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  1. The other topic about Mirri Maz Duur made me realise that there are some common elements between the birth of the dragons. Namely, the sacrifices. There is Falia Flowers, standing in for Drogo, Euron's unborn child instead of Rhaego and a priest, Aeron in place of Mirri Maz Duur. The way he spreads the rest of the priests, one per ship among his closest allies, instead of having them all on the Silence, suggests that they are meant to protect the ships form the spell. Which in itself suggests that Mirri's sacrifice played a similar role.
  2. It's the World of Ice and Fire app. Just checked the credits. It's actually Elio Garcia and Linda Antonson who wrote it. I guess they could tell us if it is open to interpretation, or if I should prepare to eat my words.
  3. The same could be said for the show. Ok, that's a cheap shot. The app also says that Ned is Jon's father and Young Griff is Rhaegar's son. It is meant to be a compilation of what is written in the books from the perspective in the books. There are tons of stuff that Martin leaves deliberately ambiguous. Furthermore, I doubt that Martin read and signed off on every single entry so there is room for interpretation from the person who actually wrote it. This is of course speculation. For all I know, Martin wrote those particular entries himself. In which case, touché. In short, the app is a perfectly fine resource, but it doesn't override the actual books. In this particular case, there are some things that makes me think that this is the interpretation of the person who wrote the app. For instance, it reads that Mirri offered to perform the ritual. That is not quite right. Dany practically begged her to do it. You could argue that she expected her to do that and that would be a solid argument if her behavior up to that moment didn't point to her being legit. Another thing that the app reads that is not quite like the book is that Mirri admits culpability. That is not actually true. What she says is that it was her god's will. As to the actual story, there are also some other facts that cast shadows on this. If Mirri actually wanted Rhaego dead, she didn't have to do anything. As a newborn, with Drogo dead, he was basically doomed. The new khals would have killed him. Also, while bitter and resentful, Mirri is not suicidal. In the next chapter, she bargains for her life. You could throw in the welfare of her surviving enslaved compatriots. After this, Eoreh was gang raped and murdered. So, she had very strong motivation to succeed. There are also some other questions that need addressing. If it didn't matter if Dany was in the tent or not, why did Mirri sent her away when Dany insisted being there? Why did Rhaego, an apparently healthy foetus until that point, came to resemble a long dead dragon? And why did Dany felt heat from the dragon eggs after the ritual? In truth, at first my understanding was exactly like yours. But later all these things didn't add up for me.
  4. That simply doesn't add up. She explicitly and in no uncertain terms told Dany to not go into the tent.
  5. If it is a question of Targaryen ancestry, there are tons of people with it. The Martells, along with half the noble hoses of Dorne, the Plums, probably the Daynes. There is also Stannis, Shireen along with all surviving Robert's bastards, Aegon if he is actually a Blackfyre, even that jailor Jaime interviewed in Feast, he is probably descended from Elaena Targaryen. Then, there have been speculations of other houses that Targaryen brides married into. And last but not least is there is Aegon IV, along with any other Targaryen boy that got frisky. We could have dragonseeds coming out of the woodwork. That is pit trap for Dany. She is inclined to trust the person who would successfully claim a dragon.
  6. I don't know how the horn works. I don't think Euron does either, he seemed kind of surprised the his man who blew it the first time died. And unless there are more glyphs inscribed that Moqorro didn't bother telling us about, the instruction manual kind of sucks. Victarion is sort of his canary in the mine for Euron, I think. He obviously has agents among the Iron Fleet. The dusky woman is one. It would be plausible for him to have a glass candle, through the Qartheen warlocks, so he could be monitoring the situation that way. We still have a lot of way to get there. But this prophecy seems like it's a plot point Martin is aiming for. There is separate foreshadowing for him riding a dragon in the Forsaken chapter, too. Dany won't be marrying for ships. He doesn't have enough and want be taking them east in any case. That's what the Volantenes are for. He might be able to offer her sea power on the other hand, which she will need to get her people across.
