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  1. I'm going to take your word about the shield. It doesn't look though as anyone remarking on it. And still his attitude to me doesn't strike me as someone who is preoccupied about marriage. I'm not contesting Sansa's importance in the story, but she's still one of many. Even with the other Starks, knowing that he betrayed their father, they didn't have any interactions with him so there wouldn't be much emotional resonance. The only other character that would care what happened to LF is Tyrion, but even he has moved on. LF's character is limited in scope without further intervention from Martin and therefore expendable.
  2. I don't believe that is the case. Regardless, if by hold you mean publically anounced, or that noone has challenged it that is ok. That noone has seen through it or that many someones did not I find a stretch. He's hardly the first to quarter his shield and he is of Arryn ancestry. It is the most prestigious of his blood, so it occupies the most. I don't see anything presumptous or bold about it. That would be the case if bor the moon and falcon solo. Also, he is not really hovering. Everyone pretty much expects him to be the lord of the Vale sooner or later. They are fawning over him, arranging tournaments for him to win etc.. Hardly the person who is hungry for status. And if he's been waiting for a prestigious for all his life why is he having his second bastard from a second girl and a lowborn one too? That is the subject for another thread but I disagree with that statement. The only characters who LF means anything to anymore are Lady Stoneheart and Sansa. To the rest he's barely a blip in the radar.
  3. @Colonel Green the five year gap was supposed to give the young characters time to age physically. It was never meant to materially alter the story. Regardless of the presence of the gap or no the circumstances of her sudden appearance in the Vale do not change. She came out of nowhere at the right time frame Sansa Stark disappeared from King's Landing. The people who would have figured it out at the time of her appearance. It would be even more likely that she would look more like a Tully at eighteen. I don't see him being more hungry for status than the next westerosi noble. The most I got from him is that he is indulged, pampered and spoiled. LF buying debt could be a pretext or his first unsuccessful effort to arrange the match or to exert control over Anya Waynwood. It still remains a fact that Anya Waynwood would be far more likely to be swayed if she knew Sansa's true identity whether LF told her or she figured it out on her own. Being the Tyrell's catspaw does not make him the grand villain of the story if they are is such a thing. I'm not saying that he will necessarily die now, but there is no particular need for him to stick around either. As a character he doesn't have anything to offer to the story. Powermongering is hardly unique and the role of the schemer with eyes to the throne is occupied by Varys. Any scheming he is like to do will affect the Vale and can be carried forth by Sansa. He is her demon and her mentor. She might deal with him now or along the way.
  4. It occurs to me that Euron may not know how the horn works or what he's doing. In the Dance chapter he mentions that Cragorn died out of nowhere. So, why not let the idiot brother play with it first?
  5. If the horn binds dragons to a bloodline, then that would work for Euron even if Victarion is the one blew or claimed it.
  6. Ok, lots and lots of setup. I think Sansa's days as Alayne are drawing to a close. There are too many holes in the story. There is the timing of Sansa's disappearance and Alayne's emergence, her being the right age, the fact that Lysa accepted her lover's bastard daughter into her household, he potential for people to ask around in Gulltown, LF fostered in Riverrun, the fact that the Vale was the most logical refuge for a fugitive Sansa and now she is at the Gates of the Moon where she can be observed freely. Hell, even LF could score points with many Vale lords for getting Ned's daughter out of the hands of the Lannisters. In fact, it looks to me like the easiest way for LF to arrange the match between Harry and Sansa would be to tell Lady Waynwood who she is. I don't think that there is anything is this chapter to contradict the Waynwoods knowing, either indepently or through LF. Every Waynwood so far in the books has been unfailingly courteous to Sansa, perhaps more than her station justifies. There is also the fact that Bronze Yohn allowed Harry to come and he has actually met Sansa. And then there is the line about Harry knowing who she is. As to his behavior, he may have been hung up on the girl Saffron and not more keen on the idea of marriage than Sansa was herself. As a result he is balking. Then later when Lady Waynwood reminds him what claims Sansa's blood brings he changes his attitude. Lyn Corbray has graduated from being LF's enemy to being his actual one. On one hand he's likely to continue doing what LF wanted him to do, but recompense and anyway doing a favor for Lyonel and probably that nameless merchant was more important and who was he going to tell anyway. I think that was LF's probable thinking. Lyn Corbray, however, has been repeatedly painted as a dangerous sociopath at the best of times, who is now frustrated, screwed and in need of cash. He's a loose cannon and he's probably going to do something really major. Shadrich the mouse is another Chekhov's gun. There is nothing to suggest and no need for him to be anything other than what he appears to be, a hunter on the trail. As he was introduced with the other two hedge knights it doesn't appear unlikely that they are two like minded fellows he met on the way. What he is looking for is a payday. Taking her to King's Landing is logistically extremely difficult, not to mention dangerous. If there have been any news from King's Landing, they'll know that neither Varys nor the Queen are in a position to pay them for anything. There is however a person on site who would be willing to pay handsomely for Sansa. That would be LF himself who has not been shy about displaying his wealth. One way to go about it would be blackmail but that carries the near certainty of getting his throat slit. The best way to go about it would be an abduction but not to King's Landing but to ransom her back to LF. Now this is something loose cannon Corbray could get on board. In such a scenario they could head towards the mountains to avoid getting caught straight away. Which would be a way to reintroduce Timmet the Heir. Other potential timebombs include Randa, Oswell whose three sons are probably being tortured right now and Lothor Brune who is increasingly trying to look more loyal to Sansa than to LF. On the big picture LF prospecting on food sounds is the big news of the chapter and highlights the Vale's future importance. On a last note, I don't think it is necessary for LF to continue breathing for long. He has played his part many times over and causing chaos is going to be redundant from now on as there is more than enough of it. Killing him would be an efficient way to kick Sansa center stage in an environment that is both challenging and presents opportunities.
