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  1. No obnoxious POVs.If I encountered obnoxious POVs I would bin the book. There are some I like more than others but none of them were obnoxious imo.
  2. Obnoxious threads are way easier to spot.
  3. Except he can't deliver an actual product.80% of AP is unavailable to me due to "geographical restrictions".So why would I ever subscribe to it? How come this issue does not apply to Netflix?Anyone?
  4. Been covered now, at least twice.In his own show. If he escapes from his current incarceration then I will definately tune in!!
  5. Wuh? You will watch the game, and furthermore you will enjoy it. On a more serious note I wish Klopp would use Keita in these kinds of games, especially since he's fit and available. Ginni,Fab and Hendo= not enough creativity in midfield.
  6. So.Strangely,fascinatingly terrible? Probably what Iannuci was aiming for..
  7. And that's what it does I would say. The DEA does not win this war, we know that.This season depicts what they are up against. Not just the drug machine, but their own affiliate agencies.If the CIA want to prop up a corrupt right wing dictator, then your anti drug operation goes out the window. The season is an accurate reflection of the meta events in Mexico 1985-1990.
  8. Scoot McNairy not interesting?I'm sorry your not interested.You should be.
  9. Locke& Key has to be one of the most visually stunning pieces I've ever seen on TV.Not so sure about the story yet, but I'm intrigued. Just starting ep 4. Avenue 5 has started to get seriously funny after the first 2 eps.Forgive the oxymoron.
  10. A steering group has been established to steer us out of this crisis. That goal was quite astonishing in its execution.
  11. Love potion number nine?I took my troubles down to Madam Ruth, you know that gypsy with the gold capped tooth.....
  12. My only issue with Roy's narration is that he had both Dany and Tyrion speak in a lower class Welsh accent.
  13. Well that's settled then. Good to hear from you, Mace. Been a while.
  14. You could be on to something here.The reason Howland stayed so long on the IOF was that he found a decent Burger King outlet and became addicted to their flame grilled Whopper with iced Coke to wash it down. I like your thinking.
  15. We've been looking at the Reed oath on here recently.Came across a good write up on the subject on reddit .I'll have to come back to post the link (on phone) The theory posits that the oath is essentially the Pact writ large.It makes sense, I think. The oath is recited in a precise way.The first two lines are delivered in the singular- I swear in by earth and water. I swear it by bronze and iron. So you can make rather obvious associations with the Cotf and the First Men in those two lines.Two separate speakers, two opposing sides. The third line is delivered in unison, in itself suggestive of a pact or agreement. We swear it by ice and fire. Since Howland is the only known character to have visited the Isle of Faces, perhaps the Reeds are best placed to know the terms of the Pact? Ice and fire.Perhaps that's what created the Neck.
  16. I thought I had a healthy propensity for cynicism, but no, there's someone even worse..
  17. The author obviously did. Just as Martin fused fantasy with feudal realism,perhaps you could fuse fantasy,feudal realism with juvenile emo fangirl angst? I'm sure the books would fly off the shelves. Of their own volition.
  18. I'll not have that. Ser Creighton Longbough is still alive.And whilst he still draws breath there is hope for us all.
  19. Well yes, that's exactly what they were.Loyal to Roose, their immediate lord. That is not to say that Roose himself gets a pass.He betrayed the king he swore allegiance to.
  20. Wasn't Roose an active factor in the rebellion? Last I checked he commanded many men and several battles in that rebellion. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  21. Well you are the king of the castle and we're the dirty rascals!!
  22. Well that flat Earth society is not going to join itself.... ....just sayin.
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