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  1. It would be an ironic twist, and I think on GRRM would like, if people in Westeros blame not being faithful to the old gods, breaking the pact with the CotF, slaying parts of your family, or a combination of those, for the long night, ... ... when it is really caused by some huge volcano(s) blowing up in the Essos. Epilogue: the volcano(s) blowing up are caused by the Targaryen's creating dragons. The Targaryens caused the long night! PS: yes, he said it was magic and the moon split. Mountains of the moon became a volcano.
  2. Maybe we could feed ChatGPT with the five books by GRRM plus our heresies and ask it to write TWOW?
  3. I hope you are all healthy and safe. Just checking if there is anything new. Maybe a new crackpot? Nothing. In my book Westworld season 5 got cancelled because Dolores didn't want to migrate to the Planetos theme park and Hurley was too lazy to move the island.
  4. The White Walkers rose to go to Starfall to claim what's theirs?
  5. Dawn seems to be missing. Ned claims he returned it to House Dayne, but is this true? If Dawn is the sword of the Night King, maybe Ned picking it up after defeating Arthur Dayne triggered the rise of the White Walkers? And that is what Mance will do in the crypts - remove Dawn from the Night's King buried there and thus ending the White Walkers?
  6. I cannot contribute anything new at this point in time. In 2022, amongst others, we lost the Queen, Pele, and the former pope. I wish you all a safe and healthy 2023.
  7. It wasn't. In my opinion Season 3 with the character played by Vincent Cassel and introducing Aaron Paul killed it. It felt like "our story isn't good anymore but we have these actors. Season 4 was much better except for episode 10. The end of episode 9 with the clone of the Man in black leaving a destroyed utopia while David Bowie's "The man who sold the world" play in the background is my perfect ending for the show.
  8. Out of the two, I would suspect Cersei. She would have had access to Robert's belongings and Jaime would have recognized Valyrian steel.
  9. Basically, the matrix is reset time after time. "It only ends once. Everything else is just progress."
  10. Will check it out, thank you Was busy creating another album myself, but am done now.
  11. Finally, they would starve because they wouldn't catch enough food unless they are being fed.
  12. It's a bit disappointing that magical creatures are limited by the laws of physics. Too fat to fly?
  13. The story ends with A Dance with Dragons and The Winds of Winter will not be released.
  14. Having seen the Westworld series season 1 - 4 I sometimes wonder whether we are reading about Westerosworld And are bots in StrangeWorld ourselves.
  15. Honestly, I'm too confused with my approaches to digest ASoIaF that I only follow your (or anyone else's) theory now and then.
  16. Alternatively, GRRM has become a sloppy writer and we misinterpret it as riddles within riddles.
  17. As Melisandre travels close to the lands of ice, her counterpart should travel close to the lands of fire ... Quaithe.
  18. Another option is that the catspaw is one of the Faceless Men? He would be able to fetch the dagger from Robert's quarters, and not care about the dagger's value. We do not know about the motives of the Faceless Men. Maybe Jaqen is on a mission to kill Bran as well? It's a bit suspicious that the motives of the Faceless Men weren't revealed in the tv series, though Jaqen was quite popular.
  19. It is most likely overthinking, but if the catspaw had succeeded and Bran had been killed, the plans of the 3EC would have failed. The Valyrian steel dagger would help against the Others, though. Like a trade-off. Who would want that?
  20. Not sure I have Rings of Power. I'm in Germany and have Amazon Prime and Netflix. Also working on a new record on top of my full-time job.
  21. Yes, I still refuse to watch HotD. Watched Westworld, though.
  22. There's a reason why the Valyrian language is genderless.
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