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  1. Eugh what the hell was that episode trying to pull? Only gave it 3/10 (worst ever score from me): - The Dorne saga felt like an utter letdown, with 8 episodes of dull, non-nonsensical plotting that ended with an all too happy ending... we kept waiting for the big twist and just felt there was no point to any of the Dorne material or Sandsnakes whatsoever. - Arya's plotline (which we adore in the books) felt flat and predictable - my hubby hasn't ready the WoW Mercy chapter but can guess what will happen. - The fact we didnt even see Ramsay (and that Stannis' camp was so easily infilitrated) felt cheap...for a moment I saw a flash of bookStannis in "hang the guards", but from then on I don't see why we couldn't see tough Stannis sticking out the rough weather instead of relying on RedVelvet and sacrificing the daughter who he (in the book) wants to see seated on the throne if he dies. Her death was frankly disgusting, and grotesque. Positive stuff: - The Wall was ok. - I loved most of Daenerys and the pit, especially the Jorah/Dany hands moment. This scene saved the episode.
  2. Isy

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    The ending was super cheesy, especially as the freeing the slaves plot has been poorly explained / demonstrated on screen. I guess after the RW they want to leave viewers with something positive to end on, but in truth I think the final image wasn't up there with previous seasons. If we had then transitioned to Beric Dondarrion and the BwB coming across a corpse, passing on the kiss of fire and seeing LS open her cold eyes and let out a noiseless scream it would have been a really strong image to end on and finally give some purpose to the BwB this season. I fear we will either not get LS now, or that seeing her next season will feel too dragged out... viewers will have had best part of a year to get over the RW and losing Cat, and then boom she is back. Generally though the episode was a good finale, using lots of small scenes that worked to get us up to speed on what everyone is upto. I really enjoyed the Roose/Frey scenes and transition to Theon/Ramsay, and later to Asha/Balon (although Balon looked too clean!). I liked Asha (or whatever her show name is) a lot this episode and thought the actress did a really good job here at doing a lot with very little dialouge. I particularly liked Arya and the Hound, I could pretty much watch them together for a whole season. Bran and his story was fab, and in combination with what Tyrion says to Tywin, works to hammer home is that the Freys have broken guestright. Sam/Gilly and Bran and later Aemon was all good, although I remember the passageway under the Nightfort being way cooler in the books with a door only Nights Watch can use. Jon/Ygritte scene worked for me although overall I feel way more for Ygritte than I do Jon -- not sure if it is because Rose Leslie just owns Yrgitte or in the books we only have Jon's POV, but in the show Jon comes across a bit wet and well... a complete git really! I really, really like the TV versions of the King's Landing and Dragonstone cast, but I just didn't much like the scenes or writing for them in the episode. Tyrion/Sansa and Varys/Shae scenes are all far too lovey-dovey for me, and Sansa is coming across as way way way too trusting of Tyrion; looking forward to seeing big changes in her direction next year. The small council meeting was good but the Tywin/Tyrion dialouge was overkill. I enjoy Cersei/Tyrion scenes, but this just felt like a rehash of scenes from previous seasons -- I would much rather have seen more reaction from Cersei when seeing Jamie. Talking of which, where did his horses and guard get to? As for Dragonstone -- Melisandre is chilling as ever, Shireen/Davos was cute, but I didn't particularly like the Gendry/Davos scenes --- a lot more drama could of been put into these. Also I can't even remember when Davos was named hand and why he is suddenly using that title. And seriously, Gendry who has never rowed before has to get from Dragonstone to KL... is Gendry going to become Patchface!?!!
  3. Isy

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Super cheesy ending, but generally episode was good at covering lots of story. 8/10
  4. I tried watching the episode again, but as soon as I saw Robb and Cat I had to turn it off again. The ending was so distressing that it may take me a few days before I can rewatch it. Am absolutely dreading re-reading these chapters once I get to them!
