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    How would you rate episode 408?

    I gave another 10 for the duel alone. It was the one scene I've most looked forward to this season. It's been years since I read ASOS, but I thought it was well done and followed the book for the most part, minus the Mountain hacking up the front row with wild swings. I am sad to see Oberyn go. Pascal did an amazing job bringing the Red Viper to life. By far my favorite character this season. I echo others' disappointment with his nickname being left out, but hopefully they follow the books and include the poison's effects later on in the storyline. I can understand the disappointment with the Grey Worm/Missandei storyline from a purist's standpoint. Although, I didn't pickup sexual tension between them, rather a feeling of love from Grey Worm. Love for someone who treats him as a person and not just a killer/warrior. As far as Grey Worm admiring her naked, you don't have to have your meat and two veg to admire beauty. They are going to have to add some filler to replace things left out from the books(not necessarily a good thing) for the obvious fact that they are catching up to George and his writing. Just go with it and learn to separate the books from the show. Life sucks if you let everything disappoint you. The Jorah dismissal was serviceable, but seemed a bit rushed. The beetles dialogue is another dilemma for book purists. Very fitting for the show, but not the books. In one instance, it shows the senselessness in most instances of killing and tries to justify or reason why they wage war and kill. In the end, even a simpleton has the basal instinct to kill and destroy. It's human nature and defies reason. In another instance, it highlights the truisms and oddities of what comes to mind when one is faced with imminent death. I thought the Eyrie was well done. Well acted. I especially loved the double entendre between Sansa and Baelish. "I know what you want." 1. He wants her. 2. He wants her to marry Robin and he can control the Eyrie as an advisor, as well as gain its protections from King's Landing. Perv time...Sansa(Sophie) looked smoking hot in the black dress in her last scene.. Yowza! Arya and the Hound was a bit of a left turn from the books, but you can definitely tell his wound is starting to fester. I did like Arya's hysterical laugh when, once again, the Hound misses his payday. Mole's Town and the Wall...meh. Not bad, not great. Moat Cailin was good, but seemed a bit rushed and it's a bit unsettling that they are leaving out a lot of the Pyke/Iron Islands story up to this point. There is still plenty of time in seasons 5 and 6 to involve them in the storyline or at least include the interesting and important plot lines from the books. I liked seeing the flayed fella. Bolton living up to his family motto. Boltons/Winterfell scenes were well done and it was a bit haunting to see Winterfell again.
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    How would you rate episode 407?

    I gave it 10. Mainly because the acting was by far the best of the season and possibly the best of all 4 seasons thus far. Up to this point, most of the season has been owned, acting wise, by Charles Dance. He's been amazing and deserving of acclaim and awards. The scene with Oberyn and Tyrion was superb and intense. I don't put much stock in the Emmys but Dinklage earned himself another with that scene alone. He didn't say much but the emotions and expressions were fantastic especially when Oberyn talked of how Cersei pinched his pecker and talked of how he killed her mother. The scenes with Bronn and Jaime were pretty good, too. Pascal has actually been a pleasant surprise despite the lack of the colorful beard, but I could have really done without them making him into a bisexual freak. Completely unnecessary. I also loved the scene with Arya and Rorge while liking the scene with Arya and the Hound when the hound talked about his brother and father. "He on your little list?" "Can't be. I don't know his name." "What's your name?" "Rorge." "Thank you."---Needle to the heart. The gratuitous nudity at Dragonstone and the contrived scene with Daario in Mereen should have knocked it down to an 8 or 9, but I liked the other scenes way too much. I did like how Melissandre admitted that much of her "magic" is fake.