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  1. Wow. Thanks alot for sharing this with us.

    It's a great chapter and it gives me high hopes for the quality of ADWD. As to Coldhand's identity: did we ever see Benjen wear ringmail? Overall, the fact that CH does not reveal his identity to Bran would imho rather indicate that he is not Benjen (as was pointed out before, revealing himself would increase the trust of the group towards him drastically). This is supported by the fact that he himself seems to control the flock of ravens that accompanies the group. Were would Benjen have learned to warg that good? Being undead doesn't automatically give you super-warging abilities, I guess.

    Of course it's possible that the Three-Eyed-Crow controls the ravens over a huge distance, but the way Coldhands seems to be in direct contact with them make this less likely, imho.

    In general, the continuing presence of the ravens indicate that Bloodraven is most probably involved somewhere ("Bloodraven has a thousand eyes and one" plus a flock of ravens being the sigil of house Bracken(?) being strong arguments for this). Either he is Coldhands or he is the Three-Eyed-Crow.

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