  5. Another fantastic episode.Pacing slightly strange because of the scene changes, but overall this kept the pace fast andmeant the episode was an emotional rollercoaster all the way to end of the silent credits. I thought they dealt with the RW very well, it may differ from book RW but this was the TV show's take on it, and they did bloody well.
  6. Isy

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Much better episode than the previous two. Really, really enjoyed this one. I gave it 9/10 as I thought the plots meshed well and didn't feel overcrowded (each scene was given time to breathe), the scenes were generally straight from the books and the Marg/Cersei scene was a welcome addition and clever way to explain the Rains of Castamere. Nitpicks of the week: Sansa bowing to have the cloak put on her shoulders (presumably so the show doesn't make her look like a bitch since they've white-washed Tyrion) and discussing names for Gilly's child when I thought they normally wait a year because of chance of baby dying and Cersei outright threatening Marg (too overt, where is the subtelty!) I still think I would have preferred the Sansa wedding to have been sprung on her, and her to be more hard to the whole ceremony. She just seemed to willing to go along with it, because she has been given time to think it through and been encouraged by Margarey. I am not sure where they are going with the Cersei/Loras plot, other than dragging it out.
  7. Isy

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    Thank you for all the recommendations. I have just finished reading, and would recommend, Robin Hobb's series of books that relate to the Elderlings. They were recommended to me by a friend and while at first I struggled to get into the story, by the time I got a third of the way into the first book, 'Assassin's Apprentice', I was hooked. There are four series of books, all set in the same world and which in many ways form part of one larger storyline. The first trilogy (Farseer trilogy) follows Fitz, a royal bastard who finds himself relocated to the capital of the Six Duchies under the watchful eyes of his father's stablemaster Burrich. As Fitz ages he must learn to adapt to his new life and remain useful to the King, by being trained as an assassin. Fitz must also learn to control ancestral magics that he barely understands, contend with the riddles of the royal Fool and deal with the spiteful Prince Regal (a villain who appears a little wooden at first, but becomes truly maelovalent as the books go on). This trilogy follows Fitz's PoV and this is well executed as his narrative reflects the character and his situation aptly. I know other readers find his bouts of melachony and depression "whiny", certainly I felt drained after some chapters, but then Fitz has to endure a lot. I would agree that the first two books can feel slow, but the payoffs are fantastic, the end of the second book (Royal Assassin) was utterly superb. The use of magic is a slow-build in the books, but becomes increasingly important and by later books we have a well-established magic use system including the Wit (animal-human linking), the Skill (telepathic abilities and use of "silver") and "dragons". The chronological follow-up is the ' Liveship Traders' which is my favourite in the series. These books follow the fate of the Vestrits, a trading family whose ship is sentient (a liveship), plus a pirate and a tangle of serpents. PoVs are shared by multiple characters, and I can't express enough how detailed, beautifully-flawed, interesting and engaging these characters are, with the family dynamics so wonderfully expressed throughout the narrative. The characters of Kennit, Althea and Malta are particularly memorable and the evolution of Malta so well written and paced. The book further features a character well known to the reader from the Farseer trilogy, and although the link is not always clear, its presence works well to link the trilogies together. In these books, the awakening of the Vestrit liveship creates a rift in the family, resulting in much of the family being broken apart, until fate brings the serpents, liveships and pirates together... there are lots of shocking moments and some though-provoking themes (slavery, role of women in society, humans place in the world), which blended with the fantasy elements (the serpents, the liveships, dragons, the mysterious 'Rain Wilds') makes for a mastery of a series. I actually read the 'Tawny Man' trilogy after the Farseer trilogy -- nothing wrong in doing this, but I would recommend reading Farsser > Liveships > Tawny > RainWildChronicles as this