  7. Well, Drogo was dying, so him becoming a vegetable, but a stable one, is an improvement. Ultimately, I see he whole deal as a fuck-up. Mirri did what she set out to do. The stallion just wasn't enough to fully revive Drogo, or maybe he had already suffered brain damage, which needed to be treated separately from his chest wound, but it comes down to the same thing. She was Dany's slave and did what was told. The ritual worked the same for Rhaego and the eggs as well. It took the life of the living unborn foetus and gave it to the dead unborn dragons. The rest is Mirri being bitter after getting all the blame for doing as she was ordered, while the rest of the parties involved did the exact opposite of her instructions. She also, justifiably felt indignant at the notion that she should have been grateful to Dany. The only thing that I can ascribe her being disingenuous about, is that she was probably aware that the stallion wasn't going to cut it, but couldn't bring herself to suggest a living human to be sacrificed instead, she is after all a healer. Dany would have done it in her desperation. Her son's life was on the line. And it would have been Mirri's fellow slaves that would have gotten the axe.
  8. I don't think that this refers to any specific plan, rather than the need to deal with them. After all, Renly was plotting to have her replaced with Margaery and Stannis to have her executed.
  9. "Her silver was trotting through the grass, to a darkling stream beneath a sea of stars. A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly. A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. . . . mother of dragons, bride of fire . . ." Clash of Kings It has been long speculated that the bolded phrase refers to a Greyjoy. The "Forsaken" chapter has provided some definite context. The corpse is Aeron and the ship is Silence, as he is tied at the prow of said ship, probably as some sort of sacrifice. Her silver was a gift by Drogo, her husband and there is the phrase "bride of fire" accompanying this set of prophecies. It looks like it is referring to Dany's spouses. In short, this hints at Euron and Dany hooking up with Euron. From a less mystical perspective it also makes sense in a number of ways. Dangerous, assertive, bold, he is her type. She wouldn't be aware of his background in any detail. He could entice her with tales of Valyria, has mystical knowledge and artifacts and could potentially be a dragon rider, through the horn, making her predisposed to trust him. It looks like there's going to be a wedding.
  10. They didn't appear to have more than a perfunctory relationship. That said Robert's past image would and overall reputation as a mighty and charismatic warrior would appeal to Joffrey and furthermore it is the only rolemodel of a king he had. There is also the factor of reflected glory. The more he builds up Robert, the greater he looks by association. As for Bran, his fall basically ruined his vacation. Joffrey was forced to tone down his attitude and removed him as the center of attention. In short, he was annoyed. Given his personality, Robert's words gave him the impetus and rationalisation to act on those feelings. He didn't need much reason or excuse to hurt or kill people.
  11. I just mentioned their geographical proximity. This is the only current possibility of a meeting. Neither of them have any reason to go anywhere in the foreseeable future. As such speculation about their eventual meeting is premature at this stage. If anything I don't think it will happen anytime soon. Thematically Arya is linked to the Riverlands. There is also some foreshadowing about her interacting with dragons and krakens. She is also learning the languages of Pentos and Lys. There are also many reasons for Braavos to become a place of interest in its own right. Arya is character whose future course is the hardest to predict. Though I think she will be involved with Dany and Euron. That said I think there is a possibility for a meeting in the near future in Braavos. Baelish may soon find himself fleeing the Vale and Braavos is a likely refuge for him.
  12. The one thing I could say right now is that it will be awkward. Both have spent a lot of time apart and have had profound experiences. Other than that, it depends on the circumstances under which they meet and what has happened in between. As it stands right now, in terms of location they are quite close. The route between Gulltown and Braavos is one of the shortest and most frequented across the Narrow Sea. These are the easiest places for these two to meet. Though currently there is no indication whether either of them with whom or where.
  13. We can speculate that he has been in contact with Lady Stoneheart. She was heading to the Neck after hanging Merret Frey.