  7. Sorry, I forgot the Rock. If he's married to the Lady of Storm's End and Casterly Rock, the Martels are set up to be one of the most powerfull houses of Westeros in the future.
  8. A few observations. The Faith has a vested interest in finding both Cersei and Margaery innocent. Margaery because she is popular and because if she is executed Mace and Tarly will butcher the HS and all his sparrows, which they are already inclined to do on general principle. Cersei because she passed the laws that allowed the Faith to rearm and because she has already been cowed. Mace is welded to Tommen, not glued. Particularly after Kevan's death, he is basically ruling the realm solo and he is doing it though Tommen. He will need to be forced to be abandon him. Tommen's rule either has to be on the verge of collapsing or to be offered more. He basically has everything, so it has to be the latter. The ideal situation for Dorne would be Aegon winning with Arianne as his queen and Cersei and Tommen dead, with Myrcela married to Trystane and getting Storm's End. They might just be able to pull it off. At the very least Aegon will need to marry Arianne, otherwise they gain nothing by helping him. I suspect the word Doran is waiting to commit his forces is not a message of Arianne's but news of her marriage to Aegon. It strikes me that there is very little mention of Margaery herself. If Mace might be unwilling to consider political ramifications and apply brute force, Margaery is not. We have seen her quietly playing her role impecably throughout Feast and building influence on her own. She insists on going through trial to clear her name and may be able to keep her father in line, like reminding him that they cannot afford to offend Dorne by denying Lady Nym her seat. The Tyrells have used as the blunt front to push their demands while the ladies take care of the subtleties. Quite possibly with Mace's complicity. There has yet to be a conflict in which the Tyrell's haven't come out unscathed or on top.
  9. @Missandei M Jon's chapter had to be included for dramatic effect. I mean it's pretty hardcore and it ended his arc with a bang. In Theon's chapter however we know that Theon is not heading for Castle Black so we'd have definite proof that somthing was wrong with the Pink Letter.
  10. As far as I am concerned the Pink Letter has been thoroughly explained by Buried Treasure. Ramsey has found out about the deception regarding Mance Rayder and believes that Jon is in possession of Jeyne Poole and Theon and thus is in a position to uncover the Bolton fraud in claiming Winterfell. Thus he is trying to force an exchange to maintain his secrets. Jon of course having not seen either Jeyne nor Reek, has no idea what Ramsay is talking about.
  11. I think that if he was near enough he would have tried to intercept her and take her and/or the dragons by force or introduce himself and try to win her over. I believe he may have followed and came to Slaver bay but now had an army which would have made things a lot more difficult for whatever purposes he had. On a tangent, and I am basing this on nothing really, it could be that Gerion Lannister actually made it out of Valyria and ran into Euron, which is where all his magical treasures are from.
  12. I didn't see this written elsewhere so I thought I'd mention it. Euron coming across the Qartheen warlocks seems entirely providential. Unless of course he had already heard about her and the dragons and was heading to Qarth looking for her.
  13. So can Victarion and Melisandre. So far it's been to get favorable wind through sacrifice and for all we know the sacrifice is enough witbout the need for the one who performs it needs to have additional magical potential. The series is unclear whether magic may be performed by anyone with sufficient knowledge or some innate talent is required. I'm inclined to think that it depends on the kind of magic. Controlling the winds has involved in each case a "gifted" individual (Moqorro, Melisandre), but then again Euron has the warlocks at his disposal, so this does not prove that Euron is capable of performing magic himself. The notion that he is some kind of greenseer seems a bit of stretch to me from the mention of some dream of flight. Regardless, whatever he's trying to pull off, he's doing it against the one family that has been set up as having the potential to thwart him.
