliable narrator. Which is fitting, as she is a very old woman. Unrelated: the song about the rat cook is popular in the seven kingdoms, but songs about the last hero or the Others aren't. Maybe because this is only Northern lore?
  22. Doesn't Old Nan tell Bran that the Night's King was a Brandon Stark and mayhaps slept in the same bed as Bran? If this is true, than Brandon the Breaker has to be the Night's King, because having brothers both named Brandon doesn't make sense.
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