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    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Is that supposed to make sense in any way?
  2. redriver

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    I so hate that rag.
  3. redriver

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Agree with the above, especially with respect to Henderson.He was fantastic in this game. I think Man City played into our hands by making us the counter attacking team.The last Anfield encounter was a much cagier affair,which City by rights might have won.I'm glad in retrospect they pressed us so much.
  4. redriver

    His Dark Materials Series

    I'm only now appreciating the existential horror of it all, having been separated from my mobile phone for like, half an hour. I've heard rumours that the third instalment of the Book of Dust gets into really dark territory. But I'm not saying who wins......
  5. redriver

    The Regret of Killing Characters

    How are events in Winterfell after Theon jumps going to be told? No povs there now.The prologue is supposed to be about the journey from RR to CR with the hostages.
  6. This is like blaming your 4 year old daughter for your own divorce. Many very sad ideas running through this thread. Duskendale.That was mainly adults.Showed a disrespect to King,realigned some lords,reinforced Aerys in his madness etc.
  7. Probably from the context of the thread title. So back on track I would say the Darklyn defiance was very pivotal. A hinge.
  8. No doubt she was dumb around then.Children frequently are, I find ,especially in emotional and political matters.Call me sentimental but, I don't blame children for doing childish things nor would I hold them accountable as a causus belli. Nor would anyone else in the history of the world ever. Only you.
  9. Joffrey did not kill her pet.It was those nasty adults.Ned by deed.Robert by decree.Cersei by suggestion. Those were at least paramount in the head of the pre pubescent girl we're discussing. ETA Just to remind ya'll are we really blaming it all on Sansa?For fucking real??
  10. redriver

    An Evil Name

    Does choosing to defend thousands of human beings as opposed to a giant ice cube make you an anti hero? I suppose it does! Wasn't there something in the oath about the "realms of men?".
  11. redriver

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Here is one thread.I like the theory for the most part.Not so sure about Byron and Morgarth.
  12. redriver

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    That sounds fantastic, but it doesn't make a jot of sense."Since no Lannister........." sounds like a rule that a pair of three year olds would make up in the playground.There is no such rule. That aside I think Shadrich's role is being underplayed,since he could well be Howland Reed.
  13. redriver

    ASOIAF quotes used in real life?

    "Penny,what sort of a name is that?Is that what your mother charged?
  14. redriver

    Acrophobia 36 - Gone Fishin' - FINAL BONUS ROUND!!

    Well played Howland and everyone.A tight finish.
  15. redriver

    Interesting thought regarding NissaNissa

    It's an example of sorcery shaping nearby celestial events to me.
  16. redriver

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    Much as I dissed F&B as a book I think a decent TV show could be made of it.The first essential is that they hire a good team of writers.As in a team with a background in period/fantasy.Just one or two writers won't work as history has shown. I too am disappointed Bloodmoon has been canned.It could have addressed issues of value to Heresy types.I don't know if she can get another tv company interested.If not we may get to see the pilot or screenplay eventually.
  17. redriver

    His Dark Materials Series

    Fuck this.Waiting an entire 7 days to see the next instalment of something you know is going to be good? No.Not falling for that one. Except,of course,I am. Loving it.Great to see Kevan,Jeor and Sallador too! ETA I believe a thorough reread+ is indicated.
  18. redriver

    ASOIAF quotes used in real life?

    I must needs buy a stamp.
  19. redriver

    Acrophobia 36 - Gone Fishin' - FINAL BONUS ROUND!!

    Thank you Aria.We all hope mum doing ok and wishing her a speedy recovery. Thanks for your help with the counting.Looks right to me!
  20. redriver

    Chess - the world in black and white

    A fairly crushing win for Wesley.13.5-2.5. See what I did there Star Trek fans? So does this mean So is better than Carlsen in active calculation scenarios?
  21. redriver

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Brilliant result. Front 3 off their game for the most part. Biggest positive for me is that Ox and maybe Keita look ready now for prime consideration in first team selection.
  22. redriver

    Acrophobia 36 - Gone Fishin' - FINAL BONUS ROUND!!

    I'm grateful for your post.I see it as proof of life. Getting tired of seeing sagebrush wheeling by...
  23. redriver

    Heresy 227 and the Great Turtle

    Yes it is.Some minor embellishments.Someone steals some dragon eggs and sails off into the Sunset Sea. Probably.RLJ should be dead since it's been accepted canon by any one who hasn't got huge denial issues since 1996.