will cause less confusion. In this trilogy we return to a narrative in the Six Duchies many years after we last saw it. A new generation exists now and the appearance of the Tawny Man kicks off a new adventure. It is a good trilogy, and if you enjoyed the Assassin's Apprentice trilogy, then you will love this too. Probably my least favourite trilogy in the set, in part because it doesn't take the risks that the other books do and compared to the "grey-alignment" characters feautured in Liveship Traders, the characters here can feel sullen and too black-or-white. Still far better than most other fantasy I've read though! Finally, we have the Rain Wild chronicles... literally finished these books last night! This time we follow a new set of characters who are tainted (mutated) by prolonged exposure to Elderling (dragon friends who died generations ago) ruins and artefacts, who must escort malformed dragons away from human civilisation. We also get to visit some of the favourite characters from the Liveship books and even get some returning PoVs from that trilogy later on (although it is unfortunate that Reyn comes off as a bit one-dimensional here). This helps continue an ongoing narrative on the return of dragons to the world. Hobb does an excellent job at making the dragons think so very differently from the human characters, and while Sintara is particularly frustrating you do care for the fate of each of the dragons. We have some very intricate and messed-up characters (Hest, Sedric and The Duke in particular) which make them so much more interesting to read about. This one features a bit of a love-triangle (Thymara, Tats and Rapskal), which was compelling to an extent, but compared to the burgeoning relationship of a married noble woman (Alise) and a captain of a barge (Leftrin), or the destructive, violent relationship between Sedric and Hest, it comes off as a distraction. Book one and three are frustratingly short and book 1 in particular ends in a strange place, but books 2 and 4 make up for this. There are some great twists in these books, both in stroyline and unexpected PoVs which benefit the storyline greatly, and I was really happy with where the final chapter left things, answering most of our questions but still allowing te reader to wonder at the ongoing fate of favourite characters and dragons!
  8. I think they showed that she had to move fast before he was killed and she lost the hostage that could allow her to get her girls back. Oh yes, almost forgot that! :) LOL! :D Yes, I get that! But I didn't really get why Dagmer finding some crushed walnut would make him and Theon immediately think of Rickon! It is not as if the family on that farm could not have eaten walnuts. Just seemed such a weird thing to connect Rickon and Bran to that location. Yeah I did get that impression too! I can envisage a scene when Tywin leaves Harrenhal where he gives Arya a cold look as he leaves, showing that as much as they might've enjoyed a chat or three, he doesn't give a crap about her.
  9. fascinating episode. Lots of juicy backstory, memorable scenes and interesting changes from the book: Winterfell: Nice to see Rickon speaking, and cute little scene of the foursome on the lamb! The unhinged Theon is a delight to watch - at this stage Alfie Allen has mastered the flipping between utter disgust at himself, to taking pleasure from his sick actions. I didnt get why Theon's 2nd in command called Theon over to look at walnuts!?! Why would that mean anything. Otherwise all the Winterfell scenes were done well. I noticed one or two people asking "didn't they go straight to the crypts" but I thought they went into the woods then circled back? Maester Luwin's AND Theons' reactions at the end were well played - but will watch this with my fiance later to judge whether non-book-readers can guess it isn't Bran and Rickon. King's Landing: Sansa is an absolute triumph - the actress is playing her part so perfectly. The horror at her "blossoming" was pitched well, and go Shae - I know she is an unpopular character, but this one scene brought did her well. I cannot believe we've not had a single Shae/Tyrion scene since what, Episode 2? Seems too long!I really enjoyed the interactions between the Hound and Sansa. Tyrion's chain is still not mentioned - hopefuly next week? Cersei and Sansa's scene was great. Wasnt so keen on the Tyrion and Cersei scene as I felt Cersei was giving too much away and that felt out of character to let her guard down with him - but their dialouge was still fab. Quarth: Where is Doreah? From future scenes from the book, she is going to need a handmaiden