  14. I'd think the opposite. The Highhtowers are sitting in a cache of knowledge for generations, while for all we know Euron never dabbled in magic prior to coming across the warlocks and their shade of the evening.
  15. Nice chapter, not many new information though apart from the fact that Euron had captured Aeron immediately after the kingsmoot and he has a magical trap set for the Redwyne fleet. I'm not quite sold on the presumed destruction of the fleet. For one, if he has that kind of firepower what does he need the dragons for? And for another, he's up against the Hightowers who are arguably the one family in Westeros who are most steeped in magic and are very likely watching him via glass candle. My opinion is that he will do some damage but nothing like wholesale destruction. Either way the Ironborn have nested all over the place and the Redwyne are unlikely to be interested in anything else than clearing them out. The point of guys like Euron is to up the stakes. Part of that is what they represent. Euron basically subverts everything. Family? He rapes and kills his brothers, destroys his brother marriage. Tradition? He takes slaves rather than thralls. His people? He has nothing but contempt for them, treats them as disposable and probably leads them knowingly and uncaringly to destruction. I'm not even going to go into concepts like honor and loyalty. The thing is he appears quite conscious and gleeful about it, as if any rule is a personal affront to him and he is trying to prove a point. Plus he certainly fits well with the times.
  16. I still think there is a marked difference between her thoughts, which are appreciative if not admiring and her words. It still seems the line is in Mercy chitchat gossipy mode. Coupled with Arya's thoughts on Mercy's appearance, I think Arya is starting to notice looks and care more about her own. It is only natural if you think about it. Most kids become more aware and attentive of their appearance and grooming as they grow up and her circumstances in a mummers troope would encourage this. If nothing else she should be sick and tired of being dissed because she looks bedraggled.
  17. Interesting notice of the Balck pearl. Arya seem in admiration of her on acount of her appearance commenting her atire with approval. Which is sort of a first for Arya and a contrast ot the first time she met her when sh did not comment on her appearance at al. Yet is it just me who hears her being a bit snide when she speaks to Daena calling her the "brown pearl"? Sort of in the line OMG she is fabulous - that bitch. Could she actually be jealous of her? Anyway, it is a sure bet will be seeing the Black Pearl again.
  18. It might have come up beofre in the 53 pages of this thread I didn't bother to read. Immediately when I started reading a novel called Planet of Exile by Ursula K. Le Guin came to mind. The set is a distant planet inhabited by a humanoid race closely related to us, where there is a colony of regular earth humans as a diplomatic/research mission. The native race is primitve and the humans have abandoned most technology in order not to interfere with their development. The planet's revolution around its sun lasts sixty years and the story begins on the onset of the fifteen year old winter, as one of the sedentary native tribes and the human colony are about to face the incursion of the northern nomadic and migratory tribes, which for the first time in their history have unified under a charismatic leader. To make matters worse the daughter of the native clan's chieftain falls in love and runs off with the leader of the humans bringing the colony and the tribe to the brink of war. Any of it sound familiar? By the way read it, it's awesome. Le Guin and Martin are the only two writers that I have come across, that can make you believe that they have actually met the characters they write about.
  19. Actually, we haven't heard another red priest mentioning shadows. I think Melissandre is something of heretic.
  20. The reason Beric resurrected Cat was that he had promised Arya to reunite her with her mother, and obviously because he was kind of tired with unlife. Another observation. As far as we can tell, Beric's and Cat's faculties, other than memory in Beric's case, seem intact. On a possible trial be combat.Lady Catelyn has no reason to give Jaime a trial by combat. Trials are meant to determine guilt or innocense. She knows he is guilty, at least of pushing Bran out the window. She also knows of his actions at the siege of Riverrun. She can hang him for these. The only thing that is in question is whether she charged Brienne with finding Sansa in order to keep her safe or to deliver them to the queen. For that she might make Brienne find him. This would be a very interesting trial. For one Jamie does not need to be alive for Brienne to keep her oath to him. Also, A victorious Brienne would mean that they are both guilty.
  21. As I understood it, it's Joffrey killing the bastards in the show.
  22. Having read the books I feel I can't be really objective about it. One of my main objections is blatant exposition in place of Martin inviting the readers to make their own conclusions. On the other hand Grey Wind looked awesome and TV Joffrey is a much more intriguing character.
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