  14. I agree for the most part. What I wrote is reffering to the problems the positions bring him. He is simply does not have the clout to make good on the authority he should have in theory, in terms of prestige, military might and pedigree. Furthermore it is a contentious office which he acquired in dubious circumstances and has a tenuous claim to, which is why the Vale was on the brink of open revolt to deprive him of it as soon as he gained the position. His power lies in having a network of influence and making deals. Of course, having the title is better than not having it. If nothing else, he could well be kicked out of the Vale entirely if Robert dies. And being the Lord Protector gives him a place and a reason for people to deal with him and helps him expand his influence. The reason he is taking such risks is precisely because his status in the Vale is precarious. Essentially this is plan C. Plan A would have been a stable and manageable Lysa and B a healthy Robert whom he would have had the time to mold into his puppet, while ruling in his name. Sansa to Littlefinger is essentially Lysa 2.0.
  15. It doesn't seem as much as an ambition as it is setting himself up for the future. Sweetrobin, as things stand now seems unlikely to grow up to a healthy individual much less an effective lord of the Vale. Being the guardian of such an individual is a liability, besides the fact that it is a position with an expiration date, though I don't believe that he cares that much for the title as it is not much good to him. Meanwhile, public displays of Sweetrobin's frailty and demeanor would only be ammunition to his rivals in regards to his suitability for the role of guardian and Lord Protector. However, it is a risky strategy, because should Robert die before he has secured his position in Harry's circle he is in danger of being marginalised. He needs to find a way to stay relevant.
  16. He kind of did, by making the former stewards lords paramount, while there were many other, far more prominent houses. That meant that unity and effective leadership would be hampered. And it kind of worked. In historical conflicts, the Reach along with the Riverlands are the kingdoms most often divided.
  17. Not really. Sansa in the Vale is behaving more or less like she was in early Game chapters. Think of how she dealt with Renly and Barristan. That is her baseline personality when she is feeling secure. It is not a behavior of bastard but of the lady of the house. Compare Maya Stone and Jon. They are much more reserved and defensive. She was subdued in King's Landing due to grief, danger and awkward social position.
  18. Neither Littlefinger or Sansa, are trying to kill Sweetrobin. Littlefinger is Lord Protector because of Robert. He just has written him off as a future asset, so he is drugging him to keep up appearances with complete disregard about his long term health. As a method for murder it is hardly untraceable, unless he plans to kill the maester, too. Sansa is, however, in denial. Maester Colemon has been quite clear about the eventual outcome of giving him sweetsleep.
  19. It's Ramsay and an attempt at blackmail. He wants Jon to keep the Arya fraud a secret and threatens to expose Mance if Jon reveals Jeyne's identity. Of course as Theon and Jeyne have not arrived at Castle Black Jon has no idea what Ramsay is talking about. From Ramsay's perspective it is not such a bad deal. Jon has to turn over a bunch of strangers, a steward's daughter and Theon, who Jon has every reason to hate. And because he is Ramsay he peppers it with threats. One issue, that generally isn't brought up, is whether Mance is cooperating involuntarily or not. He has no loyalty to the Watch, Jon or Melissandre. There is nothing stopping him form making a deal once caught.
  20. I don't doubt that he could get Tywin, but you can't say that he could get him then and there, particularly with the restrictions of not killing anyone other than Tywin and obviously escaping undetected.
  21. Connington regrets not burning the Stony Sept down in order to kill Robert, instead of going door to door to find. He wants to be more like Tywin. That is a solid set up for him causing mass destruction. During that battle the town's bells rung, which he is haunted by. As for the wildfire cache, any battle will do.
  22. That’s the point. This is speculation. You don't when and if such an opportunity would arise.
  23. I wasn't answering particularly your post in particular, but the set up in the books about the destruction of King's Landing in the books revolves around the wildfire cache that Jaime neglected to tell anyone about. Since no one has the full picture, the greatest probability is that it will go off accidentally. In terms of characters, the one who is preoccupied with bells is Connington who coincidentally is itching to burn towns. There is zero set up for Dany.
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