still, just so HBO can have more gratutious scenes. I haven't read enough of the comments here (yet) to gauge whether the changes are seen as popular: but I really like them. Dany has been played for a fool by Xaro, the killing of the 11 of the 13 was sinister and well-shot, and the drama has been sufficiently heightened. As with the books I am a big fan of Quaithe - but I wish she was having mysterious scenes with Dany, as opposed to the more "normalising" scenes with Jorah. Harrenhal: The opening shot was fab - finally showing what you feel from the books: Harrenhal is a big desolate and depressing castle full of fear. I am SO glad we get these Arya/Tywin scenes - I like that we see some vulnerability and we get an idea of his feelings on this war. The good parts of this dialouge involved Arya's contribution to the Aegon/dragon's tale. Also liked that Tywin caught Arya's poshness, he is clearing sussing her out - and i LOVED that he drew parallels to her and Cersei as that is how I have been justifying him putting up with Arya and enjoying his time with her. I am also glad he told her to watch her tounge! Please Arya was considering how she could kill Tywin and also that Tywin has Arya pretty sussed out. The North: You know nothing Jon Snow - YES YES YES! Line delivered perfectly. I saw a few people bemoaning Ygritte grinding Jon last week - but this was all part of the book, that she fancied him and wanted to get in his pants, and wind him up about his lack of sexual knowhow. This episode continued that and also gave us some of the best dialouge and understanding of the Wildings v Crows story. Was gripping. I wasn't so keen on the final scene where Jon gets taken captive, as I wanted the scenes from the book where he interacted much more with Quorin Halfhand - I pray this still comes. Riverlands: "In your later years you're more She-wolf, there is barely any fish left in you!" -- what a line. Caitlin was perfect in this episode (the actress does so well with her), and the ruthlessness of Jamie at this point is so well done. That last scene involving Jamie, Cat and Brienne - although set in a different location to where we see it in books, where I think Jamie was also drunk - was so frickin good. Jamie's side remarks about Brienne, his mocking over Ned/Jon... oooh cannot wait for more! All in all, I thought the episode was my favourite so far this season. We spent good time with each set of characters and were permitted good doses of dialoiuge that explained or questions motivations (Jon/Ygritte, Cat/Jamie, Sansa/Cersei) - but I do think we could do with certain threads being brought out again: - Where is Stannis and Davos? It has been too long since we've seen them - even a simple scene in the last episodes to show they are en route would've been good. - All seems too relaxed in King's Landing; Cersei seems oblivious to the danger they face, Tywin is still in Harrenhal and not fussed and Tyrion is just pouring over a letter. - Tyrion and Shae need some interaction - I think of her as Sansa's maid now, and barely remember she has anything to do with Tyrion. - I will be miffed if Quorin and Jon don't have more time together - I always saw him as a strong influence on Jon in the books. - It is time for Twyin to leave Harrenhal to put Arya in a more dire situation; as his servant she hasn't been giving us eyes on the horrendous situation in Harrenhal (beyond when she first arrived) - she seems too comfortable there right now.
  10. One of the best episodes so far. Absolutely gripping twith interludes of poignant backstory. Some very memorable scenes. Nice amount of time with each set of characters. Changes to Quarth are brilliant. Jon Snow changes: first half good, last scene too much of a change (potentially). 9/10
  11. Yeah I thought it was meant to be a hill sticking out of a wintry forest - it looked way too exposed! See, I actually felt this worked. How the scene went very quiet just with Bran's voice and the slowing of the camera - thought it was really cleverly done. Also, without J/M there, Winterfell feels that much more isolated. I thought Bran's scenes were all in all brilliant this episode and I found myself really cheering for him when he took charge re: Torrhen's Square. I envisage J/M turning up early Season 3, finding Bran, Osha, Hodor and Rickon in the woods when all else seems very bleak for those characters.
  12. Took it from 9 to 10 for me :) Was the best episode of the season for me. I found all the book to screen changes worked for me today, including character based changes. Quaithe was only one who really didn't fit with my image, but it was acceptable..