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  1. i didn't catch this myself, but someone posted this screencap to Reddit from tonight's episode http://i.imgur.com/EcqaA.png -- its in the background when Jaime and Brienne get into the rowboat. their guess was that this could have possibly been the silent sisters with ned's bones
  2. i think/hope that's exactly what they are doing. did anyone else notice that she was visibly nervous when the rider got to them? even though we don't technically know if they were going to or coming from the crag, maybe she was afraid it was someone delivering news that would expose her
  3. I agree with the sentiments that yes, weasel soup was a great and memorable part of aCoK, but it getting written out didn't leave me pouting by any means. try and keep in mind how great it is that this story is being adapted in the first place (and by very capable writers and actors) when you are watching, rather than post things like "I literally had to turn it off" just because of minor changes. It kinda makes me think that yall "purists" don't really deserve any adaptation at all because you aren't grown up enough to deal with it. on a completely different note, does anyone else leave HBO on after and watch Veep? I find it delightful.