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  1. Abstract titles, if only because I have the books pretty much memorized at this point and it would be something new :D
  2. Like Stephen J Cannell with the A-Team? :D I was going to suggest the Red Priest at Dany's betrothal, but that might be Varys in disguise... so maybe not :P The librarian dude (was he a septon?) that Tyrion chats with might work, but it's a little obvious. It is just amazing to me that this is actually happening. Keep up the good work, break a leg, etc... PS: Re-reading the Tyrion/Catelyn chapters and have one comment... Please find a good stunt double for Mr. Dinklage!
  3. Has "700 feet? Really?" come up in preproduction discussions? :)
  4. [quote name='"David and Dan"']One last thing: our focus at the moment is on casting the pilot. So we're only worried about characters who appear in the pilot. Just so you know the pilot parameters, here's the first line of dialogue: "We should start back." And here's the last line: "The things I do for love."[/quote] Awesome. Shock and Awe. What a way to let the audience they're not in the Land of Oz, Narnia, Middle Earth, or Camelot anymore. I for one love the prologue from GoT, and can't wait to see if it turns out as creepy and terrifying as I picture it in my mind. Nothing need be said about the closer to the episode. :) Will the "Others" still be called "Others", or has this usage in other series (LOST) made a name change necessary?
  5. Castle Darry and Gatehouse Ami vs. Lancel/Jaime... possible homage to Castle Anthrax from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
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